I Was RIGHT!!!! (and I hate it) - Semiconductor Shortage Explained

に公開 2021/03/23
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At the start of the pandemic I guessed we were about to have a massive shortage of computer hardware... and unfortunately I was right.
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  • I get it... but still it does not makes sense why I cant even buy GTX 10XX or RTX 20XX and neither AMD GPUs... I was checking GPU price of GTX 1060 which I had 3 years ago before I got RTX 2070 (I needed to sell my PC becuase I am relocating to different country and system was too heavy to carry around) so some semiconductor shortage has nothing to do with people selling GTX 1060 for 700 USD and RTX 2070 for 1300 USD... USED... I cant even get my hands on GTX 9XX series since people ask like 400 USD for GTX 980... which is old used card... CPUs? well intels locked CPUs like i5 9400 are being sold for 400+ USD aswell... but I know how to trick the system... since I need a PC... and I have a laptop with decent i5 which is also locked but its decent I can buy crappy dell optilex with i7 or something similar with only onboard 8th or 9th gen intel CPU which has decent onboard GPU and survive with that for some time... as long as it can run Overwatch and few other games, I should be fine... no NVENC encoder for streaming, no streaming at all, no animation creations no ultimate Asseto Corsa with steering wheel setup... But some FPS games at 30 FPS or replaying older Assassins creed games at 30 FPS is still good enough... these times are like a time machine for me since I can play only old games so I have already finished a bunch of games I havent played for years but I remember them games to be long and awesome but after playing new games, it feels weird but atleast I still enjoy the story... I just hope miners stop buying gaming GPUs and stick with mining things like ANT Miner or whatnot and stop bothering us gamers and content creators...

  • "Majority of GPUs are currently ending up in gamer hands". Yeah, sure.

  • I guess there's a demand issue when scalpers bot buy rooms full of cards to sell them at ridiculous prices on ebay.

  • honestly. you are not short of silicon. you are short of morals in the manufacturers like scamvidia.

  • $310 for gigabyte radeon rx 5500 xt 8 GB $375 for Radeon Rx 580 8GB I can give you my source and prices for $500 . By paying me this ill give you the direct source of how i get above prices. I get it from South America and no i will not let you know where I get them from for free. Nothing in life is free

  • that's because the crypto mining vs. cost tom mine is really not worth it. I mean, it's still slightly profitable after factoring in the huge cost of electricity and equipment, but come on. I'm only considering the more well known crypto like bitcoin, Eth, litecoin, etc.. maybe there are underlying alt coin markets you can mine for specifically that Im not considering? (I doubt it though)

  • The used market will swing back before new stuff gets close to MSRP. It might be 6 months to a year but a lot of people buying are gonna realize they dont need that GPU and would rather have money.

  • You and everyone predicted this...

  • I'm a local business! ....okay I'm a local content creator. ...fine I'm just a JPfilmr.

  • nearing the end of the video, the subtitles just go into left field

  • I work for a supplier to the auto industry that is also effected by this as well. Our product doesn't use the semi conductor chips but our products are not needed as much because like you said the assembly line must halt.

  • Linus has to be pretty dumb if he think miners and scalpers arent the main issue here.

  • Also, you heard about scalpers epidemic? Just look at the facebook market place you'll find a lot of insanely priced 30XX cards :')

  • All I heard was Linus saying fook minors.

  • I picked the worst year to finally decide to buy parts for my build. Got my cpu, motherboard, and ram on the way and I'll probably be getting everything else minus GPU over the next couple months. Technically I'll be able to boot the computer with the onboard graphics but man will it be depressing to have like $2k into the build and no GPU in sight :(

  • Why can't we just go back to cars that don't have computers in them?

  • way to throw pusle way under the bus

  • We need to flip the K shape recovery if we dont want to live in 1984 AI edition. Supporting local economy before it disapear totally from the planet.

  • 4:18 I'd just like to remind everyone that f***ing minors is illegal in most countries.

  • I still use 8years old laptop and I love it.

