Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!

に公開 2021/05/03
These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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  • Nora valkyrie vs Harley Quinn rwby vs dc


  • You should do gojo vs kakashi

  • Pyrrha nikos vs undyne

  • TRASH BATTLE : Blake isn't even comparable to the warrior that is Mikasa. Blake sucks!!

  • who here expected Mikasa to win just because all of Blake’s fight since V3 were underwhelming, with or without Yang by her side

  • Good, I hate attack on titan I’m glad she lost 🤣😂

  • RWBY Fans and AOT Fans Are Fkin Fighting

  • Can we all acknowledge that they had her use the old odm gear

  • Sesshomaru Vs Virgil

  • it’s Mee-Kuh-sa not Me-ka-ssa

  • I feel like someone made this dope animation for them and they used it to fill in a death battle slot. This was too one sided. Although Po vs Iron fist thats some classic death battle type shenanigans I wanna see!

  • 10 years and your voice is still stupid

  • how about how about some hanna barbera characters? how about Birdman vs. Space Ghost?

  • dude, that was a terrible match-up. It wasn't even fair, cat girl person had super strength and a gun, what do you expect.

  • Typical girl response to anything. “Hey, this area is dangerous! We need everyone to evacuate!” “REEEEEE DONT MANSPLAIN TO ME IM DEALING WITH A LOT OF STUFF”

  • She handled losing an arm better than I thought

  • Takiya genji vs Sano manjirou

  • Po Vs Iron Fist is a Death Battle I suggested long ago (like, 3 years ago) and I'm surprised they're actually doing it for the next Death Battle. And I love it.

  • oh no incoming angry AOT weebs

  • Can we get a death battle where non-anime experts could maybe actually know the combatants?

  • Please make po win😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Day 3 of asking for generator rex vs max steel

  • Holy crap! I thought this episode was gonna get crucified considering who won. This is actually less severe than I thought it would be.

  • Wait when did Blake fight Emerald mercury and also. And if she is lighting speed, and at 5:17. Didn't she get captured twice in that same fight and even lost to that acid spitting grim.

  • Rick n Morty Vs Doctor Strange when?

  • can you try anos voldigoad and goku i just wanna see what happens

  • If ur still taking request or recommendations I would to input Agent 47 vs John wick

  • This honestly feels like Tracer vs Scout. Like one is an incredibly strong, but normal human (Mikasa/Scout) while the other is essentially a superhuman with an actual super power (Blake/Tracer). Like Tifa lost to Yang, and I would wager Tifa would thrash Mikasa. Like the setting are waaay different here.

  • You should do John wick vs the punisher

  • That was too easy for Blake

  • Without even watching I bet RWBY wins.

  • and spider man?

  • the only times RWBY characters can win a fight.

    • @Jonathan Juarez I mean in the context of RWBY characters don't win in their own show.

    • Pretty sure Jaune wins against Sokka and cinder wins against Azula though.

  • Dammit I don’t want Po to die man.

  • go back to 16 bit, this was horrible

  • I would say the encounter was way to forced into a fight and felt very odd, awkward and uncomfortable.

  • lol

  • not surprised with the outcome if you have half a brain you could tell easily who would win I'm just glad we got a sweet 3d fight out of it

  • Ruby is the only Rwby member to not appear on Death Battle now.


  • Standard OP anime character beats up on double orphaned semi-normal anime character.

  • Gohan vs Invincible

  • Absolutely AWESOME-!! Another reason to lick -I mean. .like catgirls. Especially battle babes. A thrillride straight from the start.

  • Me: Blake, you only have one arm! What can you do with one arm!? Blake: You know what? You're right. What can I do with only one arm? Me: Thank you, Blake! I will not let you dow-- Blake: **quickly cut down Titan** Me: O.O Blake: That. I can do that with one arm.

  • What wrong with the reception?

  • Yet another mismatch fight between heroes with power and non-power heroes

  • Now you both can live rent free in hell for all I care.

  • yay u did something right...

  • Brainiac vs. Doc Oc

  • i had a feeling the fact that Mikasa is trained against giants compared to Blake fighting enemies of all sizes would come into play

  • What's with the stupid music when Blake and Mikasa fight ?

