Justin Bieber - Lonely (with benny blanco) & Holy (Live From The AMA’s / 2020)

に公開 2020/11/23
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  • Essa performance é meu tudo 💖

  • #lonely


  • We all make mistakes. It's good to see him heal. ❤️

  • Me e dado cuenta q siempre las canciones q hablan de dios tienen menos vistas.. pero otras, tienen Miles de Miles de millones.

  • Not me crying and singing

  • "Maybe that's the price you pay for money and fame at early age" I felt that.

  • Jesus has Justin bieber on his side!!!! Amen!!!!

  • the best song of Justine.. But not really like his current fashion style..

  • His expressions when he said baby I can't explain dayyum 🔥🔥🎉❤️

  • good singing

  • I can be in a room full of people and I feel so fcuking lonely!!!

  • Todos conocen mi nombre ya Pero algo sobre eso aún se siente raro Sentado en el espejo estudiándote y viendo alguien más Y todo ya no es igual Se siente como mucho ah cambiado Alomejor cuando esté más grande todo se compondrá pero me está matando ya Pero si lo tuvieras todo pero a nadie quien llamar alomejor ahí si me conocieras Por que lo eh tenido todo pero nadie está escuchando Y eso es solo la maldita soledad Estoy bien solo Solo Todos conocen mi pasado Mi casa siempre de cristal Pero alomejor eso el precio que pagas por el dinero y la fama ah una corta edad Y toda me vieron enfermo Y me sentí como que ah nadie le importo una mierda Criticaban la cosas que hice Cuando era un niño idiota Pero si lo tuvieras todo pero a nadie quien llamar alomejor ahí si me conocieras Por que lo eh tenido todo pero nadie está escuchando Y eso es solo la maldita soledad Estoy bien solo Solo

  • Lol he sings live🥰🥰🥰

  • Justin i would like to appologise on behalf of the world!!!!

  • All your videos because it’s so cold and I didn’t like it I never like watching them because I’m a big fan I’m gonna go to stage two song and summer

  • The best Kirana - Indonesia idol

  • I like when he sings slows emotions songs

  • If you still listening to this in 2021, you‘re a legend

  • I love you! Thank you! The reason you feel lonely it's because your highest self is still waiting in the bridal chamber. Constantly calling out to you which is why your life is so magical. Numbers color symbols and breezes catch your attention and let you know you're being assisted. You're not meant to be satisfied! Don't be mistaken, this is divine discontent! Go Within Justin the Bieber, the boy man God. Go and see what awaits you when you're not looking outside of yourself. You are loved, you are love!

  • I heard Holy everyday in FL for a hot sec and I am hooked.

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • JB bringing back 90s baggy pants. Love it.

  • anyone know the name of the jeans i know they're tommy but idk the name of the model someone plz

  • 🌺

  • I always loved him as a singer but now now I love him Even more as a person 😭❤️❤️❤️

  • Te amo JUSTIN BIEBER.. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Praise God.....jesus Christ is coming soon ✝️

  • Justin now handsome guy.

  • Hi!! I recently did a cover of Lonely and I’d really appreciate it if you could please check it out! 🙏 Hope you all have a nice day! ☺️

  • I love the song Holy and I literally listen to it everyday and I have memorized the WHOLE lyrics lol!!

  • I’ve always liked you kid. I’m 47 years old. When you were going through your troubled path, I cared. Glad to see you headed in the right direction! Praise the lord!

  • Damn. He is so good

  • God change her life my god 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏 amen

  • Love you Justin Bieber

  • People beating you down... I grew up with a shit ass life .. people's prediction I would be nothing growing up ..I've proved them wrong.. I'm a warrior!!!

  • So lonely

  • ✌🏼

  • The pitch was kinda wierd

  • I love you

  • Faz semanas q procuro essa música. Ouvi na rádio e não lembrava o nome

  • Justin gets better and better I can't stop listening to him.

  • 😥❤️❤️❤️

  • Como esta música me faz sentido neste momento

  • His voice so touching

  • I am obsessed with this music🦋🦋💓💓

  • This performance brought me to tears I felt that pain

  • This performance and song is so powerful....🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Justin biber 😑 DRAKE : 😍

  • PMGCxOnePlus

  • I felt that. ❤️

  • Yesss!!!

