BAND-MAID / Warning! (Official Music Video)

に公開 2021/01/20
“Welcome home,masters & princesses”
BAND-MAID is an impossibly hard rocking maid band.
"Warning!" Official Music Video
This song is from the album "Unseen World".
The album's release date is January 20, 2021.
The English translation of the lyrics can be seen in the video.
You can use subtitle on JPfilm.
"Unseen World" Music distribution to begin on January 13.
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"Unseen World" Teaser Video
Music & Arrangement:BAND-MAID
English translator of Japanese lyrics: S. R. Wallis
Wait-just stop!
Run-sprint away!
Time-won’t stop!
In an emergency
What can be done?
What? Whoever it is,
Nothing..... Nothing much.
Keep it up!
Quick! Rush and the goal recedes.
No heroes coming in sight.
I don't need you anymore.
I don't need you for me.
No No No
Living all my life following a manual;
There’s no joy in that.
Justice on my side won’t save me.
Look at me. Look at you.
Over here, Oni-san, follow the clapping.
Nothing but lies and
Sham-it’s all a blur.
My screams won’t leave me.
Please save me.
Facing life’s struggles with all I have.
In the end, where’s it leading?
No one knows.
My heartbeat races.
Play on, listen!
One thing, another, getting trampled on.
I’ve had enough of sad melodies,
If only someone would notice.
Keep it up!
Don’t judge me by the ways of others.
Perfection? No one gets there.
Deciding the rules, like you’re the boss
With your nose stuck in the air.
Don’t sing about things like love.
Look at me. Look at you.
Go back where you came from-just follow the clapping.
Whatever I say,
Shame you just don’t get it, but
I can’t erase my memories.
Please save me.
We all carry burdens in our own image.
In the end, it’s eat, sleep
And goodbye to tomorrow.
You can't control me!
You can't control me!
I’m taking control of my own life.
Keep that in your mind.
These are the worst of days,
But I should go.
Struggling, wavering,
I came here to be me.
With a look of resolve, I turn away and
Run, run.
Cause and Effect.
No problem.
Don't hide your emotions.
Living all my life following a manual;
There’s no joy in that.
Justice on my side won’t save me.
Look at me. Look at you.
Over here, Oni-san, follow the clapping.
Nothing but lies and
Sham-it’s all a blur.
My screams won’t leave me.
Please save me.
Facing life’s struggles with all I have.
In the end, where’s it leading?
No one knows.

Music & Arrangement:BAND-MAID
Wait 止まってよ
Run 走り出す
Time 止まれない
What ? 誰しもが
Nothing..... Nothing much.
Keep it up !!
早く 急かすほど遠くなる
I don't need you. もう
I don't need you for me.
No No No
生き様全て マニュアル
Look at me. Look at you.
鬼さん此方へ 手の鳴る方
ピント合わない マヤカシ
Please save me.
所詮 結末なんて
Play on 聞いて
ひとつ ふたつ 潰されてく
もういいよ 悲しいメロディー
Keep it up !!
定義決めつけ 偉そうに
Look at me. Look at you.
お帰りください 手の鳴る方
ピンとこないの 悪いけど
Please save me.
所詮 食って寝て
明日に Goodbye
You can't control me!
You can't control me!
I take control of my own life.
Keep in your mind.
でも I should go.
Struggle 迷って
I came here to be me.
走って 走って
Cause and Effect.
No problem.
Don't hide your emotions.
生き様全て マニュアル
Look at me. Look at you.
鬼さん此方へ 手の鳴る方
ピント合わない マヤカシ
Please save me.
所詮 結末なんて

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  • Wow !!!

  • Is this what maid cafe is like?

  • Sudah lama saya tidak melihat band maid ternyata sudah lebih banyak lagi lagunya 😅 💐 for miku love love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Saya suka semua personil tapi miku lebih lucu 😁

  • One of many classy things about Bandmaid guitarist Kanami is the respect she pays her fellow musicians, alive or departed. When Mikio Fujioka of Babymetal's Kami Band died, Kanami tweeted (on her Bandmaid account Jan 10, 2018, translating from the Japanese): "Kind-hearted, cute-smiling Mr. Fujioka, I was able to say a final good-bye to you. [Presumably Kanami attended Mikio's funeral.] I will never forget you. As poor a guitarist as I am, allow me to keep you in my mind while I am playing. Thank you for the greatest music. I pray for your soul." When Eddie van Halen died, Kanami retweeted Wolf van Halen's post about his dad and tweeted herself (Oct 7, 2020, translating): "Mr. Eddie van Halen, I learned about tapping from your solo 'Eruption', and I hoped that one day I could produce the same sort of heart-piercing phrases that you played. My guitar hero, may you rest in peace. I pray for your soul." When jazz-fusion pianist Chick Corea died, Kanami tweeted (Feb 12, 2020): "Today I am going to have some coffee and listen to Mr. Chick Corea. He soothes my soul. May he rest in peace." Thought Bandmaid fans would like to know more about Kanami the person.

