Barcelona Teamwork Tiki-Taka 2008 2017

に公開 2020/01/31
Fc Barcelona The Style We Believe ►Teamwork Tiki-Taka 2008-2017 🔵🔴 The high pressing, the quick pressing for a few seconds, the ability to keep the ball, the TIKI-TAKA...It. was just like they evolved the game! The Blueprint of Barcelona's Tiki Taka Football is something that everybody has been trying to copy, it's the heart of the club that's important, it's about the supporters, los culés to not only play winning football but attractive football. Check out Barcelona's tika-taka skills. It’s all about one touch play, passing & movement, created by Johan Cruyff and perfected by Guardiola! "It's all about rondos. Rondo, rondo, rondo. Every. Single. Day. It's the best exercise there is.
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  • ''Football is easy but easy football is the hardest thing there is'' -Johan Cruyff

    • @Мирослав Минчев whats the point of possesion, if you cant score goals, opportunity will come? Bruh, high defensive line makes it vurnerable to counter attack (if opppnent cannuse counter attack properly)

    • @TennisShh but barcelona scored so many goals, its not boring!!!

    • @Мирослав Минчев barca is boring to watch now this era was golden though

    • @TennisShh 15-1 go cry

    • I am disappointed in the youtube football community

  • you have crafted the video beautifully

  • 😢

  • Msn💔

  • what are the musics used in this video? specially on 2:16 if some1 have it pls tell me

  • Bara is my favorite club and Xavi is my favorite player ever. One day I hope I can catch a match at Camp Nou :)

  • Sự xoay tròn quanh bùng binh là để giải thoát cho nhân chính tung cao . Bùng binh khai sơn . Cốt mốc số không . Bắt đầu từ con số 0 TÂN KỲ. NHÀ NGHỈ ĐẠI PHÚ GIA

  • Nhân đang bị các mũi nhọn của đỉnh tam giác kẹp lại. Đó cũng chính là đường không ưu tiên đâm ra đường ưu tiên

  • fuck bartomeu

  • Wht en era that was pep guardiola,s barca messi iniesta xavi trio unmatched they written the best club history ever ..

  • Xavi and Iniesta retired: Clumsylona Neymar and Suarez left: Farewellona Messi and Busquets retired: Barcelona.exe doesn’t exi-

  • Best of bacelona passes!! 👇👇

  • 5:40 music??

  • I love CR7 but Messi is by far The G.O.A.T.

  • No offense, but this video is 11 min long and just contained like 3 min of actual tiki-taka footage. Showing MSN passing each other is not tiki-taka, and it defeats the purpose. Like there is nothing of tiki-taka at 11:00 Tiki-taka has more to do with SHORT PASSES, bullying the opponents with short passes, constant rotation of player positions, triangles and sudden long passes Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Barça fan. I love watching videos like this and the editing on this video is pretty good. But this video had very little to do with tiki-taka

  • Cules Indonesia 🇮🇩

  • I miss this Barcelona so much.

  • Miss the old Barca 😞 Barca changed everything about football ❤️

  • Tiki-Atraka

  • Now FdJ & Pedri are supporting Messi

  • The thoughtless coke naively tremble because crop postprandially surprise to a fretful check. successful, upbeat drink

  • أيا ليت الزمن يعود يوما 💔💔

  • These days will come back remember this comment

  • We not may be the team with more ucl's but we are the most revolutionary Podemos não ser o time com mais ucl's, mas somos os mais revolucionários

  • Xavi, Iniesta and busquets, probably the best trio thats ever graced the field together 👌

  • Anybody after Barca election

  • I appreciate the editing and hardwork you have done for this video... Best video dedicated to Barcelona that I have seen... 🙌👍

  • lo que el madrid temeeeeeee

  • Who is?. Min 7:41

  • even pinto frustrated ppl with tikintaka

  • This started when cruyff manged

  • i cant believe THIS Barca team are slowly becoming a mediocre team

  • It will be back when xavi coaches us 😉😉

  • Barcelona forgot 2 philosophies that Johan Cruyff left to the team. The basic strengths and style of tiquitaca football Johan cruyff frank rijkaard Pep Guardiola They are the bases of that philosophy of style of Barcelona, ​​but since 2016 they left that to sign players who did not belong to that style of play. Without leaving aside that they fired their coach Luis Enrique, who knew about that philosophy, but the current owners of Barcelona did not share, Sandro Rosell and later Josep Maria Bartomeu

  • Today barca lost... 4-1 :(

  • Barca is the best

  • Bartomeu desarve. X

  • Do you still think that this year's Bayern six-trophy is the best team in the World??

