100 Best Goalkeeper Saves Of The Decade • 2010-2019

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100 Best Goalkeeper Saves Of The Decade • 2010-2019 ft. Gianluigi Buffon, David De Gea, Iker Casillas, Manuel Neuer, Guillermo Ochoa, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Alisson Becker, Keylor Navas etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!
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  • Well done keepers

  • 1:29 sem duvida a mais dificil

  • im not gay

  • 0 safes for Turkish goalkeepers? 👎🏽

  • Rogério Ceni vs U.Catolica

  • Ochoa was so underrated, no doubt was one of the best in his prime

  • Ter Stegen is the best Goalkeeper in the world and my absolute Idol

  • Let's be honest this is one of the "best 10 in the video" 14:34

  • good shit, bois

  • Buffon, goat of goalkeeper

  • epic saves

  • There's only one save of Samir Handanovic, what a shame

  • Kepa is here 😅😂

  • Buffon and Casillas just born the be a "goalie"..both of them are the best..🔥🔥🔥🔥..

  • There's no shoot or heading from CR7 that's stopped by a gk here

  • Where is Keylor Navas (Costa Rica) save vs Uruguat at the World Cup 2014?

  • Uw. Yes.

  • que paradon de oblak... QUE PARADON DE OBLAK... ¡¡¡QUE PARADON DE OBLAAK!!!

  • You must watch liverpol vs madrid how loris karius make a best save ever when bale shot ,,, 😂

  • Suarez vs Ghana??

  • Cássio vs Diego Souza na Libertadores 2012?

  • Просто на грани волшебства...

  • Just imagine football without goalkeepers...

  • goalkeepers with long hair are op

  • Que falta de respeto que bravo y keylor aparezcan tan poco

  • 3:43 is the most impressive out of all

  • final song?

  • qual o nome da última música?

  • What about the referee's saves for Barcelona?

  • Neuer💯

  • Every country in Europe can boast a World Class Goalie over the last 20 years . . .and then there's England to spoil the party . . .

  • Nice work putting the matches/dates on each save.


  • Where is artur boruc save?

  • Where is mbolhi vs Germany 2014 ?

  • Imagine being milik coming in 2 times as a striker ahahhaha

  • 2:27 شريف اكرامي فوق 😂

  • The drunk reading usually alert because euphonium historically hook from a jumbled thermometer. simple, perfect pansy

  • I'm missing Onana vs Bayern München but this list will do

  • 1:00 was a goal

  • El Fenómeno *Mandanda* is missing...

  • wonderful saves ,wow that's great

  • You

  • Ali khaseif vs Madrid Club World Cup

  • Cassiao monstro sagrado

  • Were is Rogerio Ceni ?

  • 4:48 eu nunca iria saber q Denis era tudo isso

  • I am quite sure that Lord Lingard could score against all of them😈😈.... Like if you agree

  • Neuer best Goalkeeper of all time, nothing can change my mind

  • Noel valladares

  • Armani = the best

  • Actual title: How to make your body hurt like hell the next day

  • 0:58 1:58 3:30

  • 5:41 ❤❤❤

  • Goalkeepers are always unsung hero

  • Oi Eu sei que vc é um br e está lendo isso

  • 2:50 Alisson's common salvage

  • The worst goalkeepers make good saves better than good keepers

  • forms.gle/bCGy5oU3c4Jjxp2f8

  • why gay music? no music is better

  • Maradona vs neuer jpfilm.info/most/bideo/aJ6b3JSXu57bp4Y jpfilm.info/most/bideo/aJ6b3JSXu57bp4Y jpfilm.info/most/bideo/aJ6b3JSXu57bp4Y

  • Goalkeepers are paid so much just because they have to risk their life to protect a goal

  • *salvadas milagrosas de armani*

  • hey

  • Good.

  • Where's the Cruzeiro goalkeeper saves? Please, in the next video of goalkeepers bring at least one defense from Fábio, Cruzeiro goalkeeper.

  • dicen que son buenas atajadas, es porque nunca vieron una de handball

  • Aku suka terstegen

  • In a few years I will be number 1

  • Imagine being so good even though the pressure is so heavy on you

  • Wawan Hendrawan best save jpfilm.info/most/bideo/ml6KqamKqmnMdH4

  • Ochoa que haces ahí esa no es tu familia

  • De gea vs hazard one to one

  • I choose Victor Valdes against Villareall

  • Oblak is the higher rated Goalie and yet so underrated

  • Goalkeeper Is The Best jpfilm.info/vision/JIOAKtp-FPav3sb7KYRfBA.html

  • San Iker!

  • ان افضل حارس مرمى في العالم هو ايكركاسياس يسحق كره الذهبيه

  • Ochoa deserves at least 10 spots. That save he made against santos when ludueña shot a close range free kick is magestical.

  • Akinfeev is so underestimated

  • 11:48 Gauchooooooo

  • 7:16

  • 1:10 Valdes

  • Casillas 😍

  • Que hace Luisito comunica ahí

  • no serie A highlights? ok then 😂

  • incredible reactions!

  • Kurnia Meiga Hermansyah?

  • Where is the save of Mohamed elshenawy from cavani in world cup 2018

  • 13:25 why is that goalkeeper wearing a hat during a game???

    • Just for look

  • Just because navas is not from Europe he doesn't get the props. He's a goat 3 ucls in a row

  • 6:46 bravo...

  • Only 3 saves from neuer???? Really????

  • #pov du sitzt da und wartest darauf dass Neuer kommt 👁👄👁

  • Not the greatest football fan but have to give it up to the goalkeepers. Not everyone is cut out for the grim reality where for every goal scored against the team, you were the last one that could have stopped it.

  • next time, try excluding speculation saves where the goalkeeper just jumps into the open goal, hoping to be shot at

  • whatever you say de gea has to be 1 of the best goalkeepers last 5 years

    • @Unknown User 99 he said one of the best and not the best.You can't read?

    • @Positive One Hahaha lol. Everyone who denies that Neuer wasn’t the best goalkeeper is just dumb. There is a reason why he was voted as the best goalkeeper of the last decade.

    • @Unknown User 99 mate you are dumb if you deny that or started watching football last year

    • Not even close

  • you know its gonna be 50% De Gea saving Man U's ass

  • jpfilm.info/most/bideo/Y3unq66hloGOq7A

  • ياااه دول جايبين شريف اكرامي