Jimmy Kimmel's Pancake War with His Kids, Trump's Plea to Facebook & No One Knows Kamala’s Husband

に公開 2021/02/24
Jimmy talks about his kids Jane & Billy not wanting to eat the pancakes he made this morning and the battle that ensued, the new Amazon Echo Show Ten that swivels a screen in your direction wherever you go, the U.S. Postal Services new fleet of high-tech delivery trucks, a six-legged dog born in Oklahoma, Mike Pence patching things up with his former owner, Trump begging Facebook to take him back, “This Week in COVID History,” a list of phrases the Biden Administration is putting to rest, and we take to the street to see how many people can identity Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff.
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  • SUPERB ‘PROGAMING’ contents the last couple of nights. Congrats to whoever thought of these variations 🤣😂 to your show‼️🙏

  • TO me it doesn't even look like Kamala at all.

  • Here in The Netherlands kids eat chocolate for breakfast..Nutella or the pure dark chocolate. on bread or pancake. rules is one with chocolate sprinkles called hagelslag, chocolate spread and other is cheese usually and fruit. is Lekker lekker. Pancakes over here are covered with all kinds of toppings.

  • Here , you see the Hollywood Narcissist who gets off on making kids cry , pretend to love his kids.

  • Doug demadone of the dimsdale dimmadome

  • 12:20 that’s skully from snowfall. Dude hitting the streets hard looking for Franklin.. FIND FRANKLIN SAINT! Deaundre bonds playing the hell out that roll. It’s not far from what he knows. He’s a real life G!

  • Oh my...this is my life

  • Is like they go out on the street and find the dumbest people they can possible get out there lol

  • What an ignorant bunch of people, not knowing who your V.P is ? That is really shocking

  • nailed it and people complain about how Biden speaks mind blowing.

  • Making pancakes from scratch is soooo easy! seriously! You need, milk, flour, baking powder, dash of salt, sugar, and dash of cinnamon (optional) and done! You don't even need to add an egg!

  • The new mail trucks need huuuge eye balls in the front windshield. You know the kind where the bottom of the white of the eyes are flat and the rest of the whites of the eyes go all the way to the top in a curved arch. Withe big irises. This will complete the children's cartoon mail truck look!!

  • It’s funny how ure still taking about trump. You hate him but still want to talk about him...dude move on. Talk about Biden. Oh wait he’s not as entertaining. He just bombs Syria that’s not something to talk about. Yea okay.

  • Holy Cow - the worlds perception of Americans sinks even lower. No one could live through the last 4 years (especially 2020) and not know who KH is.

  • Exactly that what I did, I NEVER ask a kid what they want, that is the secret, fruits and vegetables, can you imagine how will Bevin the future? I never bought “cereal” to sweet for adults even for kids, bad food

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  • So funny


  • Mad pathetic, some of our ppl don't even know who the Vice President is. WTF...???

  • Not funny when Jimmy said Alexa, the American spy not only turned on my kindle, it brought up bisquick.

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  • How embarrassing for the women who didn't know Kampala.... Wow!!!! Shame

  • Nutella should pay YOU!

  • How did we get here...???😛 American citizens don’t recognize the Vice President of the United States 🇺🇸... Please stop this ride... I wanna get off...🤪

  • So hard to watch all that ignorance. Americans can't even pinpoint their vice president

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  • What is wrong with those people being interviewed!!!???? I can understand not recognizing Doug, but not Kamala!

  • My Alexa just put Bisquick on my list. No joke ....... this has happened more than once when she hears her name from any source. Thank goodness i know no friends with that name!

  • Thank you, for having your show 🙂

  • As an Indian, I got smacked at the end of 3

  • Not gonna lie, I couldn't identify Doug Emhoff either. In fact, I'm not even sure if that's how it's spelled.

  • I'm a genius idiot

  • Flax seed was used in WW2 (the plane got flack from artillery

  • Thanks, Jimmy, Alexa is now ordering pancake mix for me. Could you specify gluten free next time?

  • I'm from the Netherlands and know Kamala Harris for at least 3 years. How do these non-non-citizens not know her and I do? I think I'm watching too much American daily shows.

  • We know who Kamala Harris is in Slovakia! Come on Murica!

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  • Well done Jimmy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sad young people don't have no clue keeping with current events or critical thinking ?

