3rd Life #3 - Bovine Blackmail and Happy Fun Sauce!

に公開 2021/05/04
This is 3rd Life! An experimental mini series where we each have 3 lives. On the 3rd life we turn hostile toward our friends! Let's see what chaos ensues?

Grian: jpfilm.info
Smallishbeans: jpfilm.info...
Smajor1995: jpfilm.info...
bigbst4tz2: jpfilm.info
Etho: jpfilm.info
Bdouble0100: jpfilm.info
Renthedog: jpfilm.info
InTheLittleWood: jpfilm.info...
GoodTimeWithScar: jpfilm.info...
impulseSV: jpfilm.info
Tango: jpfilm.info
ZombieCleo: jpfilm.info
SolidarityGaming: jpfilm.info...
Skizzleman: jpfilm.info...

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  • "We're gonna make a little activity, for the HERMITS to partake in"

  • I love that Tango is just on everyone's side

  • May the 4th be with you

  • "I just want to see him dance!" "I'll dance for free." \

  • hang on tango tek was low on IRON

  • Tango: "For the HERMITS to partake in" non-hermit 3rd life player: *crying noises*

  • Make a cobble generator

  • Should have built the mini game in the nether so the lava flows much faster. Also, can't you burry the chest under lava in the back to make it more of a prize to find?

  • The cobble stone regifting got me laughing out loud!

  • Boop. Extra Boop. Another Boop. Boopage! BOOP NOW!

  • When there have too many people...... The Swamp People, The Dessert People, The Mountain People, The Castle People, The Village People and finally the Peaceful Flower People 😩😩😩😩

  • Love the vid

  • Hi

  • O

  • Does anyone else realize the amount of sticks he traded for 7 bows he could’v crafted like 30... Edit: it’s also cool to see bigb playing Minecraft again

  • I get so much Antman, "Take the G*d d*mn phone," vibes when Tango told them to take a cow and leave.

  • scar was destined to be the first red

  • Wouldnt be a Tango series without a game of some sort.

  • all I ask is that you don't fall victim to your own game before anyone else XD; looking like a lot of fun though! especially treasuring the nonsense with the castle peeps

  • Who else is learning a lot about economics watching 3rd life?

  • That draw bridge is begging for a trap. Redstone to flip all the trap doors open and then a fall damage trap or lava trap below.

  • Everyone: lining up to trade sticks for emeralds to buy bows Me: counting all the spiders being ignored in the dark

  • Tango: "I need a lot of stone" Me: "Tango will make an infinite stone generator" Tango: "I'm going to go and borrow some from other players" Me: "The redstone master forgot one of the easiest contraptions in the game? Maybe i'm not as far from being a redstone master as I thought I was."

  • lure creeprs into the other cows

  • I’m coming from ethos Chanel

  • "sweeten the deal with a steak slap!" Me imagines tango and ren slapping each other with a piece of steak across the face

  • Heyy tango tek are you gonna make (What if) or is that gone with time.? And IF you are working on a mod for minecraft/What if when it will come back.? Aandacht maybe you can do a behind the sense

  • B double, b double. Let down your long hair.

  • Prize: IOU

  • there is a base in your base

  • Tango--- Make a cobble-gen

  • Cleo: “Bdubs. YELLOW!” 😂

  • Put netherite ingot and 3 dimaonds as prize

  • [Comment Deleted]

  • #TekTopiaUpdatePlease

  • Tango: I need cobblestone Etho: I got a few, Ren's got plenty in this chest Tango: I wonder... Etho: REN, HE'S STEALING FROM YOU!!! HE'S GOT IT IN HIS HAND!!! (Referring to the cobblestone he just gave to Tango) Ren: 🪓😡 Tango: 😱 I love these guys lol

  • You should've taken the deal where they could come there and kill cows and whatnot. Then you should've just moved them down a bunch of blocks and move them over a hundred blocks or something.

  • You should try to get a few different prizes, then people can pick one stack...but they need to be super quick, or they'll get burnt!

  • You should do an Iron farm!

  • The prize should be a paper saying "you got trolled" lol

  • put magma blocks on the floor so the have to crouch and avoid the lava

  • 29:27 we love the shipping container

  • Tango, ever the Minecraft game master

  • THE RED NAME HAS GIVEN HIM TOO MUCH POWER Did scar finally get youtuber rank on Hypixel?

  • Chairman Scar is not sufficiently dedicated to the cause. We must find a new leader of the Red Revolution. Do not let up until the whole server turns Red, comrades.

