Lionel Messi - Top 100 Goals Ever (With Commentary)

に公開 2020/04/27
Must watch video: Lionel Messi - ALL 643 Goals for Barcelona:
Strange days, no football and too much time... Perfect moment to take some time and enjoy my latest video. Lionel Messi's best 100 goals in just one video! I worked really hard on this project, so I hope you like it! The selection wasn't easy, so I'm curious what you think of it! Let me know, enjoy the video and stay safe!
Want to know a bit more about me? I’m Wouter, 26 years old and I’m a sportsphysiotherapist. My hobby is all about football. My idol is Leo Messi, my favourite team is FC Barcelona, but I just love the game in general. I love making football videos and interact with you on my other social media, so feel free to follow me there too!
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Purpose - by Jonny Easton
If I Could Fly by Jonny Easton
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Forever Sunrise - by Jonny Easton
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  • As Messi has grown so has his taste in hair style

  • Left me in tears 😭

  • Messi est joueur monstre que personne va douté de lui



  • messi is great!:)

  • mire el video del minuto 0 hasta el final. te amo leo, te amo messi. te banco en todassssss

  • Messi please see these goals again let them remind you of what once was maybe just maybe you will come back to your glory days even just for one more season

  • Messi is great

  • Thank you so much for this, you deserve to be applauded for the effort and the result.

  • Ok, poetry on motion.

  • Messi, the best, there are no superlatives for quintessential brilliance.

  • Amazing, ABsolutely the GOAT

  • The life of Leo Messi

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  • Love you messi keep it up

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  • Your effort and hard work were truly appreciated. Thanks so much for putting this together and brightening my lockdown day

    • Thank you for these kind words! I appreciate that!

  • Messi is great♥️

  • Messi is great . . .the all time

  • What year did Messi start playing?

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  • Messi created, Wouva edited, I watched it.👍

  • thank you guys to showing us briliente player Messi one in all world

  • Great work thanks! Love Messi... gives all a reason to aspire to be our best!

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  • What’s amazing about this video is that you can listen to it without watching it and it will still hit the spot. Not going to lie I listen to it sometime when I have a long drive hehe

  • Good video

  • Messi el mejor pasador de pases gol, el mejor cobrador de tiros libre, el jugador con más Skills en la historia del fútbol

  • Este jugador es un genio, nació genio, cuando tenía 8 años hacía lo mismo, por años luz el mejor jugador de la historia junto a Pelé

  • Amazing collection 👍🏼👍🏼

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  • 8:28 , i like how those defender start to slow down when they see the ball is going on their side, but someone chase the ball , didn't they know the one that chase the ball is Messi ?

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  • God father off football Messi

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  • C'est juste énorme ce que MESSI fait dans le football.

  • Sus goles son simples, no son como los goles de CR7 de chilena o como de Gareth Bale de Tijera.

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  • contrast brightness balance is not right.

  • Americans calling goals like they're Brazilian makes me want to head-desk myself to oblivion, only forgiven because Messi makes us all act moronic sometimes.

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  • Frist we had Pele then Marodona now we have another great player from South America Lionel Messie

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  • I really hate watching football, cause it's always so boring and bad. BUT I LOOOVE watching Barcelona and Messi, he is brilliant!

  • I play soccer

  • Videos for normal players: "top 10 goals' Video for Messi: "top 100 goals" Me an intellectual: "impressive" :)

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  • This man is a living wizard❤️

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  • I watch this again and again, pure class, no cheating, no whining, just pure class, no one touches this man, 14 years of world class and counting!

  • I’m so exited to tell my future kids and grandkids about this generational mastermind

  • Messi is the best. Thank you very much for this.

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