Cristiano Ronaldo ● The Greatest of All Time

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  • 1:24 Dribbling 5:35 Speed 9:30 Skills 15:28 Long Shots 18:57 Finishing 24:40 Headers 29:22 Weak Foot 33:26 Counter Attack 37:15 Solo Goals 41:30 Passing 47:29 Assists 51:02 Defending 52:55 Penalties 55:03 Free Kicks

  • Make a video like Magical Messi did and that would be updated as well since his video is recent.

  • I prefer Messi but Ronaldo is still up there

  • "He is class, absolute class ,world class"

  • GOAT

  • I feel very bad that he got injured and lost one of his unbeaten skills due to which people say he can't dribble

  • 26:17 e 26:30 dois gols absurdos de cabeça. Simplesmente o maior cabeceador de todos os tempos, fora as demais qualidades em campo, top3 melhores de todos os tempos, com Messi e Pelé.

  • We all know that, during the time CR7 played for RM, Messi won more Copa del Rey and Supercopa titles as well as played nearly double as many games as CR7 in both of these competitions. However, and if we look @ percentages of games where the players scored goal(s), the "picture" is quite different: - CR7 --- scored goal(s) in 20 of the 37 games played --- that's 54.05% of the games played - Messi --- scored goal(s) in 36 of the 67 games played --- that's 53.73% of the games played I'm actually surprised by this because i thought Messi had the better percentage but i just proved myself wrong. But what about these competitions in their whole careers? In CR7's case, i'll use the respective Cup competitions in all countries he played in: - CR7 --- scored goal(s) in 43 of the 91 games played --- that's 47.25% of the games played - Messi --- scored goal(s) in 49 of the 99 games played --- that's 49.49% of the games played Here too i'm quite surprised because, due to the fact CR7 "wasn't much of a goal scorer" both for Sporting as well as @ least his 1st 3 years @ MU, i'd expect Messi's lead would be "overwhelming" but that's not the case @ all because Messi's lead is just over 2%.

  • G.O.A.T

  • The dislikes are from pessi fans

  • magic awesome...!!!! El diez que tiro mil pases que otros erraron . RONALDINO... ES MEJJJJJJ......

  • the best video i've ever seen CR7 the fucking GOAT

  • Love Ronny to bits but sorry, I'm from that generation that saw Zidane before Ronaldo or Messi even had pubes! Zinedine Zidane is the greatest of all time by a giant long shot. The epitome of genius. Zidane would've kicked the shit out of either one of them and then gone on and scored a goal that would put both of them to shame. The true "GOAT", Zinedine.

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  • He has the most stylish goals 🥅 ever in the history of Football ⚽️ #GOAT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎥visual treat 90’s Kidzz super star..His stardom never end until he says!!!!

  • 💪🏼🐐

  • Fun Fact: Dean Henderson has clocked a higher speed than Cristiano Ronaldo, and is the record holder for the fastest player in the club history of Sheffield United

  • 6:21 Golden

  • Ronaldo scored more header in this video than messi’s whole career🤣

  • Ronaldo and Pelé are the 2 most greats players of all the times 🏆🏆

  • رونالدو افضل لاعب 😘😉😘

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  • G.O.A.T

  • Crap music...easy dislike

  • Ronaldo is the best in the world. But Messi is from another planet

  • if messi out from Spain he will stay on reserve

  • messi good but ronaldo goat

  • Messi better

  • Cr7 history🐐🐐🐐

  • 1hr 25seconds of pure greatness

  • As someone who watches Ronaldo often, I wish Ronaldo had a team at least at the level of Barcelona. Don't get me wrong. Messi had to carry Barca especially last 3 years and Barca had been pretty bad. But not close to how much bad Juve has been. Those who watch Juve and not just highlights know how much dependent their attack is on Ronaldo who cannot carry this team especially at his age. Take Messi out of Barca and Ronaldo out of Juve and put them in the same league, and Barca finishes above Juve almost every single time. Only delusional Messi dickriders who like to feel good by calling "penaldo", "tap-in merchant", etc and have not followed Ronaldo closely would disagree. Messi is an arguable GOAT though and who is better is not relevant to what I said.

  • For those who say "Messi is a natural talent, Ronaldo is the product of lots of training", Who would you value most, someone who was born in a rich family or someone who worked his ass off to become rich?

  • good player, but not the best. He is nothing compared to Maradona. The other Ronaldo (fenómeno) was better than cr7. When someone says "cr7 is the goat" or "Messi is the goat" reveals that he/she has seen a few portion of football.