    • Amazing

    • I wish that Carlos Santana will live to be at least one hundred years old.

  • Lovebitesの新曲よりもこちらの曲の方がメリハリがあって耳に残る良い曲だと思います。👍

  • Metal/anime/pop And a touch of mami kawada is what I smell here. Love it.

  • Hat gone, hair down, new kit layout, Akane has gone manic! Love it!!!

    • Hat has been gone since 2018 The Kit she brought for this one was her "Stunt Kit", the same one that was doused with Champagne for the Bubble Video.

  • この曲マジでサイコーーー

  • ジャパニーズメタルスーパー

  • 最初の入りが好きすぎる ドラムカッコよすぎ

    • 冒頭のドラムというか「太鼓連打」効いてますね。 誰のアイデアだろう? とにかく素晴らしい。

  • I keep changing my favorite Band-Maid song!

  • GTA+ =whatever needs to be based in tokyo, and feature a radio station of JUST THIS!!! 2:25 : "you can't control me... YOU CAN'T CONTROL ME!!!!" p.s. .. i thawt i liked 'pizzicato 5'... then 'the drops'.. but... ;0 OMG.. ;0

  • Japanese version of Dragon Force. Superb. Love this.

    • Miku and Kanami of Band-Maid are going to talk with Herman Li of DragonForce on this Friday, February 26!

  • Please collab with The warning from Mexico, or with Lovebites. The only bands that can stand a rock battle with Band maid.

    • These are my three favorite bands. All three are amazing and the best. But they belong to three different musical genres and are not comparable.

  • Can't stop follow the melody jump 🔥🔥🔥

  • It sounded good the first listen, but the more I hear this one, the better it gets. Fuck, what a great song! And Akane is just on fire! She's amazing!

  • Hope someday Band Maid collaborated with Mr Hagar and Mike, ROCK FOREVER

  • 小鳩のカッコよさを語るメンバーたち。 (Young Guitar 2021/2) KANAMI: 最初に「初めまして。こういうバンドをやっていきます」っていう話をした時点で (小鳩が)「世界に向けてやっていきます」って言ってたから、すごーい!って思いました。 (お盟主様への声) AKANE: 小鳩はね、ザ・九州男児って感じの男の中の男。そして発言と行動がすべてイケメン過ぎるんだよなー!

  • 鬼さんってなんて訳すんだろうと字幕付きで見てたらONISANやった。外人さん困惑するわ笑

  • いいね

  • Which country's band is it? It felt good

    • japanese bro

    • J rock seems getting better and better, please check youtube recommendations

    • Band-Maid is japanese

  • Kanami does it again. She is a musical genius.

  • The smiling pumpkin willy type because distance cytopathologically frighten inside a labored actor. milky, conscious umbrella

  • Why does this remind me of the war arc from mha...

  • This and Don't you tell me are my favorites,God I love this band🖤

  • Ohhh God that's sooooo good😆, why I discover you just now😫, ehhh that's really😆🤩, exactly the type of music that I love

    • @fueled44 i'm not angry at all

    • It's ok. We all had that moment discovering them and being overwhelmed with how awesome they are, but still being just a little angry that you didn't find out about them earlier.

    • @Ly Sa their channel only has about 30% of their songs. You have lots of equally great songs to look forward to after finishing their channel.

    • @KromeFalco of course that I'll do😆

    • welcome aboard, check the rest of their songs in the channel.

  • ギターソロの時のドラムが好き過ぎるww 。


  • 小鳩ミク、初音ミク、どちらも好きで困る・・・・

    • ミクさんに外れ無しですw

  • この展開からのガニマタでギターソロとかセコイわー!惚れてまうやん!

  • que temaso

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • オッサンの感想Hard Drivin' Rockn' Roll❤Heavy Groovin'(古い😱)意外に伝統的で正統派でビックリ。スタジオ音源よりライブの方がカッコイイかも?にしても日本の女性は元気だ!BABYMETALやLOVEBITES何かとフェスみたいなコンテンツで、コロナが収束したら欧米を廻ったら楽しいかも?それぞれ個性があって面白い😍

  • will you be touring in australia .....i want to see you live

  • Good stuff, musical style I prefer Lovebites. need more energy and heavy.