  • Is all this accurate ?

  • Got it so Mikasa won. What? It's a character who rarely fights alone getting her aura (RWBY force field) broken and losing an arm. Only to do some out of character nonsense and not scream/panic but instead pretend she can just grow it back and do something requiring a level of focus she would not have in that situation. and then happily go fight a giant she would in character, be too afraid to take on but herself...with a still fresh stub for an arm. Seriously why even include the arm thing if it ruins the logic of the fight?

  • personally I just think that the killing blow would have been better if instead of (spoiler for people who see comments during or before the video) > > > > > > > > > > > > sticking and exploding Mikasa, just pierced through her chest, totally ruining her chances to even move and survive as it perforated her spine as well as other important organs, making a bloody mess on the process


  • Team Blake team cat

  • Omg come on ppl why vote for such a one sided boring battle this battle is like having a toddler vs boxer battle hmm I wonder who will win. Ppl need to vote better otherwise it’s not worth watching the video if I already know it’s one sided battle and it’s a easy win for person X.

  • Mikasa would not have used the thunderspears in this scenario as you yourselves have state it's for fighting against titans. If anything she would have you used the 3D manuver guns that were introduced and she was even seen in the series using them when Paradis island invaded Marley. I don't disagree that Blake could potentially win the fight with the difference in speed, however Mikasa just has a better track record when it comes to combat and definitely has an advantage in aerial combat with her odm gear. In the show the thread that holds Blake's katana is easy to break and you can see many instances of her falling flat on her ass when an opponent cuts it not to mention how often she's struggling to get her katana back after an opponent knocks it out of her hand. This really should have been a closer fight centered more on 1 decisive blow and a great deal of evasion. I'd imagine in a more realistic scenario Mikasa would opt to pick the the odm guns if she felt she was having a hard time which would help and force blake into having to dodge bullets giving Mikasa more time to strike back and weaken her. All in all I'd say that this fight is probably more in Blakes favor but Mikasa definitely would win more often than not because of her grit and combat experience. Blake has combat experience but with RWBY's track record of making characters weaker for the sake of plot I'd imagine Blake would just forget to use her semblance. W/e it aint' my show can't believe ya'll making Mikasa take an L like this.

  • Chills, yes yes yes! Blake uses shadow clone, Mikasa:visible confusion ensues. But seriously Misaka is a beast.

  • I mean yeah, Mikasa doesn't have magic.

  • Y'all should do Rick Sanchez Vs. Dr. Who

  • Boomstick getting emotional about his ship was touching...

  • Ahhh yes comparing everything to tnt for the millionth time

  • Lmao she got cheated out of winning that 😭

  • Put her against Levi 😡

  • a battle worth watching

  • If a RWBY character is on death battle, they’ll either win or be defeated in a non gruesome death.

  • Haven't seen it yet but I predict Mikasa loses?

    • Yep called it lol

  • Nice, now Blake and Yang are twinning

  • Why tf would they put that last spoiler?! That’s not a feat of strength, speed, ability, intelligence or anything. They just put it there for no reason

  • 13:23 joker jump guns from smash??

  • For the next fight, I'm thinking of two finishing ways that po can use against iron fist: 1. Po uses the wuxi finger hold and kills iron fist. 2. (If they add the part where they end up at the spirit world) po sends a huge amount of chi to iron fist and finish him like he did with kai.

  • RWBY should have used this type of 3d animation.

  • Let's be honest. Blake would have absolutely bodied Mikasa. It wouldnt even have been much of a fight But I guess it wouldve been too boring if she wouldve lost after 5 seconds

  • Blake won because death battle is own by Roosterteeth

    • And because she legitimately wins

  • I have 0 stake in either of those anime so I didn’t care who won

  • Do a death battle with the mask vs freakazoid!

  • How about Alucard from Hellsing vs Vampire Hunter D?

    • Dio VS Alucard is confirmed, just FYI, so that’s unlikely

  • Kid: HEY THAT'S THE CAT GIRL FROM FORTNITE For any of you who don't know. There's rumors of team rwby coming to fortnite

  • Kinda one-sided...