  • "You guys can decide who is repunzel." "Well it definitely ain't me. I got no hair" That made me lol

  • Am i the only one wondering why nobody is making cobble generators?

  • Get nether ingot

  • For the prize you should use ....... NOTHING just an empty chest 😂

  • "if one of those 3 guys dies this episode" Foreshadowing

  • Everything changed when the Scar nation attacked

  • Ok are people gonna cheat? Nothing against the other people on the server but I don’t trust them...

  • This game would be better in the nether so the lava runs quicker

  • "I want to make peace and friends!" -continues to make a death machine

  • Hey you're one of the best Redstone to people I've ever met if not the best anyways do you know anything about bedrock and if so could you teach me how to make a Target door and maybe a couple other contraptions I want to be able to shoot the target from a platform and then try to beat the door before it closes but the target doesn't give off a long enough signal I'm not for sure how to fix it all

  • And Martin could scare the crap out of you with the Creeper noise

  • Hey tango for the mout at bdubs castle put dispensers at the bottom and because tnt is an entity it will flout to the top and do damage

  • G's leather might as well be diamonds

  • Hey can you do this swap method in hermitcraft and if you my two blocks in every direction from the center as a clay patch you are sure to find iron near bedrock

  • You be having dinner with your neighbors on the back porch LOL well there's not much of any porches at your houses yet Minecraft world

  • maybe if bottom floor is made out of waterlogged up slabs tnt won't destroy blocks? I saw this trick worked with a creeper on youtube

    • I checked this and tnt still destroys interior (so to make walls blast resistant you have to waterlog them too)

  • He should have it be a trapped chest and make a pit or something

  • Tango being scared by Etho was perfect once he saw etho him freaking out was awesome

  • Seeing as you had a few cows down in your breeder/murder chamber.... once I heard someone comming I would have blocked off the breeder and slaughtered all the rest to save the possible monopoly.

  • You can also make a pvp challenge to the death for resolving disputes between non red players. Like the cow thing. Could have challenged them over cow rights

  • “It’s more of a dare” You should have said “shopping experience” :)

  • The bad days has begun! Good Luck to all out there, and look out for scar

  • It could be super interesting to revisit your charged creeper wither skeleton skull farm from hermitcraft season VI and update it with the lightning rod

  • Be careful that people don't steal your lava dispensers for their bases!

  • lol

  • Can you go back to playing rocket league I would also like to play with you

  • Everyone else: Diamonds! Tango: redstone project!

  • #updatetektopia

  • 43:36 Woah tango really went to town with the mosquito impression LOL

  • Tango casually saying hermits on a non hermit smp

  • He didn't end it in the middle of a conversation this time!!

  • Kill all other cows and have two of them as a price with one renamed diamond.

  • Most valuable item? With scar in the red that's Totems of undieing....

  • Tango! You should just kill the cows they steal! 😮 If you cant have them no one can! And I think they need to kill all the passive mobs that are loaded for new pnes to spawn 😊 so if they kill your they lose it too 😁

  • You should put a voucher in the chest. When they return with the voucher, you have a little prize pool of options. This way it won't burn with the person when they get out.

  • This series would go great with the camera mod

  • The Tango Etho interactions are top tier.

  • The game sounds like Demise #HERMITCRAFTS6

  • You could have books, or ask to get some enchanted items from Ren, Or gear and tools and stuff. You could ask Impulse to pitch in with diamonds gear?

  • You should've killed all the cows in front of their eyes (hiding the ones that were already down in the breeding station)^^.

  • put a live cow in the back

  • +10 w/the desert ppl bcause I took my pants off for em. Stupid w/extra dumb 🤣🤣🤣 hilarious

  • Bedubs and Cleo: build a castle. Rendog: fort / trading post. Tango: I built a box.

  • Get 30 + level, go to renchanting/dogwarts, take your books and try to get lucky. High enchants worth high risk

  • Make a deal with ren for a free armour enchant at the end of the tunnel

  • Tango is going to make Decked Out in 3rd Life

  • In the future I can imagine alot of builds being made out of wool lol

  • I like this challenge. Nice work with the timings there.

  • Tango, remember griefing is allowed, so if left unprotected, the prize or lava sources can be stolen easily.


  • so Tango, listen up. Just build a piglin farm in the nether, right. Food en leather for days, right? It probably take less time than those micro farms right? right!

  • Rather than trying to get glow stone from the nether I might try to get a cleric.

  • Tango! Magma blocks on the S path to make them GO SLOW

  • 32:31 “3am bread done make me frisky there.”