    • maybe u should hear "why why why" and "black hole" from bandmaid song. This album "Unseen world" full of energy

    • @konoha Sempo Yes they're my 3 favorite bands, and TW lyrics are even deeper lol

    • @chewingpiano when you read lyrics on every Lovebites songs, the lyrics are so good, you don't need to translate anymore.

    • @Alx Dark I prefer lovebites too but The warning from Mexico are the best at creating lyrics with badass music, just like band maid, but Japanese bands lack of good lyrics

    • Lovebites lacks the creativity,, but to each his own

  • 小姑娘,车上演奏乐器太危险了,快跳到叔叔怀里来...

  • I need to take my breakie here... 🥰🥰

  • This would make a brilliant anime intro

  • 小鳩さんにはありがとうの気持ちしかない、よくもまぁこれだけのバンドを半分以上プロデュースしてしかもここまで来たとは💦やっぱり神だ、女神ミクさん


  • Hot damn. This is some good stuff. While America is being dominated by that useless mumbling rap Japan is kicking ass in rock.

    • @Jam Dev Not at all.

    • Cringe comment

    • Rock is dead they say . . . LONG LIVE ROCK! Thanks to the lovely ladies of Japan, Rock is very much alive!

    • i think this is the beginning of the counterattck by Rock. they will inspire US and we will see such real deal bands in US as well, rock never dies

  • The best drummer, the best guitarist, and the best bassist join up together in one band, by a bar maid who just learned guitar.😁

    • Honestly, I've never seen the "best" rankings good, in music at least. The only thing for me: is the music good? For me it is not only good, it is extraordinary ... And I agree that it is not a speed competition and they, in addition to having a large amount of resources, the way they use them ..... It is a pleasure .....

    • @Weili Ma How can we judge a musician as the most technical, there's no competition for that. We can see plenty great musicians did solo videos but Akane, Misa, and Kanami did it in their songs. Try to hear all their songs and pay attention on their instrument, so much technical variation they did, it never get bored.

    • Individually I wouldn’t say AMK are the best (definitely not the most technical)... but together (with Kuruppo providing rhythm so M and K can go crazy), they are really something hard to top.

  • I clicked for the XJ, but this isn't Whitesnake and that's not Tawny Kitaen! WTF?!

  • I discovered them today, they're the best of my weeks

  • These girls are on fire. 🔥

  • 日本ではあまり知られて無いのが、悔しい

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • people: what is your favorite song from Band Maid? me: it's complicated

    • What's complicated is trying to figure out what my least favorite song is. Answer: Don't have one!

    • It's actually very simple. People: What's your favorite song from Band Maid? Me: Yes.

    • @Puyax01 I feel you 😂

    • Easy , the last one I heard. It changes multiple times during the day

  • ¡HI! Im from Colombia and wanna say I LOVE YOUR GROUP i hope continue to grow much more...

  • WOW!! Love from Venezuela!

  • Dang!!!! Everything is perfect!!!!

  • Unseen World is one of the most interesting albums I've listened to in a long time. So much happening in every song . My advice-throw on the cd (not streaming or mp3) through some good speakers and crank it ! They detail in the songs is nuts! 'I still seek revenge ' is a Misa and Akane masterclass!

    • Unseen World is the album that I have had on repeat the most in my entire life! Back in my earlier days the cassette would be ruined at this point!

    • @Mr. Bluebird Nice !

    • I upgraded my entire sound system because of Band Maid. Dual subs is really the way to go...more MISA and Akane!!!

    • Right on! Everyone owes it to themselves to hear this brilliant album uncompressed. CDJapan or Band-Maid Shop

  • Awesomeeee

  • Thank you very much, Band-Maid!! Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita. どうもありがとうございました

  • Didn't know that a maid can play a rock concert for me.

    • check out their other songs, you're in for a ride

  • 可愛い女の子達がメタル基地外に寄せて来ただけじゃ無くて格好良いぜ!マジでメタル基地も納得です❤

  • 鳥肌!一発で魂を持ってかれた!すげ

  • あーこれがROCKだよ!ビール飲んでガンガン頭振っていつまで聴いていたいやつ!!

  • Excelente!!

  • just found a link of the online concert 2021... tight as fuck.. saiki had a trouble hitting the notes athe bridge part of warning but thats the beauty of it.. its a live perfornance. atleast its not auto tuned

    • Yes, the beauty of live bands are the imperfections. Computer chips can make the worst singers sound okay but what these women are doing requires skill. I can appreciate that.

