Halo Infinite | Multiplayer Overview

Tune in as the team at 343 Industries shares more about the free-to-play multiplayer experience. Learn about the sandbox, Academy, bots, customization, and what they're focusing on for launch.

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  • Looks sexy

  • Where is the BR? Noobified game :(

  • Hats off to 343. Haven't undervalued the fans feedback whatsoever. I haven't felt this excited for a Halo game since Reach.

  • Everyone needs to bring 343i some pizza

  • 6:32 I can easily see them adding Sargent Johnson as an AI unlock in the battlepass

  • Really wish we got elites but this looks litt

  • #1 trending Ladies and Gents, HALO IS BACK!

  • “I can see your Halo”.

  • Thank you, 343. This looks amazing.

  • This looks better than Halo 5 but there is still something a bit off about their style. I don't like that soap opera look. Can't the give it a feel like reach or Halo 3? They just overdo some things. The movement of players looks a little off. This looks like their best work but it's still missing something. I will at least give this a try after skipping Halo 5.

  • Halo s never been 1 on trending since halo reach its being revieved

  • man i havent been excited for halo since mcc steam

  • stay were your at Xbox haters don’t come near this game.

  • If the multiplayer has anti cheat and dedicated servers on PC this gane will be my main game for years

  • Omg joe Staten has gotten old. Last time I saw him was the vidoc for h2

  • Fortnite kids: “oH tHiS gAmE iS fReE, LeTs gIVe iT a tRy.”

  • The people hating on Halo are punching the air rn because their favorite game is not trending. Some idiots just want to see others fail they are sad.

  • "battle pass" you know they are pulling some strings here.

  • Idk. This basically looks like halo 5 again. I'm surprised by people optimism. Graphics are mediocre at best. I really don't like the art direction. Everything looks like it was made it forge

  • ....💯🔥👏🏾💪🏾🙌🏾❤🎮. I've been playing halo atleats around 2008, 2007. This new halo game have everything that I love about it. Feels new and feels very nostalgic too. Is well balance. I wish I have xbox but I've been working (job)😔

  • I for sure like what I see, however, I am tiny bit concerned as to why the campaign was not focused on at all during this E3.

  • *except if you have a playstation

  • 8:41 hayabusa mark 2

  • yessssiiirrrrrrrr☑️🥴😌

  • People who still complain about this game are the same idiots who will still buy the game if it's on sale or not..

  • Very excited!!

  • I think a lot of people missed it but i absolutely love that the wraith turret gunner has a shield now that makes that so much more viable. I think it was the needle wraith that had that in H5 and it was hands down the best wraith because of that. Super glad to see this return. Hope the scorpion gunner gets some kind of love too, if there is a Scorpion gunner still🤔

  • This bring back memories, welcome back halo

  • The return of the king, just need to find some freinds to play with lol

  • at 12:10 it seems they have made a Halo 3 The Pit remake, i really want to test this map!

  • 😯

  • LET’S GO

  • I ain’t gunna be too excited because maybe it won’t live up

  • Seeing some of the Halo 4/5 helmets "Bungified" is amazing. I swear Soldier and Aviator are in there and they look great!

  • Aim Down Sights?

  • Battlefield could take some tips from these guys in terms of legacy and giving players what they liked from previous games

    • Remove sprint from battlefield

  • 343 is now Bungie

  • And it's free to play! I’m so hyped for this.

  • This looks soooo good. Thank you!

  • Best news from this video? BOTS!!!!

  • Can't wait to finally hop into a new Halo. If you guys need alpha or beta testing still I'd be happy to give it a run and give some feedback.

  • Interestingly there seem to be a lot of Halo 4 death animations. I much prefer when it goes straight to ragdoll. I never liked those animations

  • Really love everything about this! Bring on the launch date, im gonna be gaming all night

  • Tobey Maguire returning as spider-man, obi wan, halo 2007 feels I think we're kids again

  • I hope Craig the Brute is still in the game I'll be disappointed if he is removed! Jokes aside I'm very excited for this game 343 really did a great job!

  • Nothing excites me more than an in depth customization. Im super excited for Halo and battlefield to get me hyped for gaming again.

  • 20 years since the game 1st game out in 2001 of November 15

  • Halo is back!

  • i love everything except the shields. is it just me or do they look so bad?