  • Now is the time for not overclocking cpu and gpu, when the replacement is out of stock in the shop! And to do dustcleaning once in a while, with air on a can. Not the vacuumcleaner!!! (static electricity is bad for pc's)

  • Lucky Canada, I'm in the hospitality industry in the US and we closed for one month at the start and that was it. A couple more weeks and I'll have my second dose of the vaccine so that will ease my anxieties a bit luckily.

  • It's also true that those(professionals) working remotely are less likely to catch Covid19 compared to those, who have to (work)- factory worker, delivery person, meat factory etc.

  • Don't buy any new phones or laptop or gpu. Problem solved. But crypto miners are buying everything up.

  • The semiconductors are in our vaccines.😂

  • Once all the furlough schemes and stimulus checks stops, no one will be able to afford this stuff anyway because there's going to be a global depression

  • Anyone else notice the amount of bots repeating the same comment about the K curve?

  • I was abt to build a pc

  • Software serves no purpose without the right hardware, and vice versa. Either the videogame industry adapts to what's available to consumers or it will be the most affected. I see major titles being developed for low to midrange previous gen GPUs until mid 2022 just so they can sell.

  • common sense...what would virus do?? slow all humanity production...people don't want to be near anyone with the virus in any factory...thing is ..only intel have special suits that blocks everything gonna in...but taiwanese .?? i am not sure what they use on to protect their fab and workers...

  • Dude looks a lot better with this beard and new hair do. Was a straight geek before. Now, almost handsome. Good job.

  • 2:02 - Wrong... "People" aren't buying them all. "Bots" are buying them all for scalpers and crypto mining.

    • @Manas Pradhan There are literally millions of crypto mining operations around the world. That is quantifiable with a quick Google search. And it's not that I can't afford a video card at twice the price. It's the principle. I refuse to reward douchebags who use bots to buy all of the inventory before anyone else has a chance then resell them for ridiculous prices. Setting up these bots isn't that complicated and takes no skill. Any idiot can figure out how to do it in 5 minutes (and they have). These people represent the worst that capitalism has to offer. And I mean that sincerely as a capitalist businessman. Capitalism isn't broken. It's just that these people exist.

    • How many miners do you think exist? And what do you think scalpers are doing with them? Just because you can't afford them at double the price doesn't mean most of the market can't, it can

  • We keep buying them all ?! I wish .... I bet both teams are selling the cards directly to scalpers and mining rig owners. We the mortals just watch this videos about the urban myths of legendary gpu's. Placed an order for a gpu on december 7th 2020. Still waiting, now they say the card will probably arrive on june 30th .....

  • The captions on this video are wrong

  • I already figured these out long ago.

  • The incompetent knickers chronologically miss because pelican thoracically work via a terrific carriage. workable, sudden bag

  • 12:45 defensa y justicia vs colon mira donde te vengo a encontrar jajaj

  • One of the reasons that TSMC and other Taiwanese chip manufacturers are struggling is a drought in Taiwan. The government is diverting water from farmers to chip fabs which require huge amounts of water to operate. Taiwanese farmers being paid for not growing crops due to this, but are very concerned about the entire situation.

  • Chip fabs need at least 12 weeks to even start the chip production process again that was slowed down or stopped due to pandemic. Also, there are more important fabless chip production industries with higher priority, so we will have to wait even much longer :( More years wasted. As if my entire youth was not enough...

  • Thanks for the news...I'm so glad I'm not a gamer!!!! My poor old i5 10400 is just fine for Chess and other non-speed slugs....

  • Huge broken supply chains in construction right now too. Hope you are not doing any home renovations this year. Good video Linus.

  • Soooo expect quality to take a hit with the rush to produce and decrease in maintenance time?? Just when you thought POS5 couldn't have more quality issues. HeeHee.

    • @Manas Pradhan oh my. Pony with hurt feelings as his company is falling apart. I'm not talking about manufacturing issues, I'm talking about manufacturing issues on top of Sony shit engineering. Here's your L.

    • @XBX1MASTER All devices have issues at the beginning of their life, didn't know clowns like you actually existed. have a JPfilm account over a video game console you didn't make, go to school

    • @Manas Pradhan seriously? You haven't seen the articles regarding GPU artifacting, vram thermal issues and power supply noises. Controller rumble trigger reliability and cooling issues in general and with external drive??

