3rd Life SMP | SPECIAL DELIVERY! | Ep 06

に公開 2021/05/05
Minecraft Hardcore SMP: Rendog and Martyn pay a visit to the Village People to cash in on an important deal made in the first Session and are soon surprised and delighted by a very special delivery brought over by Etho and friends in the dead of night! This changes everything!

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  • When they give Rendog the villagers and he gives them free enchanting my brain: THAT WAS PAYMENT FROM THE LAST ENCHANTENTS!!!!

  • What? I'm not subscribed? I'm confused!

  • The only JPfilmr with a basement that 3 blocks high! Gotta like that.

  • Commenting for the algorithm

  • Hello

  • 4:40...Wait, what...You can roast meat in the campfires..Amazing...Never knew that. I suppose I haven't played Minecraft in a long time.. I have only been watching it.

  • Please leave now 😂 classic Ren love it

  • Dumb villagers are green

  • Etho: put a carpet or trap door there Ren: I'll put a slab. I guess I'll call it the... Etho: don't you dare Ren: Etho slab Etho: 🙄

  • Watching that villager in a cart with a block at head height but nothing blocking the cart from moving made me so nervous. I was waiting for him to shuffle over a little and suffocate to death.

  • Fun Fact: Nitwits have green coats and are very easily identifiable!

  • Am I the only one who can't stand Cleo's attitude? Seems like she's always either rude or has a very "we're doing what I want, deal with it" attitude. There's a reason I unsubscribed from her shortly after subscribing and checking out her videos.

  • I believe Nitwits have green shirts? I was thinking though, it'd be funny to give them a job like fletcher and do 1 trade to lock them in, then destroy the job box and give them away.


  • Hey Ren! A wall design to actually stop people from getting in could be as follows cobble stone wall, Empty space, empty space, cobblestone wall. Then at the top of the walls put two lava source blocks.

  • 22:43 Martyn’s “it’s very easily treated with ointment” is so underrated

  • The hermits and 5 finger discount

  • The village can be known as Dogsmeade

  • And I think you can breed nitwits to make normal villagers

  • Nitwits are green

  • Get a librarian for the 9 emeralds for bookshelves

  • This series is hilarious!!

  • “Can I borrow your mouth for a bit,” was certainly quite the line to come back the video to after I had to stop and get the kettle.

  • I'm sorry, but if Etho'd died from that high five, I would've laughed so hard

  • 16:04 I mean, Grian did😂😂😂

  • You need to build roads on the server but have them all come from Dogwarts. So you can say “All roads lead to dogwarts”

  • Why u guys r not dealing with piglins

  • Ek "love" jou videos rendog, en hou aan so goed doen😎😎😎

  • Endermen last time: pam and Bill Enderman this time: Bob and Hillary

  • So I love Hermitcraft, but 3rd life is special


  • Thank you for uploading! Ren is always a joy to watch.

  • Dogwarts school of Renchanting and Doggery

  • Stupid villagers are green my dude

  • When you try get two villagers near each other a job they can path to the other villager's station if they haven't taken the job yet. Causing the issue you had.

  • Renchanting, located atop Dogwartz Mountain. You'll be enchanted, while you get enchanted.

  • Ren! Get rabbits. Easy leather

  • Folk-lore 😂

  • There may be time to create a cobble regenerating wall there with a ton of pistons, would be quite the shock for people who try coming in through the wall.

  • hes so close to 600k!

  • Who's gonna tell Ren that leatherworkers buy leather, they don't sell leather....

  • You should add towers and a walkway along the wall, that way you won't be surprised by people coming in and can better defend yourself. And lava or fire, so that when people break in they take damage.

  • Nitwits wear green so it would be obvious.

  • Free enchanting might backfire if Etho turns.

  • you know that a cleric can sell you lapis

  • You don't need them to be farmers Ren - make them anything you want and give them food

  • Ren you can't get leather from villagers, they WANT leather from you! To get bookshelves for Renchanting, make a librarian who you can buy bookshelves from. Then you also save wood and paper :)

  • Nitwits lol, they dont exist anymore right?