  • Ready rock my halofan67 gamer tag in another halo after 10+ years

  • Battlefield+ Halo. I love it

  • All i see it's Halo Reach...armors, weapons, vehicles, turrets.. why it's all Halo Reach styled? I mean, i love Reach design but... 343 have used and reused his style for ALL their Halo Games. Make something new.. for me using the same models feel... stupid and repetitive.

  • ques: what does halo multiplayer have titanfall 2 doesnt? ive played csgo apex! trying to get invested into arena shooter

  • Sounds and looks so cool

  • Feel like John wick? I'd rather feel like master CHIEF!

  • Fishnet trending number one

  • As much as I dislike the whole battle pass thing every game is doing this this is a really good alternative, the worse part of a battle pass it that it essentially forces you to play to get the stuff that you just paid for and if the time limit is up you've essentially lost your money, every game should do this if they want to include one means there's no pressure or fear of missing out

  • I didn't see any sprinting and idk if I'm excited or sad because honestly having it as an "ability" in reach wasn't really..fun. so seeing it as a movement type in 5 really got me happy.

  • player name at 8:25

  • If Halo is something for everyone why do I never want to play this shit?

  • the launches should be awesome. hopefully this summer in a few months!

  • No you can't feeling John Wick with this game! With Battlefield you can feel!


  • Will it be better than Halo Combat Evolved???

  • Not a big Halo guy but this looks fantastic.

  • The King of Arena shooters and chaotic multiplayer fun is back! Well done 343i, you guys really have poured your hearts into this, and it shows through and through. Thank you for bringing back Halo :D

  • Equip prosthetics for the first time? Like how Reach did it 11 years ago or whatever?

  • Okay so we don’t get Bad Company 3, at least other devs know what we want

  • That training mode is lit

  • Dev team, I highly recommend partnering with Aimlab or having an similar system in the game. You mentioned the Academy, which is a good start. But for really advanced players, having a firing range similar to Aimlab would be convenient for the players and very beneficial for player development

  • my question is we can get any classic armor of Halo 3? like the hayabusa or the security one i love those desings and the Carter and Jorge armors of reach

    • once you buy it it´s yours and does not expire.......... Bungie must remmember what is sell a game and not sell a service the sunset was a scam for the community that purchased old content that is removed from the game

  • Idk but the graphics look like 2013-2014 ish

  • Looks so good!

  • 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • i started playing halo when i was 6years old im now 16

    • Me like 5-6 years old, now 23. Can't wait for Infinite

  • This is the first time in a long time I've had genuine hope for a Halo game. Thank you

  • AHhh... The sweet Sweet ecstasy of halo right before a new release. This will be 2007 all over again.

  • So good to see the classic art style return.


  • Itching closer to the new game after 6 years

  • lmao mogwai

  • Halo is back!!

  • Won't the grappling hook make vehicles obsolete? Can drivers/pilots defend themselves against it?

  • It's been 7 damn years since we got a great halo.. Let this be it!

  • salty ps gamer here, congrats on the new game, if only half of the devs on our side put as much care into mp... actually considering picking up an xbox lol

  • Might get an xbox just for this

  • The battlepass actually seems fair. That's a thing to be excited about.

  • Forge😍

  • Halo won’t be halo without halo 3 ranking system it gives you something to work for

  • For so long I’ve complained about modern game cosmetics and how you earn them. This is taking it back old school, you can’t buy that cool new skin that guy has, he’s played x number of days and did this for that badass hayabusa skin. God damn I cannot wait to get my hands on this

  • A big thank you for the developers! It looks like you are on the right track! But like the comments noticed the bags under the eyes, I hope you are alright and don´t produce a game under a big crunch. Your life and personal happiness is more important than a video game.

  • Time to go back to xbox.

  • Halo

  • Free to play!!!!!!!!!

  • I cannot wait for this game!!!

  • This looks so promising. I can't wait to hop into this multiplayer, and I'm glad they found a way to make the battle pass work in a way where they're not draining our wallets and we don't have to repeatedly pay for the battle pass. I'm also glad that all the cosmetics are all unlocked through playing the game and not buying them. Very wise and kind choices from the dev. They're pro consumer, and I love that about them. I wish more games made choices like this.

  • Over 1 million view not before 24 hours is insane. Halo is back boyss...

  • Yesssss!!!!! What a time to be alive I love halo and all the halo fan base

  • Si