    • @Doc Loco yeah.. its a very hard song to placed in the middle or at the end... good strategy by the girls to open the show with it. musician at its finest

    • First song of the show too, voices need some ... Warming! 😉

  • late epiphany: akane's last four bars towards the outro is an all-out assault.

  • Tanto movimiento de cámara hace que pierda sentido, no se aprecia la música y siento que está muy saturado todo.

    • @Puyax01 tomaré en cuenta tu observación para después.

    • Te entiendo, eres del .00002% que le pasa eso. 😄

    • Cierra los ojos y disfruta. No te hagas problemas.

  • Kanami Tono is a bad a$$

  • differentからの今回の一連の楽曲群は演奏の熱量と音圧が半端じゃないね それでいて以前よりもずっと耳に残るキャッチーなサビメロやフックの数々 これは本当にレディースロックの歴史的名盤になると思う でもこれをライブで再現は大変そうだなー 😂

    • いきなりのWarning はキツイかもですね、ボーカル的に 今後の改善が楽しみですね

    • 2月11日のオンラインお給仕では「Different」の他、「Unseen World」の以下の曲を演奏してくれました: Warning! No God After Life Manners サヨナキドリ Giovanni Black Hole Without Holding Back また、「about Us」も歌ってくれて、本当に感慨深いものがありました。

    • 鬼レベルのBLACKHOLEのときも笑顔で演奏していたAkane先生にはビックリ!さすがです。

    • 2月11日の生配信LIVEでdifferentからの一連の曲をやってたけど良かったよ! 全28曲2時間半で新作から地獄難易度のblack holeやGiovanniも凄かった!やはりliveが一番カッコイイ bandでした!

  • on fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The way she's dressed, you'd think she's sweeping but that's Kanami picking.

  • Brazilll

  • The world just blew up in flames...

  • Beautiful. The girls are pretty too.

  • yoo this was recommended to me and I love it

  • Attention Video Makers of Band-Maid: IN future, please show the faces of Kanami, Akane and Misa. They are are the driving force of the band. All of them are talented that each could form the basis of their own bands.


    • 0:01 ready for moshpit ? 0:15 GO!!!!!!! LOL !

  • Outfriggin standing

  • Que gran tema! FELICIDADES.

  • I just discovered them today, they are amazing.

    • Kind of jealous and afraid for you. Jealous that you get to experience it for the first and scared because you have a LOT of catching up to do. :)

    • You have so much to look forward too!

    • welcome to the family and enjoy the journey

  • Boom!!!

  • I thought that good metal had already died, these girls are great

    • There is really nothing "metal" about this song. It's poppy hard rock. It's also amazing.

    • There was never good metal

  • Saludos desde argentina... son unas genias.. 🤘🖤

  • Japan is rock & metal country. BAND-MAID BABYMETAL LOVEBITES Crossfaith  X JAPAN L'Arc~en~Ciel MAXIMUM THE HORMONE ONE OK ROCK  DIR EN GREY  and more.

    • (HR/HM) Bridear Li-sa-X Band Trident Nemophila Telecide Hanabie Devil Within Undead Corporation (Alternative/Shoegaze/Math Rock) Tricot Sokoninaru Regal Lily Hitsuji Bungaku Mass Of Fermenting Dregs Uchu Conbini Jyocho Yuragi Lucie,Too People In The Box Paranoid Void

    • @siva zuke Destrose broke up in 2015 after 10 years. The members then formed Fate Gear, Lovebites, and Mary's Blood. All three incredible bands.

    • destrose was the best..


    • Don't forget Gacharic Spin and their side project Doll$Boxx. Japan has so many incredible rock and metal bands that you can discover a new one every week. Oh! Babymetal is not a band. It's a show by their producer with a singer, dancer and a backup band.

  • Addicting...😶

  • The online concert was great!!! The archive is valid for one week. Never miss it.

  • 配信お給仕のオープニングはやっぱりコレだった。

  • Their 4th online concert is coming in an hour! Visit their site in the description for the details!

  • So.... SICK!!!! 🥰

  • i love maids

  • Livestream concert TODAY. 2hr45min. 25-30 songs? In place of their big Nippon Budokan concert, so expect a killer set list and other surprises. Plus, it’s Band-Maid, one of the best active live bands in the world. Awesome musicianship, hilarious personalities. Nothing to regret! Go to Bandmaid.Tokyo for details! One week archive available if you can’t catch it live.

