WINTER BUSHCRAFT 3 DAYS TRIP - Snow, Rain, Hail, High Winds, Solo Wild Camping in Lavvu Poncho

に公開 2021/04/17
3 days off grid deep forest wild camping in snow, rain, hail and high winds. This was a very enjoyable bushcraft trip in mad winter weather and without a stove. A few candles inside the shelter, a proper campfire and a big chunk of meat kept me warm through it all. The way I hanged the meat on sticks and rope is a simple but very effective way of camp cooking, you can adjust if you want to cook from above, in front, behind and up or down in the campfire. Great for cooking large chunks of meat, hanging bacon or boiling water.
I'm glad I painted my camp on the first day while the weather was windy but dry. It was a good distraction while the meat was cooking and smoking for a few hours. On the last day I try out a new flute I made with cedar in the key of A. Great smelling and sounding flute with beautiful natural red colours. Thanks for watching - Ric



meat, lettuce, bell pepper
bacon, halloumi cheese, eggs, ginger and lemon tea







Behind the scenes and best moments shots:



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    • Thanks. Yes you can find them here: but originals are all sold out, only prints at the moment

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