overpromise, sell, underdeliver Cyberpunk 2077

に公開 2021/01/17
All gameplay footage is original, recorded on PC (high/ultra settings) and console (PS4 Slim).
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  • 26:30 "Could always be worse" spot on my chinese dude

  • How do you lose to lego

  • Shouldn't we be having a beef with the reviewers too? like yong yea? They hyped up the game so much to the point that they made it seem like it was revolutionizing a genre. He literally had nothing bad to say.

  • i was waiting this video

  • And these people made the Witcher games...

  • Seeing this terrible stupid bullshit makes me appreciate Rockstar that much more.

  • Its like E.T all over again ;)

  • 12:01 Diana!

  • NGL getting Cyberpunk was the biggest and only regret that I've ever wasted money on a video game. I wish I sinked that money in Honkai Impact which I play now and prefer it 10000 times over that mess of boring and mediocre crap that this game is lol. Honkai at least gives me at least two things that Cyberpunk didn't - Great gameplay and fun.

  • it should be mandatory for CDPR developers to watch this video 1 time per day until they get the message.

  • "See ya in the major leagues Jack" If only he knew.

  • 3:55 - 4:00 “they’re real” *suicide car bombs themselves*

  • How do you mess up this badly

  • Even if they delayed it for one more year , they can not fix this mess , A Witcher 4 should be a matter of Redemption for CDPR or they are Done for good .

  • *Cyberpunk 2077 now on Roblox!*

  • cdprscam2020 is breathstinking!

  • imagine someone paid for this game

    • All 13mil of them

  • The game itself is really good, it was just talked up too much and they should of just stayed quiet Edit: it also should’ve released a year later imo

    • but it's not what they said it will be, so it's not a really good game. 1 year? hahahahahaha. even 2 are not enough.

  • I just realized what a terrible idea it is to make a game for PC and then make a console version of it. lol.

  • When will you make stadia disaster documentary ? When it's officially dead?

  • Wtf this is scary its like a horror film..

  • i dont see any way for cdpr to get redemption over this like no man's sky. no man's sky problem is not at game engine level. hello studio has scope problem. so they only need to fix their game, not their engine. cdpr need to fix BOTH their engine and their game.

    • Once they get that cut content I mean "free dlc" and updates cdpr will be in everyone's good books again and people won't learn their lesson and get burned once more

  • Who thinks they are going to fix it?

  • Man, people just love to hate.

    • you can see crystal clear that a freaking Lego game has better AI. how about remove the blinkers you're wearing and see the reality: that the game is shit.

    • We love to hate broken shit

    • Meaning?

  • Cyberbug 2077🤧

  • 6:50 ghost rider.

  • WOW am glad i have payed zero attention to this game jajajajajaja

  • It's sad how great CDPR's 2015 game the witcher 3 is compared to their cyberpunk 2077 which was published 5 years later... They should have done much better, no excuses

  • you know its bad when you can compare the ai to Lego City Undercover

  • เกมส์โครตกระจอกเลยเว่อร์มากแถมไม่เสถียรอีกห่วยจัดผลิตทีหลีงเสือกกากกว่าgta rd2

  • I think Larian Studios should do the next cyberpunk but top down turn based xD I WOULD BUY THAT!

  • 30:39 describes Cyberpunk 2077 just perfectly

  • Ngl I'd take Avengers over this anyday (at least I'd get to be iron man)

    • Compared to this I think everyone would pick avengers over this crap

  • I feel bad for the people who died waiting for this "game".😔

  • You can’t blame them. When they started development for the game, t posing was very popular

  • This shit cracked me up. You know your game is trash when horse testicles on another game have more physics than your protagonist does on a main mission

  • polski marcin

  • EA abandoned anthem. Crowbcat do your thing

  • Classic Doom monsters are more intelligent than the ""humans"" we have in Cyberpunk 2077

  • I was looking for the part where you run the game case over repeatedly with your car.

  • I suspected it was gonna be a failure due to the amount of times it was Delayed. It’s always a bad sign when a video game does that.

  • This game feels almost like tomb raider: angel of darkness Highly anticipated after the most agressive campaign advertisement in the Gaming industry(No joke, two movies, few e3 showdowns with virtual Lara, commericals), couple of delays because two years were wasted, and a buggy mess.

  • 16:31 Tfw Duke Nukem Forever has better yet still bad animations.

  • I'll be honest I pre-ordered and am still enjoying the game. I've been having a blast. The patches have helped with the early glitching but it's been amazing. I love the storyline and where they went with it. plus from certain things I've seen in the game they're going to make add-ons for it which I'm also excited about.