    • This was an epic concert I expect to see a cd dvd available for purchase from this one

  • Alguien más vino por shauntrack 👀?

  • Buenas noches, excelente banda, saludos desde Sudamérica.

  • 5 outta 10, there's just too much going on at the same time sound-wise. next!

    • @Peter Holland first off, i appreciate you naming yourself after me. you honor me with your devotion to my greatness. second of all. what the heck are you talking about? my taste in music is irrefutable, which means you can't deny I'm right. this particular song has too much going on. its a mixture of sounds working against each other. its more chaotic than melodic. thirdly, whose justin Pieper? lastly, thank you for wishing me a good night's sleep. i try every night. I'd like to wish you a good night's sleep as well.

    • There are plenty of 10's for your taste. Justin Pieper or other great top 10 songs. Sleep well.

  • ShaunTrack, who has a whopping 2.67 million subscribers, has just reacted to After Life! Their greatest exposure ever! 267 万人ものチャンネル登録者がいる ShaunTrack さんが先ほど After Life にリアクションしました!! バンメ史上最大の露出!

  • Creo que Shauntrack se equivoco de video!

    • Era esta o Manners, buenísimas ambas

    • @dev Newtron BAND-MAID, a pesar de que dicen ser una banda de hard-rock, no tienen problemas en agregar alguna que otra canción de diferente género. En enero lanzaron su último álbum, Unseen World, no soy músico, no entiendo de géneros, pero podría decirse que es un álbum de metal, por lo pesado, y la semana pasada publicaron un nuevo single, about Us, una canción pop (en algunos comentarios leí algo de lo-fi) BAND-MAID claramente no es para cualquiera, más si eres alguien que solo quiere escuchar un sólo tipo de música (en este caso, hard-rock/metal)

    • @dev Newtron Yo no conozco los mátices del género. Honestamente ni me gustaba el rock(excepto algún que otro stuff de progresivo o de jazz rock pero no para volverme fan). Así que para mí es "música" a secas. Soy onda folclórica(música de mi pais o latinoamericana especialmente la brasilera o Piazzolla), o jazz, o música clásica pero esta banda a determinados músicos puede enloquecernos......

    • @fande arquimedes lo comparaba con After life, y sí definitivamente tienen demasiados que están en esa categoría pero si solo tienes un tema para proyectar una banda diciendo que es hard rock, metal dudo que Wonderland sea la mejor opción (aunque me encante la canción)

    • Cualquier cosa que ellas hacen es oro. Si por complejidad entiendes velocidad pues pudiera ser(aunque en el nuevo albúm, hay cosas rápidas y complejas). Yo entiendo por complejidad otra cosa y por ejemplo Wonderland es bastante complejo como yo lo veo....

  • I will teach my daughter to be empowered

  • i can't stop stop watching this!

  • Some _BabyMetal_ fans had a bad day and disliked this video...shame on you!

    • @Weili Ma And the score is 13,000 to 197 LOL Hey I LOVE Babymetal too, Kami band rules...Su?...Moa? ( Yui we miss you) the avengers...nothing to say but LOVE......but Band Maid is different (no Pun intended) You CAN love them both!! I do Rock on Ladies, all of you.

    • Sigh.

  • オンラインお給仕まで 24 時間を切りました。ツイッターでメンバー 5 人に応援メッセージを送りましょう。以下のハッシュタグと宛先です。 #BandMaid #WeAreWithBM @miku_bandmaid @saiki_bandmaid @achi_bandmaid @misa_bandmaid @kanami_bandmaid

  • Thank you Instagram for recommending me this band🙏🙏🙏

    • Thank you for the information ☺️

    • Highly recommend you catch their concert today. Check bandmaid.Tokyo website for details. You haven’t seen anything until you watch bandmaid perform LIVE.

    • they're having their online live concert tomorrow. if you wanna join us, tickets for the show are available on Zaiko

    • welcome to family 😁

  • Awesome song but I didn't check the like buttom because I hadn't liked to see two Jaguars being destroyed crashing each other

  • Love you full..... By INDONESIA

  • I am actually really surprised this has less views then After Life. ? Strange.

    • There must be people going to reaction channels instead of official music video.

    • @Weili Ma Maybe yeah, Some people just like the Hard Rock of Afterlife more then the Metal of Warning. Kanami wrote a Song for Everyone just like she always does it.

    • Power of ads and algorithms

  • 最強にカッコいい👍👍アルバム全てがカッコいい。なかなか良いアルバム曲のアーティストは居てない。一曲一曲が楽しみで所見はワクワクする。こんなアーティスト初めて