  • best were in europeans ligues or in world?? world cup 2018 ronaldo v spain 3 goals , ronaldo v iran 0 goal a non european nation .

  • how can u say hes the greatest of all time lol just embarrassing

  • Lol Ronaldo runs so fast his armband falls off

  • now he has 770 goals

    • 146 more goals in almost 3 years and 3 months, since the day this video was posted (624 goals in the video). If we count that time as being 3.25 years, then those 146 goals amount to 44.92 goals per year: that's CRAZY.

  • Can’t believe I watched an hr of video and still felt it wasn’t enough; lots has been omitted 😱😱😱

  • Most complete player in football ⚽ history...❤️🙏🏻

  • pessi is shit Ronaldo is the best

  • My opinion on the Messi Ronaldo debate is Ronaldo has had a better career but Messi is a better technical footballer. I think In general Ronaldo is better than Messi although when Ronaldo was at Man U Messi was levels above him

  • It hurts so much when it comes to many easy chances missed..

  • 8:09 Damn, the tackle bro! lmaoooo😭 Premier League was fire🔥🤣

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  • Ronaldo is simply the original version of every genius on the surface of the earth he is undoubtedly the best of all time he got everything thing needed in the pitch which simply phenomenal he's the the only player that make me fall in love and it's going to be a heartbreak for all those billions of fans who look at the perfect picture when he retires

  • A Great scorer but not the greatest footballer of all time.

  • ❤️❤️❤️🇳🇵🙏

  • Complete footballer no weakness

  • This is the whole football life of this legend

  • This video motivates me . Replay if it does to u too

  • 💯♋️♒️☪️🤫

  • An hour of jokes

  • Bigger, better, faster, stronger than the other guy... The true GOAT that is C.R.

  • 🐐


  • great , of the time!

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  • Cr7 is the most complete player ever ...... he is the goat ........ he is the best not even messi can come near him in terms of all round player ........ there can be no other CRISTIANO RONALDO IN THIS ANY MILLENNIUM...... he is way above any other best player in the history ( Maradona, pele, messi)

    • @Hoje Tive Cá 💯💯

    • @Fahad Shaheer CR7 is the best "most complete player" in this generation, if not ever.

    • @Hoje Tive Cá which means?

    • Being the goat is a debatable thing but i can't think of another player that is THIS GOOD in all these DIFFERENT ASPECTS of the game. There are other players that are better than CR7 in SOME of those aspects (Messi is better @ dribbling and passing, for example) but they all miss something "in their arsenal", when compared to CR7 because "they suck" @ those aspects. For all of Messi's brilliance, he doesn't head the ball well and doesn't have a great mentality on the pitch: while his height is the reason for the lack of his heading ability, the lack of a great mentality is probably due to his personality and has nothing to do with football, i think. Pick ANY other player to compare with CR7 and you'll get the same result: said player MAY be better @ W or X aspects but is a lot worse @ Y or Z aspects.

  • Giroud > ronaldo

  • Messi > ronaldo

  • Messi goat just cheat this video

  • If u think that Messi is better I’m just saying want to see the vid see he will blow ur mind and If u think it’s Messi ur dump

  • Best soccer player👑🐐🇵🇹

  • I have watched whole video but still Messi is the only one greatest player of all time.👍

  • The absolute best player the World has ever seen, he deserves everything good he has in his life.

    • @Daniel Arce ronaldo better

    • @Pedro Santos Depends. It's like R9 Vs Zidane. Zidane is more graceful. But R9 is a legendary striker

    • @Piraba10 Same as saying the better footballer.

    • Ronaldo is just better at his job.

    • @Daniel Arce while our bottler pessi 35 hattricks in 17 years. Pessi took double the time ronaldo needed to score 1 laliga hattrick more than him Pessi most bottling Most choking in the final Most drama Flop for Argentina Most hated in Argentina Most penalty miss

  • Cristiano Ronaldo is the Ayrton Senna of football.

  • I think there can only be one GOAT. And imo its Ronaldo. Career wise, he comes on top. I do think messi can be more spectacular than Ronaldo, but spectacular and better are two very distinct things.

    • @Hoje Tive Cá I think that´s very well put, yes.

    • @Pedro Santos It's a perception issue. The reason people think Messi is "a lot better" than CR7 is because what Messi does, he does WITH THE BALL and, because EVERYONE is looking @ the ball, they see what Messi is doing with it: by EVERYONE, i mean spectators as well as TV cameras. By contrast, the genius of CR7 is mostly without the ball (except for the finishing itself) and, because of this, it's often missed. Those runs he makes, the way he ditches defenders, how he manages to be so often in a position to tap-in ... this is rarely caught by people and you often need replays (sometimes several of them) to understand how he managed to do it. BOTH are geniuses but in completely different ways.