    • This is the reason why AAA developer keeps releasing broken mess game

    • the problems of the games aren't the glitches. when a freaking Lego game has better AI there's a huge problem.

  • i want to punch so hard all this fake youtubers gamers . I have buy the game day one

    • the youtubers played 4-hour gameplay in June 2020. how do you expect them to think the game will be different at launch? we the gamers say to not pre-order and not buy day 1 since several years ago. we're tired of saying: "wait for reviews from legitimate gamers 1st". let's say Watch Dogs didn't teach you this. No Man's Sky didn't teach you either?

  • 13K shills

  • 17:53 im single now :)

  • Just imagine you could do your work like this - "Gimme my full paycheck, here is your half-repaired car after several delays. Maybe I'll finish it in a year, or maybe not."

  • If you had 60 dollars, would you rather 1. Buy 2 licenses of WinRAR for you and someone else Or 2. Buy Cyberpunk 2077 Pick wisely.

  • I really wanted this to be good, ever since Deus Ex Human Revolution I've wanted an open-world cyberpunk RPG. When this dropped alongside the reveal that the bros of gamers and masters of RPG are developing it I was convinced this was a classic in the making. Now, it just hurts.

  • Oof that soundtrack is so damn good though. You gotta admit that.

  • This is like Josh of Let's Game it Out played a game dev simulator game and in all games he produced, he ignored everything else and invests all money to marketing lmao

  • It's funny how CDPR haven't appoligized for the content they lied about.

    • Before someone says they did, they only "sincerely" apologize for the broken console release

  • haha

  • it could've been something so great and amazing but life's not that beautiful

  • Imagine someone saying it is a good game. Just imagine...

    • Don't have to imagine Just go to any fanboys video

  • Hopefully Saints Row 5 can deliver the open world game we want.

  • This video is an absolute proof of how all of these people came together to sell their lies.

  • Speedrunner Paradise

  • Cyberbug

  • This is why you don’t skip 2077 games in a franchise

  • This took the "My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined" to a whole new level

  • Welcome to the next gen consoles

  • that's what happens when you hire women and blacks because of affirmative action

  • Murphy's law applies here perfectly!

  • This game really is unfixable. Its like they spent all their time making these garbage mechanics that need to be reworked from the ground up. I dont see anyway a patch is gonna magically make this game what they claimed it was. They need to rework it entirely to make it even capable of competing. They need to invest just as much time they spent making it on mechanics and a story tree. Its like they hired an entire department of amateurs somewhere along the line or outsourced it. I really hope I am wrong and most of the garbage mechanics were placeholders to make the game function as a proof of concept and the better ones were being worked on, soon to be released in an update. Kinda sucks because I liked CDPR. Its not like they have a bad rep before this.

    • A lot of people are hoping they can pull off a No Man Sky, but honestly I don't see that happening. No Man Sky is developed by a team of 25 close knit developers who created the game from ground up and knows it inside out. They also have the benefit of being an independent studio without any third party influence such as shareholders. Whereas a game of Cyberpunk scale was made by hundreds, if not thousands of contractors and through outsourcing. It's painstakingly difficult to fix so resources are probably better spent elsewhere.

  • The guys shadow swimming... Omg thats bad dude lol

  • It's a city of dreams 🤡🤡

  • I cant wait to buy it for $10 in 2027 when the game is finally finished!

  • 17:00 my favorite part

  • Thanks for all the informative videos man! I learned that most game developers are liars and just don't care. I'm definitely not supporting any of these people anymore. Edit: Now already sick to my stomach watching the video halfway through. They literally just straight up lie to you. They pay "influencers" (that will say anything for money, even if it's lies), just too fake the whole hype on video games. I literally do not want to play anymore

  • imagine wining because your toaster doesn't run it properly. smh

  • The good thing is that they nailed the design of the city. So once its all patched up its gonna be a blast

    • @Sapia Ntomata guess well have to move on.. Thats too bad because the map clearly had potentials

    • @Ricky LaFleur it will take years to get patched up(fix AI, add the content that wasn't added, etc), and nobody knows if they will make a No Man's Sky comeback. even if they do, it will be too late. by the time it will be patched up the players will have moved on. the story is too focused on Keanu's character than your character. i'm not excited about this so the story gets -0.5 from me. also, the story was cut short on purpose cause it was too big. meanwhile, Skyrim players have 2,000+ hours.

    • @Rubén GoMo Radioboy honestly it looks good. I bet in one or two years its gonna be a good game

    • It is just a cheap copycat of places and cities on every cyberpunk movie, comic, game. And it's not even that iconic.

