I spent a day with DREAM

に公開 2021/06/08
I spent a day w/ Dream to learn the truth about being the fastest growing Minecraft creator on the Internet.
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▸ Creator, Director, Writer, etc. - Anthony Padilla
▸ Executive Producer - Alessandra Catanese
▸ Production Coordinator, Co-writer \u0026 Research - Elise Felber
▸ Director of Photography/Gaffer - Zach Zeidman
▸ Editor - Mike Criscimagna AKA Mork Crispy
▸ Assistant Editor - Patrick Horba
▸ Post PA / Assistant Editor - Ash Duckworth
▸ Sound Editor - Gareth Hird

🎵Theme Music Composer - Matt Good AKA The King of Emo
🖼Portrait painted by: Rhianna Robles - zerogattsu

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  • this was a lot of fun!! such an amazing interviewer

  • This is fake

  • Sure man i wont stop drawing you without a mask! I just want to be sure how to draw the face Behind the mask anyway your amazing dont stop!

  • :O

  • I didn't realise that Dream wasn't actually sitting there with an animated mask overlay and is just fully animated body until 3 mins in. I really though he was there :crying_laughing:

  • fakest shit ive seen lmfao

  • Rip to those who thought he was actually that body size

  • So did the body double answer the questions as well?

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  • Will you ever keep you’re mask off or it’s stuck in you’re face?

  • fake

    • We know because its animated

  • Hi dream I’m a big fan is you’re mask real?

    • Its not real its animated

  • Omg hi

  • The face piture that got leaked is so fake

  • Dweam i love u


  • Dream is fat lol

  • this was amazing

  • you know, after sorting the comments by new... i think the animation was a bad choice. so, so many people complaining that dream looks "somehow fake". maybe more cartoon would've been better? to avoid confusion and the weird uncanny-valley-jaw?

  • coward, should've pressed about the speedrun thing when will this guy finally admit that he cheated?

    • @Sadge______ damn you're right. Well, that concludes the only youtube drama I ever enjoyed lmao (because of the fun math that was involved, it was great). Props to him for finally admitting it i guess

    • @Baguette Gott He did. Just search up "Dream admits to cheating" on yt

    • @Sadge______ he did? actually? Where, on twitter?

    • Dream admitted to it like well over a week ago tho

  • Dream :)

  • Aww man Why does it look fake

    • Its animated so its fake

  • Anyone realize that the dude in the thumbnail is Tommy

  • Dreams right tho 😂 I don’t watch because I love Minecraft (witch I do)but the smp is funny and more like a show

  • Congrats on 23millions subscribers Dream!! 😧✨😁

  • Is this real dream

  • Anthony can you go back to making funny videos too, i miss the smosh days😭

  • People do realise he is animated in right?

  • fat

  • if dream was able to go from 1 million TO 20 MILLION subs in a year why cant i go from 1 sub to a million in a year it all boils down to the system of supply and demand you see how smaller youtubers are less entertaining but larger ones oh just dont ask really entertaining and its because big youtubers can afford better mikes multiple copies if minecraft a stearing wheel a good computer and hire people but small youtubers cant

  • Dream you are the best!

  • That jaw line is absolutely terrifying

  • “I HAVENT PEED IN 6 DAYS!” -Anthony Padilla 2021


  • Amasing

  • This is insane Anthony keep the good work

  • Pretty sure tommyinit is dream in the thumbnail

  • Dose anyone else see that Dream is painted???

  • You animated dream wrong, you left out 100 lbs

    • More like 500 lmao

  • But I did not see your face

    • Of course not

  • Amagine dream Is blac

    • He’s fat

  • Where’s food battle 2021

  • How is your friendship with Ian from smosh

  • Do Pokémon again please 😭

  • When you didn’t even realize he’s never shown his face bcs it’s so normal to you

  • omg i just realized the mask is fake and Anthony legit sees his real face

  • Do technoblade next

  • Man, Anthony gets to see so many cool peoples faces before their face reveal

  • the mask his jaw movment seems weird

  • Monster legends

  • Man is he not wearing a mask it is edited I think

  • I thought that. Dream was actually there

  • Not Anthony talking to no one

    • What?

  • Come back to smosh please :(

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  • I spent a day with famous cheater Dream

  • This guy was in maiden and odd1sout team

  • Dream vlog

  • Just the fact that Dream has a whole story behind playing Minecraft really well is surprising and inspiring.

  • Dream:“I live with sapnap” *sad George noises*

  • Dream

  • I really want anthony to do a spending a day with people who have germaphobia / mysophobia (i have extreme germaphobia but not the stereo typical kind )

  • hmmm mask looking sus there it dont really look real ):(

  • My last name is padilla except for it's puh Dil E uh I spelled it really weird

  • imagine this video was 24 hours so it was official

  • I'm your giggest fan

  • Hay dream

  • Smoosh

  • He's animated

  • It feels a bit fake since dreams mask was BLINKING

  • I like how the intro where he pop out of no where or he just break into someone house

  • Dream was this real

    • He's not going to answer

  • Dream are you Danny Gonzales

    • finally, somebody who is asking the real questions

  • by what he in real life i think dream is gonna do a music video in reallife

  • I really like how Anthony matures rather than Smosh

  • lol you were totally infront of dream

  • dream

  • Breath not found

  • Dream just look like a drawing

  • dream looks animated lol

    • It is an animation

  • Which is secret and more special CORPSE or DREAM

  • guys that dream is fake he edited him

    • Really I did not know

    • bruh he commented on e vedio

  • really good animation of dream!!1! :]

  • Do a face reveal dream!

    • Not yet.


  • Shoutout Jesperish, the animator for this one and Corpses

  • Did anybody else notice that on the thumbnail it looks like Tommy dressed as dream

  • He is the only guy who saw dream face

    • hearing his voice makes me want to fart.

  • LOL 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • I’ve been getting into all your “ISADW” videos and I love the interesting things that you cover and interesting people you talk too. I do commend you for helping these people speak out about the difficulties of what they’ve gone through, whether the situation is physical, mental, etc. As a young stroke survivor I feel that could be a great topic for you to talk about. Most people don’t realize that young folks can be affected by a stroke because it’s not common. And the struggles that are present in the road to healing can be quite debilitating. Keep being awesome I plan on staying tuned in 🙏😁

  • Fake thumbnail Dislike for u

    • Bruh

  • The “dream” character looks fake

    • Bruh ur pfp is messed up af

    • Because it's animated lmao

    • He's animated

  • The pokemon guy

  • Wow

  • is that dream in real life?

  • 🥰

  • ummm we do know that dream in the video was just an art but the one who draw that props to u

  • Imagine Dream in a MrBeast Hide and Seek or tag game.

  • A very fake dream

  • I know you you where in smosh why are you not there anymore

    • he quit because he didn't like all the interfering the company that owned Smosh was doing.