  • They must have to record 50 people on to get 5 who don't know Kamala Harris. People cannot be that oblivious or so I hope And personally if I think it would get me on the jimmy kimmel show I just say something really stupid to an obvious question

  • These people are idiots!

  • We deserve our government

  • Let's get a lid on 'em before it's too late - defund Joe and Kamala in 2021 (pass it on).

  • I want to go back to " the vice poodle is off the leash!!"

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  • Deep State mouth piece. Not funny, not relevant, not going to be in power much longer. Trump 2021.

  • these Americans not able to identify KAMALA HARRIS....what an embarrassment...how can you be so UNAWARE

  • jimihendrix

  • Who in the hell cares who Kameltoe's husband is. She's at Gitmo and on trial for treason.

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  • The people who don't know who Kamala Harris is... 😬😲☹

  • There is no hope for this country lol 😆

  • Kimmal is a fool!!!!!!

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  • Move on kimmel

  • Poor Skipper! I'll light a candle for the sweet pup,

  • Trump said nobody knows VP husband lets ask trump who hell knows melania

  • Big man Installing President Trump

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matt Stonie sent me

  • Hi, I live in Scotland. I have just had to go on to my Amazon app and remove an imported order for Bisquick pancake mix at £5.84 from my orders🙄! Don't shout orders to Alexa as part of your monologue Jimmy 😅!

  • Crap had to stop my Alexa from ordering bisquick. I was in the middle of some herbal refreshments and stoppped Alexa on time 😅 phew.

  • How on earth do you mess up pancakes so badly that your kids won't eat them?...

  • Damn dude has been out of office for months now, and this dude still can't get new authentic material.... thumbs down.

  • Where is Jimmy Kimmel. Why no new episodes. At least Jimmy send Guillermo or let your wife give away some of your stuff again. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh

  • ewww, not bisquick pancakes. use not aunt jemima or no longer aunt jemima. and always make eggs with the pancakes, perfect your scrambled eggs. otherwise you will have to deal with a huge sugar crash later, or mom will and that will invoke all the furries. pretty funny. excellent job

  • I like Jimmy Kimmell when he's NOT talking about politics and especially when he's talking about his family.

  • You dissing YP..Jimmy K??

  • i love it!

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  • It's these talk show hosts that made me republiccan them constantly goin after trump and now Biden is refusing to do anything about China and killing innocent in syria and no mention

  • Yeah China is gonna be a super power

  • We can’t start babies on sweet processed foods.

  • its incredible how they can't show us a decent picture. The news is too bad

  • 13:45 and these idiots vote??!! You are so screwed!!!!

  • My mother never got past 2......us kids feared what would happen if she got to 3.

  • You just made my Fire Tablet start to order "Bisquick"!! Damn you, Kimmel!!!

  • other people : skipper me : BUGCAT CAPOO!!!!!

  • How- how can you be an American without recognizing the Vice President? Did these people even vote? UGH?

  • Someone should tell Jimmy that nutella is basically peanut butter not chocolate so his conscience doesn't send him to an early grave lol

    • Nutella is most definitely not peanut butter lol. Sugar, cocoa, a little bit of hazelnut. There was actually a Marketplace episode where moms were serving their kids Nutella, thinking it's like peanut butter... and the Marketplace people broke it down into it's ingredients, and the amount of each. The moms were SHOCKED that the stuff was more like frosting than peanut butter.

  • I just want to be treated nicely, omg this killed me 😂

  • Sergeant Robert justin alford green at nellis AFB and renato Santiago Nelson where is my daughter jahmela and her four children...

  • America has no hope.

  • This is pretty sad. Kinda pathetic actually.

  • Can't go wrong with Nutella!

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  • Shameful

  • My mom is the one with the colorful mask on. She knows who VP Kamala Harris is, she has a speech impediment after having 2 strokes last year. She not ignorant for all you folks in the comments

  • I love you, but you need to stop saying “Alexa...” cause every time that happens my Alexa turns on. Thanks in advance lol


  • If Trump does get Facebook to reinstate his acct....we need delete Facebook and return to MySpace(show them both!)

  • The vice president is a comedian recognized by all oh somebody

  • Dude, do you not know how to make pancakes? 🥞😂🙈

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