    • @C B story is good too I heard so nope

  • This is such a beautiful video

  • The editing of this was top notch! The irony of so many of these clips is hilarious! XD

  • I hate gaming consoles for their mediocre performance. The PS4/Xbox One gen had to have been the worst under-performers for what technology was available at the time. Playing on a PC is a breeze, this game is sick. 9 out of 10 review videos out there are all about performance bugs. Game is unoptimized for outdated hardware, developers lied to you when they said you could run it on your microwave. Sucks...

    • YoungRippa played on PC with an RTX Titan and the game wasn't a breeze.

    • lol game is still shit on PC, just doesn't hiccup as much and can do actually ray trace with the right card. That's like spraying gold paint to crap. And if you want reviews that doesn't focus on bugs... Just look at BeatEmUps, CoachToolshed, Chris Davis... Don't listen to major review outlets or access media shills who made "deals" to have exclusive coverage on this game.

  • the most malicious deliberate false-advertising to date: One man’s sky and cyberpunk 2077. Historical record of the gaming industry.

    • No man's sky redeemed itself. Watch internet historian's video on it

  • 33:40 the cop that gets ran over🤣

  • They should play san Andreas

  • 4:00 lol 😂

  • Plotwist: The story of this game is to fix this And send your world online so other players can play it

  • just watched the end of the video and seeing all the physical merc and advertisement that went into this , makes me think their budget must have been 50/50 promotion and actual game development. What a shame.

  • In gta 5 if there are bugs its geting fix in only days but that game nahhh

  • God PC games are such shit lmao

  • This is so sad, all the hard work and planning just wasted for someones financial gain. Imagine if you took the effort and work from the top 10 failed games recently and compressed it to one game, maybe we actually would have something playable. Maybe we need to split the different aspect of a game in to smaller task that different cells can work on. A game that starts with community mods. This might be really hard to manage, but i bet a lot of people would gladly put work into a game, if the core was promising and they were promised some premium posistion in the final game.

  • I've never ever in my life pre ordered a game, cyberpunk was the first and I'm so disappointed that I spend 60 bucks on this load of crap.. I'm Really pissed..

  • NPC are so dumb interactions in the open world sucks details are much better in gta sa 300 million $ budget lmfao with 9 years to work with rdr2 animals are smarter than cyberpunks npc lmfao

  • They promised us modding tools for witcher 3, which they never delivered.

    • they delivered a modding tool for Witcher 3, and Cyberpunk 2077 also has a modding tool since January 2021. the creation kit that Bethesda gave is a developer kit and not a modding tool.

  • when lego city undercover has better fucking ai then your game you know you've fucked up

  • Onpopular opinion: I am not super disappointed about the game having so many bugs. You feel that they invested a lot trying to create a superb videogame. Futuristic setting and futuristic gameplay experience - a new level that forces other companies to deliver perfect games. It was a very brave decision but poor planning

    • "Honestly I don't feel super disappointed that the game is full of bugs. You feel that they invested a lot to create a superb video game." Did you even watch the entire video?

    • Gtfo game is absolute garbage

  • Game must be a piece of modern art or somethin' ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็_(ツ)_ส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้

  • After F76 and CP77 I cant wait for Anthem 78

  • Cyberprank

  • 1:58 be like: T

  • Gta san Andreas is better than cyberpunk

  • These shimp fresh?

  • They didn’t over promise you lot forced them to release before completion

    • we didn't force them to do anything. the game was scheduled to release in April 2020. we didn't say to release it then. they decided this by themselves. and if you think that threats, etc from losers on the internet can affect the release date of a game you transcend stupidity.

    • Ok fanboy, next time SeedyPR announce new game go pre-order it

    • "We lot Forced" them... hahahaha~ Think before you comment. Internet outrage on social media by keyboard warriors don't affect developers one bit, what does matter however is shareholders. Did you know CDP started out as a two man team, and when Witcher 1 came out in 2007 they were still independent? Were they forced to become a publicly traded company? Absolutely not.

    • Keep defending a poor little corporation for a game literally about citicizing corporations

    • 34:43

  • 9:27 u just have a high ping

  • I think this game would be perfect if it was made like Rockstar Games’ GTA.

    • the game is made like Rockstar's GTA, but they released the game while it's not ready so features are incomplete, are missing, etc. they said that the wanted level was added at the last minute. that's why it's bad. cause it's barely developed. the game needed at least 2 years more development. i'd say 3 to be 100% sure.

  • Still trust cdpr they will comeback, they made best detailed open world yet, they r commited to quality

    • Hahaha, cybersimp Cyberpunk will not be fixed at all and the open world is less detailed Gta, rdr and other ps2 and ps1 open worldgames had more open world interactions and smarter npcs than cyberjunk