    • @XBX1MASTER and why would that be

    • @Manas Pradhan of course but POS5 is having more engineering problems inherently.

  • Most importantly, i can't get GT 710 😂😂😭

  • Dont forget, both Samsung and Tsmc have to buy their chipmaking machines from one company in the netherlands called Asml.

  • crypto crash, lol never..... but if it does come they will keep the cards because they will still be profitable due to shortage Full Stop

  • The problem also is that demand will go back down after the pandemic. So it's tough to justify the huge investment of upping production capability if you won't need it in a few years.

  • The K shaped recovery doesn't sound good. Here in the UK it is overwhelmingly under 30s that lost their jobs to COVID. It's not going to be good for inequality and the generational balance...

  • Stop making things smaller

    • Stop living in a bubble and realise how small your issues are

  • What if they invest in more foundries and then the pandemics ends and the demand drops?

    • @Manas Pradhan well, if you know that you wouldn't repay your invenstment you're not actually leaving anything on the table. But, yes, Linus said they're trying, so that's not the case.

    • That's obvious, industry people know that, but as Linus said, leaving any sales on the table is a mistake. And I honestly think they will be able to run the foundries till EOL(3-5 years)

  • If they want a fucking GPU, why don't they just buy a GTX 1650?

  • i wasnt expecting the last part where he recommends local businesses, it gave me the chills to see the K recovery curve

  • I hate when Pulseway brings me bad news

  • Did you guys notice only the things China can't make are in shortage? That's the reason everything is made in China, it's not the labor costs, south east asia or Africa would be cheaper. It's their capability to scale on demand in a moment notice. During pandemic, their manufacturing of masks and other PPE went up 10~20x fold in a matter of a month or two. No other country would have been capable of doing so.

    • @Manas Pradhan pretty much everything always scales up faster in China, because all the supplies are usually local, the supply chain is much shorter. It has nothing to do with Chinese being smarter or communism. Americans and Europeans used to be able to do the same before the delocalization of industry.

    • None of the things you mentioned are difficult to scale up in comparison to processor manufacturing. China might have a great supply chain but there is no reason to believe China would have fared in better in scaling up production of chips

  • Biden trying to get me my 3080 POG

    • Do not waste your money like that

    • i wasnt expecting the last part where he recommends local businesses, it gave me the chills to see the K recovery curve

  • What the fuck is up with the captions XDD they're soo wrong ...

  • World is ending anyways. Good luck everyone.

  • good ideas, i also found this while looking for second hand graphics board, mine a rADEON RX 480 8 Gb is now 500 euros i payed 200

  • The massive puffin intraspecifically name because justice reilly trick around a childlike radio. hilarious, one hedge

  • bullshit....its the miners

  • Not gonna lie half the things you said make no sense at all

  • I feel very lucky that I was able to get a new gpu last year. It's insane that they're still sold out everywhere.

  • I hope it it resolves it self.

  • 12:07 Bravo for stating this. That's exactly what I have been doing

  • How can you call the steam increase a jump? It's a minor deviation from the trend line and it tells you nothing of whether or not those players are buying hardware.

  • Local business for me is Sam's pizza

  • Someone abducted the subtitles at about 11:00. Somebody should investigate that ^^.

  • Yea...I saw it coming.

  • I saw this coming the second they announced lockdowns.

  • i wasnt expecting the last part where he recommends local businesses, it gave me the chills to see the K recovery curve

  • Linus could pull off a sick stache

  • This video is definitely shot at C4k resolution but you decided to upload in standard UHD. Which results horrible letterboxing AND pillboxing on my C4k monitor. I AM DISAPPOINT.

    • Oh yeah, I was wondering too, had a complete black box on my screen, tried to zoom in and then missed the text at the top, had to watch the whole thing with a thick black boundary all around

  • Saving money and waiting a year to buy a video card is all well and good if your current video card isn't dying. I'm holding my breath this thing lasts cause I need it for work, and I can't even get a replacement through work because of the shortage. Meanwhile, *HOW MANY* 3080s / 3090s do you have sitting on shelves in your warehouse that you got for all your benchmarkiness?

