All The " Stories From The OutLands " in Order - Apex Legends

に公開 2020/08/12
Every Stories from the outlands in apex legends in order of release date from all the way back starting with Wattsons story " A Father's Letter " to the latest story with Rampart " The Endorsement ".
Time Stamp :
00:00 - A Father's Letter
01:35 - Voidwalker
09:43 - Forever Family
12:26 - Up Close and Personal
13:33 - The Old Ways
23:59 - Legacy of a Thief
25:35 - The Endorsement
Every Apex Stories From The Outlands atleast as of right now 12th of August 2019, for those possibly watching this when even more stories has been released.
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The full voice lines of each legend is up on the channel: Loba, Mirage, Lifeline, Wraith, Revenant, Octane, Crypto, Bangalore, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Wattson, Caustic, and Gibraltar as well as a bunch of other voice lines for different scenarios in Apex Legends.
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  • Loba tactical ability Being thick💀

  • What a wasted opportunity,Bloodhounds Raven could have been her tracker like Cryptos Drone ✌️

  • Bloodhound was a girl all along

  • Wow nice ads smh

    • blame the auto system, i dont touch the ads


  • I now rite

  • Single mom og

  • I dont main bloodhound but man he/she is such a bad ass character

  • Ok the charge rifle does not do that much damage

  • We could've gotten Forge... I guess he didn't make it too far in the apex games.

  • First part reminds me of the chomp and much scene from the brave little toaster to the rescue

  • Me and my friend are arguing bc he thinks bloodhound is a boy but clearly the voice actor states that the legend is non binary

    • yeah, respawn officialy stated bloodhound is non binary

  • They need to make a show out of this bro

  • The mask loba stole was being worn by whoever rampart called bigsister

  • Bloodhound story is just like😳

  • 17:36 "I found Hitler"

  • Has anyone realized that in that in his letter Watson s dad says she is going to be just fine and when Watson revives you she says it too

  • it’s crazy how we see all of this then think and just be like we rlly have came a long way

  • Where is octane story can anyone tell me?

  • so they copied borderlands

  • Simp rick

  • wraith on chemo

  • FYI - Bloodhound is non-binary. Confirmed by Apex and their voice actor. They go by they/them. It's also not been confirmed whether or not they were female or male at birth. If you cant except that then dont say anything.

  • they should make an anime out of apex or a series at least

  • I didn’t know Rick was in this

  • Is bloodhound a girl

  • That's how bald wraiths were born!!!!!!!

  • Did that bold wraith just get a free heirloom kunai

  • why do women

  • Is wraith the girl that’s bald

  • bruh actually the wattson trailer made me cry

  • Wait so at the end of this if he’s alive then JACK COOPER!

  • 11:06 it’s the Lac nas monster Easter egg

  • Wraith playing on easy mode, IMC's aim is dooky

  • You need more show the cartoon TV on the world . This story people know the story when you guys show on the TV .

  • For Arthur... ❤️

  • Shit made me cry :,(

  • The guy at the very end with rampart is the leader of the apex predators

  • Lol I just noticed wraith used a crypto hack device

  • I think bloodhounds is my favorite so far

  • Watson is the best she’s so cute

  • This games short stories are the only ones that can top overwatches

  • Man I really want Mira to be a legend

  • Wait is blood hound a boy or a girl

  • I love Bloodhound so much. Truly the ultimate team player

  • Wraiths story is so sad 😞

  • Me: STOP SHOWING GENSHIN IMPACT ADS Them: Nah we like torturing u Me: At least lemme watch Apex Them: NOPE Me: 😩😠😩😠😩

  • *Wraith probably would’ve been in WWE* *But, phasing isn’t fair*

  • back season 3 and 4

  • deadass wraith is dr strange

  • All father give me sight. Also I thought allfather said it made them vegan

  • Holy ***** Crypto is gangster

  • Wraiths void walker id actually lime emotional ngl

  • This is how wraith became a sweaty ledgend

  • Just on my lunch break bawling my eyes out nbd

  • I main wraith. She’s so badass man. If I had a crush on a fictional character, it’s definitely her

  • The green grey grieving forgery cytochemically trade because act nouzilly return beneath a sad plot. long, large triangle

  • Another idea was the grey man in the last one soldier 76 (overwatch fans know who he is)

  • Wait was lobs story before revenant cuz that means she grew up and the revenant killed her parents

  • "She gave here her kuni that's so sweet" - beastmaster

  • I really want to know what does blisk have to do with Apex if he's in Titanfall 2

    • @Mathishian That's enough for me

    • blisk is basically the creator of the apex games, he lost his squad in titanfall 2 and so made the apex games to find the best of the best aka apex predators for his team. i thiiiiiink

  • I love how it links up with tf2 and tf1 its so cool

  • I love this movie.

  • Y’all don’t know how much of this stuff is from titanfall 2

  • 11:06 NESSY!!

  • U need to make this again, there’s a pathfinder one from the outlands

    • there is 2 that are not included in this yes, the horizon one and now pathfinders.

  • Who else thought 8:42 should be a finisher???

  • The abhorrent grandfather optically peel because zebra culturally strip plus a remarkable minister. rebel, dreary steam

  • 2:17 wow I'm so glad apex let a Punjabi name in not many video games use Indian names but here they used a Punjabi name because Amar is a Indian name and if u wanna debate , Singh is a 100% Punjabi last name for example my name is Indervir Singh and most of us Punjabi especially Sikh religion ppl have our last name as Singh and I'm so happy apex is multi cultural for example on of the skins with rampart she's a Punjabi Bhangra dancer but ya that's all I wanna say

  • when I saw void walker I told myself “it’s time to wear Voidwalker again”

  • 4:44 “kiss me”

  • Bro I swear I’m like so into this and then a fucking rise of kingdoms ad comes and I Throw my phone on the wall

  • blood hounds story was longest and to inspiring

  • Revenant's story is missing, or am I trippin??

    • @Mathishian oohh okay. Thanks for clarifying. 😊

    • the revenant story you're thinking of wasnt a stories from the outlands, the actual revenant stories from the outlands was the one with forge and its in here.


  • The endorsement trailer actually teased the g7 scout skin at the end of the battle pass

  • I just realized that bloodhound is a woman

  • Was crypto ear real


  • All fun and games till blisk shows up

  • 15:52 he talking enchantment table

  • Noone: Me crying to the old ways at 3:am

  • 13:44. Guy didn't know how to slide. Hell I've been doing it uphill and I gain speed for some reason.

  • Too many ads sry bud

    • i dont add the ads, i leave it to the autosystem

  • I baif in the bloof

  • 27:01 squad wipe

  • Me with the charged rifle 16:23 My enemies 16:24

  • MN when are they gonna stop teasing blink and just put him or cooper in the game any other titanfall 2 players felt the same?!!!

  • Personally I think blothundr story was the best

  • Waiting for octane’s story from outlands


  • Jumanji

  • ha old ways short make brain go brrrr

  • I wish forge would come back kinda like a zombie but Hammond revived him to kill revenant

  • The guy who gave rampart the card is titan fall 2s villan

  • Wraith seems like an scp

  • Waiths is dope

  • I never knew I would be so into game 😂😭

  • 4:44 pause on the timestamp

  • Wraiths was the best