  • So I'm gonna call it now. Wiz beats Broomstick in their inevitable Death Battle. Clones man.

  • I already knew blake was going to win she was to fast for mekasa anyway and she only kept up with her once.

  • Hey how about... Captain Planet vs Swamp Thing; two environment friendly heroes duking it out.

  • Journey to 10 million subscribers 😁👍

  • Instead of Ruby vs Maka. How about Ruby vs Marluxia

  • Shocking, the R.T. character beat the AoT character.

  • Kitana (Mortal Kombat) vs Gamora (Marvel)

  • DeathBattle kinda sucks, why choose Mikasa versus some character with actual powers? Just Lame AF!

    • However i will buy some bluechew haha

    • Blame the people who made this match up a highly requested one


  • Damn, I’ve only realized that Levi and Mikasa are related...

  • I'm excited about the next Death battle, I just hope they consider Po's feats from ALL media not just the movies. The weirdly named Cartoon Legends of Awesomeness had some very interesting feats for Po that arguably surpassed anything he did in the movies

  • An odd matchup, but I want to see Eren vs Kaneki. Both humans who became monsters and massive death machines. I want to see the final eren square up against dragon.

  • Po versus Iron Fist? Are you serious? Why not Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat versus Iron Fist? That’d make much more sense.

    • Iron Fist VS Po is infinitely better than Liu Kang VS Iron Fist. Just sayin’

  • I love the battle and animation! Great job!

  • Mikasa has no powers Blake has powers

  • Theres just no way i can believe that someone requested this battle bc the only similarities i find in them is that the both grapple around the skies bc its so clear to everyone that one of them has actual superpowers while the other is just slightly stronger than the average man. I have a feeling that roosterteeth just made this battle to promote their show.

    • The connections between Blake and Mikasa are that both are dual-wielding, acrobatic and anti-social members of a specialized team of monster hunters who wield specialized weapons (Gambol Shroud and the 3D Maneuver Gear). Both were trained to fight against the monsters that threatened their worlds (Grimm and Titans, respectively) and both are known for being extremely protective of their loved ones. Both had a love-interest with a similar past (Adam and Eren, respectively) who became much more extreme in their actions over time, to the point that both had to abandon and fight against them and their cults. Both also decided to abandon a piece of clothing that was iconic to their design (Blake’s bow which concealed her Faunus identity, and Mikasa’s scarf that she received from Eren). They were also born in a nation that was isolated by the rest of the world and were born to races persecuted by the main civilization (Faunus and Eldians).

  • I like how with shattered aura they are basically human at that point and Yang "tHe BrAwlEr" of the group lost her arm and passed out, Blake like naw fam I'm good! What the heck guys your writing isn't as bad as rwby writters, mikasa should've won after her aura broke.

  • This is the second time this season a furry has killed a dark haired anime girl with swords and the third time a furry has one in general. I'm enjoying it very much so far.

  • *T-1000 vs The Nemesis Type-T (Terminator vs Resident Evil) *Luz Noceda vs Atsuko "Akko" Kagari (The Owl House vs Little Witch Academia) *Neku Sakuraba vs Joker (The World Ends With You vs Persona) *Jean Gray/Phoenix vs Sarah Kerrigan/The Queen of Blades (Marvel vs Starcraft) *Shantae vs Lilac (Shantae vs Freedom Planet) *Ra's Al Ghul vs The Mandarin (DC vs Marvel) *Morgana vs Jubei (Persona vs Blazblue) *Gunvolt vs Cole McGrath (Azure Striker Gunvolt vs Infamous) *Amity Blight vs Diana Cavendish (The Owl House vs Little Witch Academia) *Scarecrow vs Mysterio (Marvel vs DC) *Quan Chi vs Kan Ra (Mortal Kombat vs Killer Instict) *Amaterasu vs Koromaru (Okami vs Persona) *Winston vs Gorilla Grodd (Overwatch vs DC) *Risky Boots vs Tron Bonne (Shantae vs Megaman Legends) *Rocket Raccoon vs Sly Cooper (Marvel vs Sly Cooper) *Harley Quinn vs Nora Valkyrie (DC vs RWBY)