    • @S1m0ne didn't think someone would be putting their work on the line like this but as you wish. Renting out processing power is still an option

    • @Manas Pradhan I'm not giving my money to a scalper (aka a scammer). Period.

    • @S1m0ne they have them to sell on ebay

    • @Manas Pradhan The problem is not the price, the problem is availability. Even if I had a million dollars in the bank (I don't, but hypothetically) I still couldn't buy a new video card because nobody has any to sell.

    • @S1m0ne maybe rent out processing power? Aren't there services that allow you to pay a monthly fee for running a cloud computer? That, and getting a laptop might be something worth looking at, a lot of them have decent GPUs (especially the new AMD thin and light ones that Dave has been featuring), or prebuilt PCs

  • gaming has gone to shit i realized when you mentioned there are no longer compelling next gen titles

    • @Manas Pradhan I play on pc tho so I don't even own many AAA titles. I just feel bad for people who have an cbox

    • Honestly never gave a shit about AAA games, I enjoyed A Short Hike more than everything else last year

  • I've been waiting since end October last year for my RTX 3080, Linus DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! :P

  • What do you guys think about DRAM prices this year? They're currently pretty good but, I heard some predictions from experts saying prices could increase by a large amount in Q2 so I'm considering buying now instead of waiting. Fingers crossed it doesn't get to 2017 levels of high pricing🤞

  • Thank God someone explained this

  • Smd on your recommendation

  • I totally thought he said "fuck you minors" and I was thinking "gee, that's not a very PG thing to say, the whole Epstein thing hasn't quite blown over yet".

  • This is the whole reason I keep my "I was right!" confetti canon for my wife

  • Scalpers keep buying them all*

  • America was out of the recession by the summer of 2020. There’s plenty of money

  • Great video love your final comments and my 970 still works fine.

  • What about the shortage of sand to make these chips?

  • I finished building my project PC for myself back in November 2018. Now that's what I call epic level timing.

  • No, I don't believe that for a seocnd. For the simple reason when you look at the Scan web page it is showing you how much stock they are getting and have ordered. 11 processors over a 2-3 month period is not a sign that its because people are buying them. Nobody has stock and there aren't more shops suddenly. Sorry, wrong.

  • I think this is the typical, "One woman can make a baby in 9 months, but 9 women can't make a baby in a month" kind of thing...

    • Comments on "I Was RIGHT!!!! (and I hate it) - Semiconductor

    • @Ash Bobgan Yes, a woman can enter into a lesbian relationship with a trans woman.....problem sorted.

    • @Jeremy Galloway Or like, trans girls.

    • Cant do it alone lol. Gotta have us guys around for something.

  • the shout out for the local retailers is the reason ltt is cool

  • That transition to the sponsor didn't age well didn't it Linus ?

  • 7:05 I seen what you did there! "and not a ""Wafer"" More" Also your subtitles are way off at about the 10-11 minute mark

  • Just bought all my PC rebuild parts (including a used Ryzen 5800 for $400!) but I'm holding off on buying a new GPU until the market cools off. It's just dumb to be buying GPUs at double or triple the retail cost. I imagine it might be 8 months from now until the market settles enough for me to buy one.

  • Next thing that happens, Linus' aspect ratio goes in a shortage

  • i wasnt expecting the last part where he recommends local businesses, it gave me the chills to see the K recovery curve

  • As always, a pleasure to watch and learn.

  • Thank god I built my pc in early 2020

  • There isn't much on this planet that is AS complicated and requires so many ridiculous high tech steps as semiconductor manufacturing. It's not like you could pump out a bunch of fabs in a matter of months...

    • @fouoii gyhh What happens when the miners throw out the cards? They usually only work on the fastest hardware and update very quickly, right? A 3080 will be fast enough for my needs next year! ;)

    • basically all cards being sent to mining. So short answer is: The current generation is doomed anyway. Better wait for the next one (Lovelace or RDNA 3) expected in late 2022

  • Looks like ill be sticking with my SLI'd 980ti Msi lightning cards for a few more years xD.

  • Oh the hypocrisy!

  • Love the pillow!

  • So.....capitalism, as always guaranteeing the worst outcome at the highest price