  • Define he ? U are on my sons u tube . And so if u want to pick a song he will play for u or sing and he will make u fame . Up to u I'm just saying .

  • The voice is the point and good

  • A beautiful song.

  • استغفر الله امسح صنم استغفر الله تر الله الي خلاقك لاحوف ولا قوت الا بله استغفر الله استغفر الله استغفر الله سبحان الله

  • Best singer

  • He wearin JNCO’s?

  • Nothing but respect for this man... We all make mistakes... We are not created to be perfect. What we must do is learn from our mistakes and grow.... And he definitely has. 👏👍

  • ohh yes oh course

  • te entendo Bieber 🇧🇷🤧

  • essa música 😭

  • God love you Justin

  • Que live em muito boa

  • Justin bieber

  • I love you Justin! 😍😘 kisses from the Netherlands.♡ I'm Christian to♡ Kisses to Hailey 2😘

  • I just love his music now, been playing again and again, holy, lonely, anyone, 10k hours..

  • i remeber when he was still younger his hair is different

  • The cross! That was it. That is what I was going to say. The cross is a crossing over , a bridge from this, live in the world but not of it, rise above it. Holy, Holy Holy Holy. Amen 01202021, and me 01212021 :)

  • Yeah, wise men say fools rush in, (I totally forgot what I was going to say, hahaha)

  • I have felt lonely, plenty. That feeling of being all alone. Ir'a painful. XOXO

  • You are the best when you are live and yourself, your freestyle, your heart. Blessings to You, Holy Angel, You Are Holy.

  • I Love my Heavenly Holy Father, Creator, Pure White Light. I send Love and Light to you, Justin Bieber, from the time I was introduced to you and your music, 2015. I am, today, 58. And since I met you--via this video reality I have loved you and I bless you, and send you light. Holy Angels protect you always and in all ways.

  • OMG okay, moving on from 1:04 I see it. I can see it. From what I can feel from my own experience and perspective. I love you, I appreciate you. I also love your video, I'll Show You. So Beautiful. I cannot tell you enough, how much I appreciate you when you are yourself, free.

  • Just the beginning, I'm at 1:04, Celebrating History 01202021, and my birthday, today, 01212021, and listening to you bridging the space between. God Bless my Bieber. OMG, I'm 58 today, and I love you like a sun.

  • Aqui está o comentário brasileiro que você estava procurando!

  • Your of Great value and worth beyond what you think

  • He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

  • He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

  • He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

  • He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

  • He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

  • He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

  • He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

  • He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

  • He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

  • He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

  • Wow you are amazing! Omg I said it. Now you are a real artist...

  • I love him since 2012and still love him from Senegal

  • my mom cryd when she listin to this song she sid i think that he is taking about him self i think his so i will pry for him god bless you justin bever sorry for saing your name rung i don t relly noe how to spell i am only 11 iesosd mt self

  • X=Why are u a Belieber? Me= cause my idol makes me feel better every day. Cause he is the sweetest person I ever seen and people don’t know it. Cause he fight for Justice. Cause his voice is so damn gorgeous. Cause he try to do his best. Cause he always says to believe in our dreams. Cause he is so beautiful ( yes he is) aaaa his voice yeah I know said it but his voice it’s too 😍 and when he smiles I smile too cause I’m happy when he is happy I don’t know why. So what’s my dream? I just wanna meet him and I wanna tell him that no matters what happen, we beliebers are always here for you. That he is the best and he should never gives up cause I believe in him. I wanna say to him that he isn’t lonely. No he isn’t. Love you💜

  • “No one’s listening” we beliebers are always here for you. We support you. We pray for you. So why? We try to do our best for our idol

  • What he sad it was for the past🤔🤔🤔

  • very bad

  • Love you bro....

  • So awesome. Sounds better love than recorded. Sign of a true artist. Love these!!!!

  • Qm fala português 👉

  • gracias porque haces bien tu trabajo (hablo de tocar fibras de trasportar en el tiempo a las personas que escuchan la canción con letra, música y todo lo que la forma)

  • Te amoooo

  • Yaaaaasss Justin, we’ll back you up to fight the people that hurt you!!