100 Amazing Goals Of The Year 2020

に公開 2020/12/28
100 Amazing Goals Of The Year 2020 ft. Erling Haaland, Heung-Min Son, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Bruno Fernandes, Kevin De Bruyne etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!
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  • Where's the Ozan Tufan?

  • Kemar roofes goal thow🤩

  • Modric one was lit 🔥


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  • falta de respeto que no hayan puesto el gol de penaltii de fidelal madrid

  • Es una mierda porque no esta el gol de benzema contre el español. Mucha premier pero poca santander. Si lees esto eres gay

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  • Best music I've seen in this kind of video. It starts at 5:30

  • compilation is good, music made me fall asleep

  • south american: goallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll epl: what a goal who is better (this is a joke)

  • Excellent goals of the 2020 season.🏆

  • 11:21😭❤

  • 15:57 Goal Riyad Mahrez Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay

  • good

  • When Halaand smells the goal he scores


  • New music?!😯

  • curtis jones niceeee goal

  • Sobis y Gignac en un mismo video...no estoy llorando.

  • Otr a najsen

  • LUKAKU VS GENOA ???!!!?

  • my man changed the first song and now the video isn't half as good as it was...


  • 16:24 Lol

  • Am I the only one who noticed the actual puskas winner from 2020 (son vs burnley) wasn’t included?

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  • y los 2 goles de mi chicote de oro en el clasico nacional chivas vs america?

  • 22:22 Did I misheard that?

  • Yellow dolars?🤔🤣

  • του σιμόες όχι??????????παλιομυρωδιάδες

  • How is martial’s goal so hig up? All he did was a chip. And don’t tell me that it was the skill move, cause anyone over the age of 11 and that play’s football can do that

  • :-(:-(:-(

  • NO pellegrino from Kristiansund? Job not done, he scored some absolute screamers, better than 90% of these.

  • 4:45

  • Where the fuck is Vidas goal

  • 12:52 Alireza

  • where is Haller goal against Palace???

  • 2:57 ese me dolio

  • 2:10 Aguante Tigres papá 💛😼💪

  • don't put fucking music on it.

  • Shikaaaa 11:22 ❤❤

  • this year is not very good but matches is awesome

  • 4:45 WTF 💀

  • 1:45 you good man

  • No Kimmich:(

    • The roadrunner one not the chip

  • jpfilm.info/most/bideo/ZIJ0tMljsIGrYWk

  • tatuś wiedział kogo wybrać do składu

  • XD

  • 11:22 Amazing one.

    • I watched the match and in the same match there is a goal I do not know how I did not find it in the top

  • before seeing the last goal i wanted to ask where the one of reyna is , but the last one was his goal hahaha

  • 20:00 daki golü yanlışlıkla atmadıysa adam değilim orta açmaya çalışıyordu.

  • 20:20 Aguante la Chilean premier league ctm 🙌🏻♥️

  • 3:40 the Hungarian Star, Szoboszlai! ♥

  • el arabi

  • 15:58 that Mahrez touch 🤤

  • 14:44 the piece of goal is this one jpfilm.info/most/bideo/qV51usaVqnq3eYo

  • Ngl anyone could of scored mctominays goals

  • 15:19 Heung-Min Son goal vs arsenal.

  • Please no music

  • woauw

  • where is the goal from marcos senesi from feyenoord?

  • Is it some general rule that if there's any interesting football video it has shit music? I mean really shit barely able to listen

  • 3:18 olha os br ai

  • 7:50 puskas contender for sure

  • no me cabe en la cabeza que Ocampo este en el top

  • gg

  • WTF with music.

  • They are better in real life then I am in FIFA

  • 12:40 vuaaaa

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  • 13:27 fifa goal

  • And they all celebrate like that by scoring they cured cancer.

  • 13:51 que golazo!, amazing goal!


  • Where's Elton Acolatse goal VS Bayer leverkusen?

  • Amazing video bro!

  • 4:45 That dude just flexed it in.. speechless

  • I love your channel so much❤