    • @Hoje Tive Cá Exactly. Some people are more drawn to messi because of how he makes them feel, not necessarily because he´s an overall better player (lets face it, he´s not). I´d even argue that a number of players were more enjoyable to watch, like Ronaldinho and R9 for instance but none of them had the Longevity, Stats, Trophies and so on CR7 has.

    • "I do think messi can be more spectacular than Ronaldo" --- I'd call it "more pleasing to the eye": the way the ball is "glued" to Messi's foot is ... strange ... "spectacular and better are two very distinct things." --- Agreed.

  • Messi Pelé fenômeno Maradona is better

  • The Best

  • It’s going to be so sad when this legend retires.

    • I miss this ronaldo 😭😭😭

  • And the greatest video of all time

  • 🔥

  • If you are watching this video in 2021 then you are a true Cristiano Fan. 👊🏻🤟🏻✌🏻🤞🏻👍🏻💯💯💯💯

  • اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد و على آله و صحبه أجمعين ❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗💗❤️❤️

  • Great player for sure , wouldn’t say he’s the Goat when he’s never even lead his country to a World Cup . Pele is the King 👑

    • But Ronaldo has more goals bra, that means his better and he wins more trophies😘

  • My brother Ronaldo

  • Master of the masters

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  • Bro spectacular vídeo good work

  • If anybody thought Ronaldo is a human being, i am sorry to say but he is not.

  • I finally found a video that kinda makes a point about CR7 been the Goat but I still think Messi is better Cr7 will go down as one of the greatest but not the Greatest

  • This 1hour video is worth your time

  • the speeeeeed of wind cr7

  • cr7 magics of dribbling

  • CR7 is the best.

  • Ronaldo's solo goals:-Dribble 1-2 players, cut in, shoot.... Messi's solo goal's:-Dribble almost 4 players, Beating the goalkeeper as well..... (Not Disrespecting CR but you know, Messi's solo goals are incomparable.)

    • "Dribble almost 4 players" --- Dribbles 3.9 players?

  • Who is faster Who shoots better Who jumps best Who is more acrobat Who has one of the best physic Who dribble with speed better Who plays in different club like a king Who actually made a underdog country best Who is one of the most handsome 🙂🙂🙂🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  • Let me just say. Ronaldo is the first player in Premier League history to win the European golden boot, ballondor, Premier League golden boot, Champions league top scorer, Champions League Title ,Premier league title, Premier League pfa player of the year, FIFA player of the year, Premier League player of the month 3 times, premier League best xi, champions League best xi and man of the match awards for both CL and premier League all in one season. And then went on to have the year 2016 where he won CL and Euro Cup in same year plus a bunch of other awards

    • He is also the only player to have won the following trophies at 2 different clubs: League Title, UEFA CL, League Supercup, League Cup, League MVP, Golden Boot, Ballon d'Or, and FIFA CWC (Completed on December 20th, 2014).

  • Just awesome ❤️👏🏼👑

  • Legend cr7

  • If you want faster footwork, better dribbling, and more confidence on the ball try this training routine. It's called the Five Star Footwork Formula -

  • This video needs to be updated.

    • He did score 134 goals since it was made (624 career goals, in the video): not bad for a little over 3 years.

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  • Player of the Century from 2001 to 2020

  • Im gonna miss this guy's football when he retires. More than 15 years amazing us every weekend. What a great player. The guy, literally, took Portugal to another level. Real Madrid top goal scorer. I mean, is not Juventus or PSG, is Real Madrid. How many amazing players have been at Real Madrid. He broke all the records in 9 years. He didn't even played his entire career at the club.

