Create photoreal cinematics in UE4: Rebirth tutorial

に公開 2019/06/13
This in-depth tutorial goes through the entire production process for ‘Rebirth’, a cinematic produced by Quixel using Unreal Engine 4. Beyond its visual process, Rebirth serves as a benchmark and kickstarter for virtual production workflows.
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Watch Rebirth:
Explore the Megascans assets used in Rebirth:
Music: “Away”, by Meydän, is licensed under CC by 4.0
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1. Asset set-up 03:05
2. Composition 07:12
3. Lighting 15:27
4. Atmospherics 21:19
5. Post-processing 25:06
6. Color grading 32:08
7. Virtual cameras 36:55
8. Final output 38:32


  • ok, but...what specs nned a pc for all this? that is important too

  • Really? everything for free? thats so amazing! Can i use quixel megascan textures in my game? are they all copyright free? Thanks for anwer.

  • Rewatched this again recently, just mindblowing. Wondering if this was using Dynamic Lighting and Realtime GI, or was RTX/raytracing used in this scene.

  • Quixel needs you to have a license

  • Incredible tutorial. Amazing project!!! Great Job... Great!!! Very, very didatic! Awesome graphics... No words!!!

  • Can this be done on my Mac?

  • Brilliant and inspiring 😎😎😎😎😎

  • What kind of computer do I need for working with these kind of works? I am planning to build a PC basically like: Amd ryzen 5900x cpu Rtx 3070 8 gb gpu 32 gb 3600 mhz ram ... etc What do you think?

  • You're thinking of digital noise not film grain. Film grain often shows more in the midtones and highlights.

  • is possible to get the fog texture planes somewhere?

  • 3:56 my Rock Assembly dont have "Scalar Parameter"...where i can get this ? i use same asset as you ?!

  • Hey Sir i want to create this beautiful envornment 2:27 what kind of boulder and rocks did you used for it ? Iceland i have, but whas are this "s_lavaAssembly_skoak_15_LOD" ? thanks Mate !

  • that is amazing, but to be honest it is not a tutorial

  • Can you guys (or anyone) recommend a good tutorial for that Houdini part? That poly increase seems like one of the most necessary steps in the whole tutorial (just based on the difference shown at 4:53) but I'm not really sure what exactly they did.

  • love it, this is so amazing! thank you for sharing this with us!

  • Can anyone here help me recreate his "landscape auto material". 10:33

  • I'm finally making the decision to dive into Unreal Engine. When you talked about how you have no traditional academic training, that was what really pushed me. I've learned everything I know about 3D from an intro course in grad school and online tutorials. I really want to move toward using Unreal to create my art.

  • The worst part is that some idiots don't realise that knowledge should be free, Because it is more benefitial for them. They see each and everyone out there as an antagonist rather as a colleague, that's why the world is going down day by day, im sick and tired of people.

  • The only place photorealism is left out is in football.........Try something along those lines, u'll leave a great legacy!!!!!

  • Why can’t I find the pixel depth offset parameter on the material instances? Is it only on some of them?

  • Very inspiring! I saw this video last year and rewatched it again. I was totally drawn into the scenes. How long does it take to render out a typical frame compared to a program like Lumion or VRay?

  • Loved the description, would be great to get in an in depth (paid) full tutorial on projects like this, great work Joe.

  • Sooooo can we download this errr no?

  • awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  • Beyond beautiful. Inspired to go get my own thing going.

  • Am I the only one struggling to follow this tutorial? so many aspects are so vaguely discussed. the sky dome for example, mentioning that it is actually a primitive sphere would've been nice! Coming onto how the material is set up with the skylight because you just pulled a random window from another screen to show the features. Zero explanation as to how the skydome material was made therefore, any of the features shown within this certain section are redundant. I don't mean to sound rude but surely a ''tutorial'' should be a tad more in depth on some of the features that actually have a huge effect on how your scene will look? Cheers

    • Yeah they definitely expect you to already know a lot. I recommend checking out this guy's Brushify tutorials. He goes over more of the fundamentals and involves a few of the custom materials he used here. Those are much more of a follow along step by step. I wasn't able to follow this one until I did those first.

    • I had the same thoughts. He should've explained that this 'tutorial' is aimed at experienced users and it's a not a follow-along type of tutorial like you were expecting it to be. It would be cool if he made a mini-series detailing each part as an episode. @Quixel This could be a good opportunity here!

  • NASA likes this..

  • Is that with Raytracing?

  • Very very helpful. TY

  • This is a more of a complete course, not a tutorial :"). Thank you for such a perfect piece of teaching, and please keep them coming.

  • I'm so grateful for these tutorials...

  • Its so interesting and much to learn. But then i look at actual video games, from Bugthesda and my eyes start to bleed. Even brand new games from different companies. And i see Textures colliding, hard!! Like someone split the screen in half. One side is bright sand and suddenly a clean cut into a completely different texture like mud, grass or rocks. Extremely noticeable in Elex, this crab is everywhere! There is simply no smooth transition, at all! Textures just stop and a new one begins. Even i got that done right, when i fiddled with some Terrain Editors. But people who get paid doing so, can't? Its ridiculous!!

