NFL "1 in a Million" Plays (Rare/Lucky Plays)

に公開 2017/10/24
There have been 15,883 games played in the history of the NFL, the average NFL game has 164 plays (in games from 2013), if we use this to estimate, then there have been about 2.6 million plays in the NFL's 97 year history, even if we use a lower estimate, say 100 plays per game, that still means there's been over 1.5 million plays in nfl history
Here are some of the rarest, luckiest, or most difficult to achieve of those plays

I need a new channel banner, someone please make me one
For those who don't get the premise of this video, these are plays that would only happen "one in a million" times, one in a million is sort of a figure of speech to mean something that is really rare or that wouldn't happen again if you repeated "a million times"

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  • I need a new channel banner, someone please make me one For those who don't get the premise of this video, these are plays that would only happen "one in a million" times, "one in a million" is sort-of a figure of speech to mean something that is really rare or that wouldn't really happen again if you repeated it "a million times"

  • That packers effort @ 1:00 was an absolute joke.

  • I was like 😂 and WTF through out the video!

  • What's so impressive about a dropkick? Watch England win the 2003 rugby world cup...

  • I love how American football refs are like wrestling refs, play it for row Z!

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  • a ver como que 97 años a ver si saves que no son 97 años de donde sacas esas tonterias van 55 años lo dise el propio super boll osea si ubicas o no ubicas bueno eso si el video esta bueno

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  • You missed a ton of great plays. #1 still best ever. Never forget Stabler desperation throw as he was being shoe stringed tackle from behind and lobbed the ball up to Clarence Davis, who was surrounded by 4 Miami Dolphins. I think it was a 70s playoff game.

  • How hard is it to drop-kick a conversion?

  • Can anyone explain me last clip? I'm italian.....don't know well all things about football

  • 9:49 is nothing but rugby

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  • Jugadas extraordinarias, la mayoría me tocó verlas en vivo 😀

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  • 2:41 the forgot they were on national tv

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  • The Edleman catch still makes me want to drink heavily. Most of that 2d half does, honestly.

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  • Add to the list: tyreek hill not knowing he caught a td pass

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  • Back when football was actually football.

  • was hoping to hear the NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO missed PAT for the Saints lol

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  • Thml

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  • I’ve never liked the patriots, but Brady to Edelman was unstoppable for quite a few years. Tons of respect for those two.

  • Great video! Really enjoyed that one! This type of stuff is why we come to JPfilm.

  • 12:39. Wtf... Glitch in the Matrix.

  • You know that game was old asf when they said " The Bears destroyed Washington 73 to nothing ".

  • How about the one in a billion plays... cardinals vs seahawks 6-6 ties and both miss close field goals in ot

  • 10:00 LOL Saints missed the extra point, miss the playoffs! =/

  • How do you show that saints miracle lateral play without showing them miss the extra point to lose???

  • 12:11 I never knew nick saban coached the dolphins

  • Based on this video the Saints, Steele's and Packers are the luckiest/unluckiest teams in the NFL. lol

  • Insane!

  • I came here looking for that Freeman play. I remember watching that on Monday Night Football when I was a kid.

  • around the 10:28 mark, when the Saints had that AMAZING return against the jags.. the kicked missed the extra point lmao!

  • The Pittsburgh receiver got smashed in the first clip.

  • 6:32 "Immaculate reception" Great commentating right there

  • Can't believe it

  • last one always puts a smile on my face

  • 10:00 LOL Saints missed the extra point, miss the playoffs! =/

  • What about a one on a billion play, the Seahawks not running the ball

  • Watching a compilation of plays from different generations of the NFL, you really get to see how bad the commentators have become

  • You know that game was old asf when they said " The Bears destroyed Washington 73 to nothing ".

  • 6:22 Man listen to the excitement in those commentators back in the day. Commentators nowadays are boring and suck in comparison, they'll never get that passionate even when it's something spectacular in the super bowl...

  • 12:39. Wtf... Glitch in the Matrix.

  • I dont even watch sports anymore, but Kam Chancellor knocking the rock out of Megatrons hands at the half millimeter mark better be here.

  • What about a one on a billion play, the Seahawks not running the ball

  • 1:44 i always thought intentionally kicking a deflected pass was not allowed


  • 12:00. Refs be like “the receiver did not maintain possession”

  • So on that Saints/Rams punt return, I'm assuming the rule of that being a touchback didn't yet exist? And did that play cause that rule to become a rule?

  • So that means that there’s a like 15 million plays

  • 10:00 LOL Saints missed the extra point, miss the playoffs! =/

  • 0:53 for as good as the starting quarterback play has been in GReen Bay for the last 27 years, the backup play has been exceptionally bad.

  • Mom: “Timmy was joyriding in your car, and he crashed it into a lake!” Dad: 2:06

  • The first clip is huge in Pittsburg! They have a statue of him in the airport

  • who would have thought gym was the most important class in school

  • I still dont understand how drop kicks work

  • Cuando los QB eran hombres

  • Why isnt the mike brown back to back int for td,s in ot on here????

  • His knee was down at 12:08 so that shouldn't count as a touchdown

  • 7:25 you will never see a pair of NFL refs more confused than this

  • After the Saints scored that touchdown against Jacksonville, they missed the extra point and lost anyway. 🤣😂

  • 4:26 I thought it was dead at that point?

  • 10:20, and then the kicker missed the PAT. LMAO

  • This is all a all possible

  • 10:24 But they miss the extra point

  • 1:05 number 70 lol

  • We all remember edalmens catch Right?

  • That play the Saints pulled against the Jaguars was miraculous and definitely 1 in a million, but it should be 1 in a BILLION if it's extended and you watch John Carney miss the extra point with 0:00 on the clock and they still lose the game somehow. Such an amazing heartbreak.

  • Should've shown the blown attempt after that 75 yd saints td. Lol

  • I remember watching that Antonio Freeman catch with my dad and we were out of our minds for the next 20 minutes.

  • 1:50 I was at that game

  • "and woop"