    • And he scored in OVER HALF the games he played for Real Madrid IN EVERY SINGLE SEASON: - 09 / 10 --- scored in 23 of the 35 games played - 23 / 35 * 100 = 65.71%, and if you include 2 games he only assisted in - 25 / 35 * 100 = 71.43% - 10 / 11 --- scored in 28 of the 54 games played - 28 / 54 * 100 = 51.85%, and if you include 6 games he only assisted in - 34 / 54 * 100 = 62.96% - 11 / 12 --- scored in 37 of the 55 games played - 37 / 55 * 100 = 67.27%, and if you include 5 games he only assisted in - 42 / 55 * 100 = 76.36% - 12 / 13 --- scored in 35 of the 55 games played - 35 / 55 * 100 = 63.64%, and if you include 2 games he only assisted in - 37 / 55 * 100 = 67.27% - 13 / 14 --- scored in 34 of the 47 games played - 34 / 47 * 100 = 72.34%, and if you include 5 games he only assisted in - 39 / 47 * 100 = 82.98% - 14 / 15 --- scored in 36 of the 54 games played - 36 / 54 * 100 = 66.67%, and if you include 7 games he only assisted in - 43 / 54 * 100 = 79.63% - 15 / 16 --- scored in 27 of the 48 games played - 27 / 48 * 100 = 56.25%, and if you include 2 games he only assisted in - 29 / 48 * 100 = 60.42% - 16 / 17 --- scored in 26 of the 46 games played - 26 / 46 * 100 = 56.52%, and if you include 8 games he only assisted in - 34 / 46 * 100 = 73.91% - 17 / 18 --- scored in 28 of the 44 games played - 28 / 44 * 100 = 63.64%, and if you include 2 games he only assisted in - 30 / 44 * 100 = 68.18% And don't think he did it only for Real Madrid: he also did it ONCE for Manchester United and TWICE for Juventus. Even playing for Juventus he managed to score in OVER HALF the games played in BOTH SEASONS. No player did this more times than CR7 in the last 20 years. For Real Madrid, in SIX of the seasons he scored in OVER 60% of the games and in ONE of those, he even managed to score in OVER 70% of the games. And that's without including games he only assisted in because, with those, CR7 was directly or indirectly involved in the scoresheet of OVER 70% of all official club games he played in FIVE SEASONS, and having OVER 60% scoresheet involvement in the OTHER FOUR SEASONS. - He scored in 5 out every 10 games in THREE seasons, in 6 out of every 10 games in FIVE seasons and in 7 out of every 10 games in ONE season. - He scored and / or assisted in 6 out of every 10 games in FOUR seasons, in 7 out of every 10 games in FOUR seasons and in 8 out of every 10 games in ONE season. No wonder he broke almost all of Real Madrid's records.

  • Its not in top 10 in history

  • not goat but one of the best

  • Another fun fact: no player in this century has scored in over 50% of his games @ club level in a season MORE OFTEN than CR7, having done it TWELVE TIMES in total, and he did it for THREE different clubs too, with the last ELEVEN of those being consecutive: also, in EIGHT of those twelve seasons, he scored in over 60% of his games @ club level, also for THREE different clubs. - games scored in is the number of games he scored in during the season divided by the number of games he played that season multiplied by 100, to obtain the percentage - when a player scores AND assists in the same game, that game can only be counted ONCE: that's why when including assists i look @ games where the player assisted only because all the games he scored in are already being counted. Then, just like with games scored in, divide this by number of games the player played and multiply by 100, to obtain the percentage - 07 / 08 --- scored in 61.22% of the games played (30 / 49 * 100), 63.27% if you include games he only assisted in (31 / 49 * 100) - 09 / 10 --- scored in 65.71% of the games played (23 / 35 * 100), 71.43% if you include games he only assisted in (25 / 35 * 100) - 10 / 11 --- scored in 51.85% of the games played (28 / 54 * 100), 62.96% if you include games he only assisted in (34 / 54 * 100) - 11 / 12 --- scored in 67.27% of the games played (37 / 55 * 100), 76.36% if you include games he only assisted in (42 / 55 * 100) - 12 / 13 --- scored in 63.64% of the games played (35 / 55 * 100), 67.27% if you include games he only assisted in (37 / 55 * 100) - 13 / 14 --- scored in 72.34% of the games played (34 / 47 * 100), 82.98% if you include games he only assisted in (39 / 47 * 100) - 14 / 15 --- scored in 66.67% of the games played (36 / 54 * 100), 79.63% if you include games he only assisted in (43 / 54 * 100) - 15 / 16 --- scored in 56.25% of the games played (27 / 48 * 100), 60.42% if you include games he only assisted in (29 / 48 * 100) - 16 / 17 --- scored in 56.52% of the games played (26 / 46 * 100), 73.91% if you include games he only assisted in (34 / 46 * 100) - 17 / 18 --- scored in 63.64% of the games played (28 / 44 * 100), 68.18% if you include games he only assisted in (30 / 44 * 100) - 18 / 19 --- scored in 51.16% of the games played (22 / 43 * 100), 67.44% if you include games he only assisted in (29 / 43 * 100) - 19 / 20 --- scored in 63.04% of the games played (29 / 46 * 100), 67.39% if you include games he only assisted in (31 / 46 * 100)