10 Things Nobody can do Better than Neymar

に公開 2021/01/22
Here are 10 things that no one can do better than Neymar Jr (Not even Messi & Ronaldo).
Neymar jr Top 10 Skills & Tricks that Nobody can do better than him.
This includes Neymar Jr's Signature skill moves and Top Skills that ninguém pode fazer melhor que Neymar Jr
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  • Here are 10 things that nobody can do better than Neymar. 😍

    • @uday pandey Exactly

    • What showing me snippets where he lost the ball most of the time?? Show me a trick skill or flare where he end up with the ball or a positive result... Always end in a dive or him losing possession... How can we expose our youth to such bull. Beautiful for the eye but don't forget the fundamentals

    • @Futebol Brz p

    • @WeSpiced Memes conversation made me have to re look up on some football. Appreciated

    • @WeSpiced Memes yeah I feel like these new compilations of him aren't that good to be honest. Hard to find the good ones nowadays for some reason but zidanes definitely up there with the elites.

  • no other player has the skill as good as Neymar 💥

  • I’m making my fist video

  • Totalmente es mejor q Messi

  • Neymar I am 12 year old I will play like you love you from India lo e you

  • Wow

  • como é o nome dessa musica

  • Rebona control Quaresma

  • Rabona control is useless lmao

  • 10 coisas que ninguém faz melhor do q neymar cair cair cair cair cair chora chora se jogar se jogarchora

  • Симулировать


  • Anyone can trick a player by flare but it's only skill when you end up with the ball after all that period that mean Jack...

  • Always end in a dive or him losing the ball show me a trick where he still got the ball at the end product

  • Great player but why don't they show how many times he actually lost the balls after those tricks and flicks they always snip after the skill.....

  • who said i cant do rainbow flick?

  • Ronaldinho could do all of this but the 1 big difference is Ronaldinho would end it with an assist or goal.. & that's the difference between a great player & a legend!

  • Quaresma

  • When is next FIFA world cup ?????

  • Do they know that we knkq that their thumbnail fake

  • Incrível como o Neymar conseguiu ficar ruim.Antes brilhava em decisões,hoje some.QUEM CONTRATA COMPRA MÍDIA, NÃO UM JOGADOR BOM

  • El que no conoce a Ronaldinho, a cualquiera le aplaude 🙄

  • Ronaldinho of our time...

  • sweet baby Yisus... a lot of people need to watch more football... FOOTBALL IN GENERAL but footballers FROM #BRAZIL. 📚 Football 101 📚 History of Football from 90s-00s etc etc Disclaimer: I like Neymar but please...

  • The thumbnail always has Ronaldo.

  • Dive?

  • Que o covid não atinge vc é sua família tbm amém ❤️🙏

  • Certeza que foi o fabio

  • 1.Tomber 2. Simuler 3. Rouler 4.Se blesser 5. LDC eliminé 6. Aller au carnaval de Rio 7. Suspendu pour l’anniversaire de sa sœur 8. Insulter 9. Se faire remontader 10. pleurer


  • 👏 👏 👏 🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Siempre estarás a la sombra de Messi

  • 1 real

  • jpfilm.info/most/bideo/dGpz2tZ02mjbabA🎆

  • jpfilm.info/most/bideo/dGpz2tZ02mjbabA❤️

  • XD

  • Name of the Beat ?

  • You may not like him, but man he's fun to watch!

  • - « Amidlisa ». - « Affaire Bibbiano». - « Amoris Séverine ». - « Amoris Audrey ». - « Élise LUCET viols d’enfants ». - « SKS la loi du silence ». - « Enfants du juge Roche ». - « Laurent Louis Eliot Di Rupo ». - « Réseau Coral ». - « Pierre BERGÉ pédophile ». - « COHN BENDIT pédophile ». - « MITTERRAND pédophile ». - « Jack LANG Coral ». - « Jean-Pierre MOCKY censure». - « Jean-Pierre MOCKY les ballets écarlates » - « Béatrice Dalle cadavre ». - « L’heure de se réveiller ». - « TF1 pédophile ». - « DE BEKETCH pédocriminels » - « Angers pédophile ». - « Gilbert ABBAS ». - « Élise LUCET viols d’enfants ». - « Roger Holeindre Coral ». - « Stan MAILLAUD » - « N24 Ardèche secte » - « Zandvoort le fichier de la honte ». - « Pizzagate ». Pensez donc à votre descendance, partagez, nos enfants ne pourront que vous en remercier. facebook.com/2175995052656178/posts/ jpfilm.info/most/bideo/ZJV8vdqduKGamLA&feature=share

  • Neymar ❤ Ronaldo ❤ Messi ❤ Ronaldinho

  • Me recuerda a robinho muy duro asi jugaba

  • He spams rainbow flicks and pulls it off successfully like I do in FIFA.. does that make me the neymar of FIFA? Lol

  • Добрый вечер зрителей футболу. Кто знает этот песнь минус как скачать?! Если кто-то узнает обращайтесь пожалуйста мне!!!