  • And suddenly he opens unreal and create a new level... O.O

  • Thanks for this. Nice work!

  • Very cool that's like a modern films :D

  • I watched this tutorial 4 times the past year, and with my own skills growing, each time I found something new and useful. Thanks!

  • May the force be with this video

  • Fantastic project! Really enjoyed watching this one

  • This is also a tutorial on how to make a tutorial! Great pace, great music. It keeps you hypnotized and focused. Absolutely Ingenious!

  • I am not seeing the option pixel depth offset parameter at 3:56. Anyone knows why it isn't there?

  • Outstanding insights and tutorial! Terrific Video production as well.

  • Im amazed this was done on a 1080ti

  • I don't get why you keep calling it "photoreal cinematics". Shouldn't this be UNREAL cinematics?!? I'll see myself out.

  • Main issue for me with all of this comes in the phrase "If you have the time... and budget-" So not me, got it. Time, yeah got ton of that, budget? Ha, I can't even pay rent.

  • 0__0

  • Thank you

  • you just inspired me more than you can imagine

  • "contains every material you can imagine" ofc, with 14k materials u got the whole world. Bad add lol, but still ja good libary and nice quality, but lies are pretty sad and bad.

    • You realize they expanding it each day? Do some research before trolling.

  • who are u people and how do I become you

  • f for unity

  • Thanks Garth. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Awesome work. Really inspirational.

  • Have you ever considered taking us to the edge of the flat earth 🌎???

  • Clean version without music:

  • ART

  • I'd love to see something in deep regarding the grain shader you created

  • already got the cup of tea on the go mate. Great minds think alike!

    • Still here in 2020 tea in hand :D

  • What sort of hardware would i need to do this kind of work? Currently rocking amd 3900x with a gtx 1080 I feel like i really need to upgrade my video card though. any insights appreciated.

  • Incredible!

  • f*** me darling this is way too cool. I just found out about ue4.

  • Really fantastic, Everything looks perfect ... no other words to describe your compositions and animations

  • Curious how to create such a nice auto material. I tried creating one for megascan surfaces but mine looks like crap using the basic WorldAlignedBlend node, not organic at all

  • what is the ballpark computer specs that would be required to create something like this?


  • This is amazing. Thank you.

  • are you a god

  • Just build my first house in UE4 yesturday, with 4 Box but with no roof... but now i think i want to step a bit too far up x)

  • This is the greatest thing I've have seen in a long time. I'm downloading UE right now just because of this video. Not sure I'll be able to do any of this anytime soon though.

  • Thanks for the information now i can build better.

  • Man, you're not only a living legend, you're an example for the human kind.

  • if you are watching this in 1990.. behold the power of Moore's law (the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit (IC) doubles about every two years) .. and can we simply imagine how realtime meta-reality engines will be in 2050?

  • Well hell you sold this product to me.

  • Who wants grain in their films? Cameras with huge sensors are built to GET RID of it. Same with chromatic abberation. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Mass Effect 1.

  • I would like to say that this is amazing. And to people who watch this who would rather make their own games than work for studios. I encourage you to not make games with scummy microtransactions. Bring back the glory days of gaming where people unlocked stuff by completing the games and spending the points they made. With AAA quality and ethical pricing we can teach these big scammy companies a lesson about what gamers want. Since they demand on saying gamers want to have to spend money on their games to keep enjoying it.

  • My name is Jose from Colombia I send you a greeting, I would like to know ... approximate working hours, approximate hourly value and software used please

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  • That background music is really, really irritating. Enough already.

    • clean version:

  • Can we create 3d maps for our animation projects?

  • I can't wait for unreal engine 5

  • how to add pixel depth offset in quxiel megascans 3D assets ?please

  • i doubt my pc could handle making a game using those high quality textures/objects

  • Where can you download this file?

  • Coming from an Arch Viz background, You have really opened my eyes. Thank you I will be joining you in your production tools and process in the future.

  • Thank you so much


  • About background mountains. Answer on forum: We will likely not be adding these mountains specifically to the library. However, we are working on bringing similar large scale mountain assets to the library. That was 8 mounth ago.

  • Something I always wondered about this short is how did you get the motion blur to render correctly ?

  • The end result is is just amazing. Thank you for teaching us some of your techniques.

  • I feel like Megascans could do with some automaterials for landscapes

  • Them coders must be rich

  • 1:23 Did you notice the Crab Rave island?

  • no plug ins for importing models (without LODs) to import convert to have LODs?

  • How long for the whole project alone from an expert perspective ? And how long for an intermediate artist then ?

  • Why are most of us still spending days rendering?

  • can this be implemented in games?

  • Omg this is amazing ! thanks Joe !

  • my pc died by rendering this video

  • This is truly amazing!

  • Bravo! An invaluable Masterclass. Thanks!

  • All i thought in this was "GO ON SHEFFIELD LAD! "