  • Can the whole wall be made of doors??

  • You are so so close to 600k yessssss🥳🥳🥳

  • yoo.. am I trippin or is that a new cyberdog logo.. looking fresh!

  • 9:32 Ren: "This is the best day! This is the best most glorious day! You guys are the best!" 17:04 Ren: "I was not happy with the delivery." Getting yourself again in trouble, hm?

  • You just gotta love that positive attitude of rendog. Also my OCD ticks me off when you peeps let precious items like rails or minecarts despawn when there's no iron farm yet...

  • RD, I need that texture pack buddy

  • this information must be known TANGO HAS MANY COWS.

  • still needs trap doors on the composters etho is right about the baby zombies too

  • Ren have a Question ; where you in the military Coast Guard or Navy? Loose lips sink ships is used all the time while I served.

  • You know that villagers will only change their profession (or take one on) during work hours, right, Mr Professional Minecrafter? :)

  • Is no one else going to realise that Etho was sprinting while crouching?

  • Ren! Almost 600k WOOP WOOOOOOOOOOOOPP!!!!!

  • I have question what mid do you use for voice chat?

  • That ointment comment from Martin was so not appreciated

  • Does he know librarians can trade for bookshelves

  • Rennn I've been waiting! I think I'm team Renchanting this series!

  • I love it how hes already on episode 6

  • Ren can’t you get leather from barbering with the piglins?

  • BUILD AN IRON FARM if you want to be super rich

  • look ren, I really don't appreciate you calling me a "stupid idiot" at 15:01...

    • Hey look, we people like to stay up late sometimes, how bad can that be?

  • You guys could make double walls with lava inside, maybe then people will use the front door.

  • Ren you can make librarians and trade bookshelfs with them so you dont need leather anymore

  • Ren, make a lava curtain all around the wall to prevent people breaking in!

  • “Professional Minecrafter”, proceeds to break dirt with a axe

  • I think you're renchanting will go sooner.because many members have enchanter.i think u need to make a blaze farm so you can get xp and fuel.martin knows where fortress is.

  • I opened a renchanting on my realm

  • Yay!

  • Ren I am pretty sure that nitwits wear green coloured clothing so yeah

  • Noooo you don't need 2 farmers don't dew it!!!!! Edit: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • :'D

  • Love this series dog

  • I never thought watching the same encounters over and over but from different perspectives would be so entertaining. I'm watching almost everybody on this server and I'm having the time of my life

  • Ren to Impulse "You're the only one who's actually respected the front door or even asked about it" meanwhile Grian who for once actually respected a door...

  • Breed horses and then use them for leather

  • When you have the supplies, could you please make your walls THree layers thick, in the middle put obsidian, that why it’s harder for people to just Break their way in.... just a thought ☺️🙏🏻


  • Why aren't you making a librarian? They sell book shelves as their second set of trade

  • Ren needs to put more beds cuz the villagers dont have children if there isnt a bed for the baby

  • Librarian would be a good start for renchanting

  • add another layer of wall with lava in between to make a cobble lava sandwich

  • Nitwits have green clothes

  • Oh ren you are way too sweet for this. I'd suggest storing the enchantment table away until someone paid

  • I know there is a little bit left but congratulations in advance for 600k (saying this at 599

  • Bob and hillary? I thought it was bill and pam. These Ender people are going to have an identity crisis. But at least they have each other.

  • Nitwits are dressed in green btw.

  • Ren when he's talking to the village/castle folk: You guys are the best! enchanting on the house! Ren talking to impulse: Those guys were the worst, they didn't respect dooors, caused chaos, didn't deliver the villagers safely.

  • I highly recommend popping over to see Martyn’s POV on this, it adds so much too.

  • Librarians trade for bookshelves

  • Dogwarts houses include "Diggity Dogs" "InTheLittle Pups" "Ren pooch's" and "K-Nine's"

  • ren, villager librarian = bookshelves!! don't make them both farmers, there are still cows on the server and you're losing your chance for renchanting dominance..

    • Your profile...May I ask what is the story behind it?

  • Enchantos

  • Use your enderman as security !