Lionel Messi - ALL 700 Career Goals

に公開 2020/06/30
My biggest work up to date! Lionel Messi ALL his 700 career goals in one video! Sit back and enjoy almost one hour of Messi scoring all his goals. Please drop a like, subscribe my channel (and turn on the notifications) to not miss a single upload! Thank you!
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Messi Statistics: (via MessiStats_ Twitter)
Messi's 7️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ career goals
441 ⚽ La Liga
053 ⚽ Copa del Rey
114 ⚽ UCL
014 ⚽ Supercopa
003 ⚽ Eur Super Cup
005 ⚽ Club World Cup
06 ⚽ World Cup
21 ⚽ World Cup Qual.
09 ⚽ Copa América
34 ⚽ Int. friendlies
Messi's 700 goals for club and country...
16 seasons
862 appearances
294 assists
Messi's favourite opponents for Barcelona:
37 ⚽ Sevilla (39 games)
32 ⚽ Atletico (41)
28 ⚽ Valencia (34)
26 ⚽ Real Madrid (43)
25 ⚽ Espanyol (34)
24 ⚽ Athletic (37)
23 ⚽ Real Betis (22)
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  • Incredible work! Sorry for being nitpicky, but nr. 89 and 90 should switch place, and goal 198 is repeated as goal nr 334 :)

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    • 'Thank you Messi'

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  • I don’t get it all Messi goals are with nobody around all Ronaldo’s goals are not up close like Messi they are more far back and lots of headers and like every time Ronaldo scores there’s people around if Messi scores nobody is around like how

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  • Lionel Messi simplesmente o maior e o melhor jogador de futebol de todos os tempos que eu presencio atualmente!!!

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  • 2005 The beginning of the legend!!!

  • I think its so funny, asa barca fan when i see the field choppy and its freezing cold with fog, very nervy for most However this is when leo is at his best. He loves the backyard style of play

    • I want to be so good as Messi and work hard you will see me in Barca I swear

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  • His 16,17 and 18th is a hattrick against real madrid what a legend

  • Now messi completed how many goals 750 or not

  • Now messi completed how many goals 750 or not

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  • Messi 725 goals now 650+club carrer goals He catch 800 goals ??? He need 75 goals Only bican 800 goals He has 805 goals

  • just can't stop scoring vs Athletic Club and Sevilla

  • Me encantan los vídeos que se lo curran, poniendo el número de gol y la fecha correlativamente...

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  • 0:13 1 8:46 100 17:20 200 25:36 300 34:41 400 42:15 500 50:16 600 57:50 700

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