[MV]SEVENTEEN - ひとりじゃない

に公開 2021/04/18
SEVENTEEN 「ひとりじゃない」Music Video
2021.04.21 Release
Director|Oui Kim (OUI)
Producer|Yeonjin Kim (OUI)
1st AD|Eunah Kim (OUI)
2st AD|Hyesu Lee (OUI)
Director of Photography|EumKo
Focus Puller|Seungji Lee
2nd AC|Youngwoo Lee, Eunil Lee
DIT|Yuntae Ko
3rd AC|Kiyong Eom
Gaffer|Hyunsuk Song
Lighting Crew: Junghyun Choi, Uigyu Hwang, Wangi Kim, Gyutae Park, Junhui Min, Cheonil Park, Harim Lee, Hyeonggeun Song
Jimmy Jib Operator|Youngjung Kim
Jimmy Jib Assistant|Hyunin Kim, Sunghoon Kim
Art Director|Bona Kim, Jinsil Park (MU:E)
Assistant Art team|Yeri Kang (MU:E)
Art-team Manager|Ilho Heo (MU:E)
VFX STUDIO|Second Floor
Colorist|Haewon Kwak (Lucid Color)


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  • Remember that you're not alone

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  • this mv screams quarantine life HUHU i love it

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  • ひとりじゃない.ᐟ.ᐟ

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  • I've came here because this song was in my auntie's radio yesterday.

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  • Fun fact: Every second of this MV can be a wallpaper

  • i came here again after got pranked by dino's solo tweet..

  • Not Alone is such a feel good song!

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  • one of my comfort songs :>

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  • Love you seventeen

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  • SEVENTEEN is my healing

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  • Aaaaah-I keep playing this-For the ppl avoiding Seventeen raise your standards,This is the best thing,I have ever heard.

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  • It feels illegal not coming back here everyday

  • Our Seventeen will be enduring so much for the June comebackㅠㅠ bet we can atleast endure a 3+minute mv on yt. Str17ming is important Caratdeul, know that. Reference to a similar comment I saw on Carats Idolchamp community.

  • 17. 💎 SEVENTEEN SELF PRODUCING IDOL WORLD DOMINATION 💎 Seventeen produce and compose their own songs(lyrics,musics), their own MV (snapshoot & holiday), their own choreographys, their own variety show, their own concert(70% of caratland handle by Seventeen because social distancing regulation), their own magazine etc.

  • Udah lama ga komen 3 hari yg lalu :(

  • After watching the behind the scene video of this mv(every mv), I feel prouder of Seventeen huhuhu our TALENTED BOYS

  • ほんとに日本語お上手です...... 日本の子いる!?って思っちゃうくらい笑 すーーっと歌詞が入ってきます🤭🤍🤍 あとMVの内容がかわいい‪っ ̫ -⸝⸝˘

  • This dislikes encourage me more to stream hitoranji 😏 what the haters think we will be sad ......no baby no baby 😏🤚 .

  • This song is so good to hear ... This MV is so cool!Congratulations Seventeen!

  • I've been listening on this song since the day of it's release. Addicting xD i wish more people would know this song ♡

  • Que belleza de canción

  • What a great song. Can't believe they wrote it. Is there a Korean version?

  • Hi dino promise😂 i got scammed yall

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  • هذا الأغنيه ملهمه جداً فعرفت انا لست وحيده انا مع اعظم فرقه في عالم Thank you SVT

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  • it's been awhile since the last time I'm here, I've been using str3aming carrds for the past few weeks

  • during the course of my quarantine as a covid positive person, seventeen cheered me up a lot. it's been a difficult journey but they somehow made it more interesting and lighter. i love them so so so much

    • @okey DOKiYEOM im okay! im recovering rn, don't worry! im glad i have them tbh i cant imagine getting through all that without them!! also, pls stay safe ^^ disinfect every time!

    • are you okay now though??? it must have been very hard for u and i'm glad that svt was able to provide comfort for you :))) get well soon, eat lots of healthy foods and water, don't forget to take vitamins! stay safe and always take care :))))

  • Thanks you for this song , they saved me !!!

  • Guys I'm marrying Hitorijanai please bless our marriage:)

  • The8 is so amazing. His voice is so sweet in my ears. He is so handsome, his smile makes my heart flutter. I love you The8


  • Why doesn't Seventeen have a bad song?

  • 1.09 Is it a dino or a hoshi maknae

    • --1995--- S.coups Jeonghan Joshua ---1996--- Jun Hoshi Wonwoo Woozi ---1997--- The8 Mingyu DK ---1998--- Seungkwan Vernon ---1999--- Dino

    • Maknae is dino

    • That's woozi

  • it became clear that only students do not use the zoom

  • Kim mingyu always be handsome(≧∇≦)/