Moments Comiques dans le Foot

に公開 2020/05/16
👍Moments Comiques Football
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  • #2 ➡️

  • Este juego es pasimo

  • 4:10 Santos fc

  • Ahahaahaahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaha çok bmons

  • Ça fait vraiment rire

  • It was funny when the goally didn't notice the ball rolled away.

  • best pass

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  • nice


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  • 8:19

  • Qui regarde en 2021 ? J'espère je sui pa le seul

  • Très joli tout çà !!

  • Fot

  • Ronaldo power he breaks the pole


  • egalitè,traversè de trezeguet

  • 0:15 ouch

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  • 4:48 kinda gay ngl

  • 2:38 Mo Salah

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  • 2:05 Let me guess: Russia?

  • J adore le foot

  • Veratti looks like a ghost

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  • France before the game: Kill Ronaldo France after the game: Fuck we should have killed Rui...

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  • ظممفر،٧٣

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  • 0.50 e esse jogador sumindo?


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  • 2:40 - 2:47 Referee: Yellow card! Player: (Very angry and frustrated from this decision so thinks of kicking the football so hard so that it would break the referee's pen and then he wouldn't be able to give him yellow card 😎😈) So here he kicks the football but in vain as pen doesn't breaks but the referee's expression... Referee: Good job! Now red card to you!😈 Player: Oh no!😱😩 Thumbs up, taste the thunder! 👍😈😂

  • 1:54 - 2:13 This is how your friends help you! 😂

  • Barcelona was eliminated from La Liga

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