  • Pep quardiola best coach

  • Pedri and RP

  • I miss the combination of messi ,iniesta,xavi ,damn how golden days those were ❤️it feels like tiki taka disappeared from barca😕no one support to messi😕😕

  • Pep💪

  • Don't do this, I'll cry 🥺😭

  • That is the most beautiful thing i've evr seen. This Barca was pure worlclass and now B

  • Отвратительная нарезка неотражающая тики таку. Лучше посмотреть старые матчи, чем такое г со спецэффектами

  • im a barca fan since 2004. we will rise again

  • Missing old barca😭

  • Do you miss the old Barca? Or do you know someone who does ? Even when times get hard, remember: it's not necessarily important to be the greatest, but to feel the greatest! Mirror, mirror on the wall, experience the greatest merch of them all! ❤️💙 👉🏻

  • titak tik tak dota muj albi hotin futboll se ai zdi me lu tik tak

  • I think Poeple forget about hanry xavi iniasta david villa eto'o Perdo dani alves fabrigaus Pojan busckets adriano avidal sadio kaita payol mashalona yaya thiago axis All this names real reason of being barcelona stronge Not only messi suarez naymar Piqui I know that messi and ....,....,.....,..... Are star but Barcelona never play by defend to some player Barcelona named by teamwork That mean all member should do them best That happened by all name that we forget naw In my opinion Barce best time from 2008 to 2014/2015 All player in that time in them posision star

  • Turkey 🇹🇷🇪🇸

  • this was during the prime of Busquets, Iniesta and Xavi and to an extend Pique and Puyol. This was the best midfield I can think of. The amount of titles these men won from 2008 tot 2013 is insane.

  • Do you guys know any soccer tryouts it's hard to be pro now there's one call psc combine you have to pay $450 to participate is it worth? We might me like 100 of us

  • I want to play for Barcelona hahaha

  • I miss this old Barcelona 😢😢

  • Damn, you did a really freat job in this video. Great, dynamic editing.

  • barcelona is for ever my favourite club and for me the best club in europe

  • 4:25 Wowww, the best cooparetion

  • I’m a Real Madrid fan but I’ve never seen anything better than this

  • Xavi and Iniesta legendary players

  • Can we See again a Play like this 🥺

  • Beautiful team, I love Barca and I hope one day I will play with them. keep it going

  • Such a shitty video can’t u jus let us see the played without stupid editing and stupid violin in the background wtf

  • The Xavi/Iniesta duo was by far the best midfielder duo in history of football.

  • Often the most simple things are the most genius ones. The tiki-taka has very simple philosophy - there is no way your opponent could score a goal if you control the ball. But tiki-taka is one of the hardest styles to play and requires a lot of training and practicing. Once the team manage to perfect it, there is nothing that can stop it. Controlling the ball all the time gives you the choice of either defend or attack, but most of the time while defending in the middle or in your own half, the opponent goes forwards and that opens lots of opportunities to score a goal. It also makes the game much more nice to watch, because the fouls, especially the tough ones, become very rare. Simply brilliant tactics!

  • Bye bye Bartemeuu 👋👋👋

  • heart touching video

  • Tiki taka can only be done perfectly if Messi, xavi and iniesta play together. To make the Barca even deadlier they got Suarez , Neymar and Messi in the front.Damn.

  • I miss the old Barcelona with xavi and prime Messi where tiki taka was a thing

  • Toke peruano

  • Bartomeu 🤜🏿😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • They didnt even mention Dani Alves

  • Come fast 2020 is ending....

  • Barca died when Neymar left.

  • At first why did Barcelona suck pep 😢😢

  • Cruif's total Football + Pep's tiki taka=Barca's best football games


  • Xavi+Ineasta+Messi= Ronaldinho💔

  • Awesome video bruda😍❤️💥

  • Meh, what's the big deal - even I can do that... in FIFA.

  • Great video mate! But I guess it'd have been better had you showed the entire clips when the move results in a goal... feels even more satisfying to know that they've reaped the fruit of their labour.

  • Barca and Juventus should not be compared they both are good on their work

  • I actually didn't like tiki taka, it was a scenic ply style and had some big issues. If was good tactic, it should be exist now.

    • @mr. x and that's why this tactic was so bad, if the opponent had some good defenders, so it was totally useless

    • You are realy crazy... no one can play like barca did... you need a whole team to do that not one player...

  • Barcelona’s Tiki Taka can make entire teams look like 3 year olds playing football for the first time

  • Imagine playing like this in front of your crush

  • Can't wait to see this club come crashing down. Farca first, Real 'Fixed the first 5 European Cups' Madrid next. Maybe then Pathetico can win more than once every five-ten years.

  • I didn't understand anything because, effect was so much

  • seeing that barca and seeing barca now makes me cry

  • Next future : Iniesta = Carles Alena, Xavi = Riqui Puig, Messi = Ansu Fati

  • X q ya no es como antes el Barça de antes era un espectáculo ver jugar. Así ahora ya no es lo mismo

  • Rip tiki taka 🤣🤣


  • The level of calmness and awareness required to play this type of football is ridiculous.

  • Bewan dek

  • Fuck Bartomeu 😤 Traitor

  • I forget how good Xavi and iniesta

  • 🥺🥺🥺😭😭

  • 1:10 Sterling....?

  • this is one of my best youtube videos I ever see

  • Ever since Guardiola left it’s gotten progressively worse and blander