How Blind People Text On Their Phones

に公開 2021/03/18
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  • 0:31 live footage of the person who's fast in class

  • Watching the deers bumping into each other was so funny 🤣🤣

  • 2:25 Does anybody know what pencil he is using?

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  • Co nejlépe odstraní žvýkačku z vlasů?Leukémie!

  • Co nejlépe odstraní žvýkačku z vlasů?Leukémie!

  • Co nejlépe odstraní žvýkačku z vlasů?Leukémie!

  • Co nejlépe odstraní žvýkačku z vlasů?Leukémie!

  • 0:24 Don't tell me this dude doesn't look like the cover for Court of the Crimson King

  • imagine blind people see this

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  • That star time lapse could literally be a bored old man in quarantine using stop animation but forgot to take off the camera lense.

  • Once the blind community sees this they are going to be mad

  • 2:43 A wild shiny cardinal appeared

  • 1 in a million dang there is like 0.000001% chance of finding a yellow Cardinal!!!

  • Deers: BUMPER CARS

  • Imagine getting roasted online by a literal blind person.

  • I think this is a joke because the blind dude can't see others text


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  • chat 1:20 B))

  • 0:35 is this a gun shot sound

  • Turns on speak to type

  • The meat one reminded me of a game called “Slap my Spaghetti” I’m pretty sure

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  • one day I was playing fortnite and i herd ur voice

  • @0:30 "This is a demo of braille screen input. " Predictive text: lol ok

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  • now how do the blind people read the text back

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  • Him: this is how blinds text Me: but how can they read

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  • I don't understand how that phone works for the blind people. Not explained at all.

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  • @2:42 "A Yellow Bird, With A Yellow Bill Was Sitting Upon My Window Sill. I Lured Him In With A Piece Of Bread. ............. AND THEN I SMASHED HIS FUCKING HEAD". ah military cadences are the best boys.

  • What if the phone was backwards... Oh no-

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  • I thought the plant was a carnivore

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  • the guy was eating the chicken with the blood ew

  • why would blind people text, they wouldnt even be able to see what the other person texts them