NCT U - Make a Wish (Birthday Song) [Music Bank / 2020.10.23]

に公開 2020/10/23
NCT U - Make a Wish (Birthday Song) [Music Bank / 2020.10.23]
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  • Shotaro waktu "back it up" damage nya nembus layar hp sampe jantung😭😭

  • NCT U: Let's all wear blue and not tell Taeyong and Jaemin.

  • Swaaaaag

  • i love jaehyun outfit so much

  • Xiaojun's whoa!!!

  • Loving this song so much omg also 90’s love 🥺😭💚

  • Swaaag

  • when sm put doyoung in a song , that song will automatically sexy

  • Cara agar ga oleng kek mana?🙂

  • I love you Taeyong💚✨

  • Taeyong why u always look so handsome ??

  • 화질 무슨 일임...


  • udah kangen aja #(

  • lack of oxygen it is

  • Swaaaag

  • ジェミン確信犯すぎる🤣

  • En sevdiğim şey yemek hazırlarken dinlemek. Gram korkmuyorum yalnızlığımdan böylece.

  • 시준휘 여러분 너무해......이렇게 좋고 유익한 영상을 자기들만 알고있었다니.....하 엔시티 입덕을 이제야 한게 너무 서글픕니다

  • omooomooomooo

  • 루카스 지니 머리 한건가

  • i wish this is the official line up

  • whos the guy with yellow hair? is it yellow nvm who is he haha 💛

  • I love xiaojun hairstyle here. I dont know why but it kinda shows his different side.❤❤❤🦕

  • 이태용 갈수록 귀여워져

  • 生歌のクオリティすごい

  • idk why but this is Xiaojun song, right? THIS IS HIS FUCKING SONGG!!!!!!

  • Xiaojun!! 소매 길어서 더 귀엽.....😍

  • Taeyong and Xiaojun really killed it! Always love see them performing. Shotaro is so softy.

  • doy kamu gntg bgt hikd

  • I haven't had so much cringe from a song since Super Junior's Sorry Sorry, "I can do this all day", I'm like "No Please"!!

  • xiaojun

  • ❤️ANI❤️ Hi, NCT oppa who often plays Tik Tok 😳😳😳

  • ❤️ANI❤️ l Love You NCT 😎

  • Does anyone ever look at Tae's butt *respectfully*?

  • As always Jaehyun looks so perfect and super handsome, I'm just so in love with him, I can be hearing this song all day


  • this is just beautiful.

  • HAPPY 100M!

  • 인트로 쇼타로 으디강

  • The choreography is so beautiful. They all look so princes!!!!

  • Shoot the cameraman!

  • Swaaaag

  • 또 유투브 한글 지우나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아무리 월드라지만 한국 방송산데 한글 댓글이 하나도 없지 애들이 이렇게 예쁜데 한국 팬이 한글로 댓글을 하나도 안달았다는걸 믿을 수 없는데

  • Amazing taeyong hope you more success in life and career , wish you take care yourself , be strong always we love you

  • 💖 Jaemin 💖

  • ♡Now make a wish♡


  • LUCAS!!!!❤️🔥

  • 0:31 head empty only Taeyong’s cute little bit wiggle

  • Xiaojun I saw you sneak that little woah in❤️😂 3:25 - 3:27

  • their voice😍

  • 我看着Lucas我真的要被帅死了

  • Taeyoung's moves makes ME crazy

  • 💚💚💚

  • *Best boy, Jaehyun.*

  • they sound the same like the studio version wtf VOCAL KINGS

  • Why Lucas so cute XD

  • so stunning💚💚

  • The song, the dancing, the visuals literally everything is *chef's kiss*

  • Their voices are soo different but blend in very well.✨🤩 Btw who's the guy in red shoes? ⚡

    • it’s shotaro

  • I'm gonna miss MAW for real

  • Xiaojun for the win!!!

  • Wow lucas hair, whats wrong?? Looks funny

  • Nice performance boys♡

  • Xiaojun's voice was really good

  • Jaehyun ang gwapo mo.

  • 가사는 잘 안 보고 비트가 너무 좋아서 자주 듣다가 알고리즘을 통해 영어가사 해석을 봤는데...ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  • Another amazing performance from them.

  • I didn't know before that Xiaojun can be the MOST EYECATCHING member among all. Xiaojun kills it!!!!

  • Jaehyun looks great even in simple clothes

  • xj: yall who makes pov abt us on tiktok, im watching


  • هل مكين انتعرضون فرقه BTS

  • 1.044

  • Hari ini tampil lagi kan NCT disini?

  • Shotaro

  • Let's talk about Jaemin, Doyoung, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Xiaojun, Shotaro and Lucas

  • where is my 1080p?

  • 오메 오늘도 잘생겼구먼

  • Doyoung💣💣💣💣

  • Yoo watsap

  • hello epribadeh

  • 1.022

  • haven't been watching anything else but Make A Wish and From Home since their release ahdhshdhs

  • from kick it to make a wish - taeyong and jaehyun still high five-ing :)

  • Taeyong

  • Fighting guys!

  • Gans banget

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  • hearing their real vocals are the most beautiful thing ever

  • Swaaag

  • i can do this all day

  • aaaa 1M

  • Shotaro always cute in my eyes😂

  • Akhirnya 1M jga

  • Happy 1M...(ToT)

  • so you're telling me that we don't have a jaemin fancam from this day, WTF??


  • excuse me where is 4K?