  • rainbow flick djalminha>neymar

  • He is a kid front of ronaldo

  • No Ronaldo can


  • One question - how many of these tricks ended with a goal?

  • Fire 🔝🔝

  • Neymar é do meu país seus otários de outro país🇧🇷

  • Sksjdbjwnjjn

  • Ronaldinho was better

  • Half of these tricks he loses the ball or falls down rolling after doing them, wouldn't include those in your video. Like how is 7:19 on the list if he just loses the ball to the defender

  • barselona neymarı sattığına pişman oldu

  • rabona is ricardo quaresma better than neymar!! !!!!!

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  • Is that bravo 👁?

  • 3:52 the defender is really confused lol

  • 40 percent did go wrong

  • Có chiêu làm hoài mà đéo dc QBV nào

  • Forza champions song

  • Falta fingir como actor de bolliwood

  • jpfilm.info/most/bideo/i4qArM2d0YbPY34

  • Neymar es puro espectáculo, debió trabajar en un circo o ser actor cómico, por que goles 0

  • 2:25 такое уродство со стороны того ноунейма

  • *418.835*

  • Pelé neymar hbappe Ronaldinho quatro caras que merecia ter a 10 bola de Ouro mais bola de Ouro não define ser melhor que Ninguém tem tantos jogadores que joga pra caramba e a fifa rouba pra as bolas de Ouro pra Cristiano e Messi mais os caras não joga mais nada

  • Neymar e melhor do mundo e a fifa ta roubando essa bola de Ouro pra da pra quem não joga mais nada kkkkk

  • Fale oq quize neymar e o melhor do mundo ss sem bola de Ouro ou com bola de Ouro menino e dos melhores ninguém consegue acompanhar ele nos dribles


  • 2:14 best player in HISTORY


  • Falto tirarse y exagerar las faltas

  • Naymer the diver diva.

    • @MaxFilmsHD not sure about the best player in the world thing but he is undoubtedly the best diver of all time.

    • Neymar the best player of the world

  • El mejor del mundo en este momento..

  • Cair Inventar história pra não participar de 7x1 e baixar o cachê Ir pro motel e apanhar Ter o Galvão pra mamar nas bolas sem fazer nada Vish tem tanta coisa

  • If you see how those magic often ended up most of the times is completely useless. 😂😂 Good technique great control but often followed by lost possession or wrong assist🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Cuando Jugaba en El Santos era una Máquina Aún tiene nivel, pero no compara a ese entonces.

  • What IS the name of music please?

  • 11 coisas: sonegar impostos

  • Quem é esse miúdo chamado nem mar🤔

  • 1. Dive like a pro 2. Dive like a pro 3. Dive like a pro 4. Dive like a pro 5. Dive like a pro 6. Cry 7. Cry 8. Cry 9. waste his talent 10. Waste his talent

  • He was an awesome player, a classic. He has made the most excellent, original, skilful and clever football tricks. Was a “magician” of the football

  • Ryanfredrickmoonlite@gmail.com

  • Todo eso lo hizo ronaldhino :)

  • Seguro eres un niño y no viste jugar a Ronaldinho 🙄🤣😎

  • 11: Diving 😂😂😂

  • Neymar ❤✨

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  • Faltou ser babaca kkk

  • si fingir faltas... ronaldo se la bancaba!!! jamas se puede comparar al fenomeno con otros jugadores... mucho menos un triste como neymar...

  • А как же его фирменные симуляции ???

  • Did you forget to mention diving. Naymer is the best diver in the history of mankind. He also a rolling expert .

  • The next pele

  • Top 1 de cosas que nadie puede hacer mejor que Neymar Caerse y fingir y hacer un drama ._.

  • Diez segundos después al sentir la menor briza se cae 😂😂😂 No, estoy bromeando, es un excelente jugador...💪👌

  • Yes 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👎👎👍👍👍👍

  • Its amazing

  • Deitar e Rolar, perder uma copa, virar meme.