Schlatt Makes Minecraft 1000% Funnier

に公開 2021/02/20
I played the Origins Mod with some friends and it was hilarious!
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Edited by Kristin! :)

Profile Pic was drawn by Glamist!
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  • Kristin edited this one guys so let her know how she did! (literally her 2nd thing she's ever edited lol)

  • Can say with confidence that the crunching noise was of a bottle, don't ask how

  • Kristin did a great editing job!!!

  • good job Kristin

  • Schlatt: Wait, I can't even smell anything Me: ALRIGHT QUARINTINE!! MASK UP!! GET HIM TESTING!

  • I love Ranboo's ability of reading misspelt words.

  • Why does Schlatt make minecraft 1000% funnier

  • this is the definition of loud=funny mentality

  • i hate my mom

  • Ahh yes grown men sniffing sand, wood, bricks, glass and most impotent... ballpoint pens Oh almost forgot they have a woman that's in a fish tank ( don't touch the glass )

  • Phil you can wear chainmail armour and not get effected

  • Continue makin vids or vods on this smp

  • Why didn’t chase let’s give us tires to smell I love the smell of tires🤪

  • 8:35 Why did no one noticed that phil is wearing an armor and an elytra at the SAME TIME


  • They're like a bunch of teenagers trying weed 🤣

  • top 10 questions science still can't answer: Why is fragrance man an arachnid?

  • J

  • I was laughing like FUCK

  • 21:22 I knew in my head I was going to start wezzzing so hard I did


  • 9:45


  • nikki is so adorable she is so sweet!

  • I was drinking orange juice and Fragranceman made me laugh so hard I spat out my orange juice, Lol

  • Dream smp more like origin smp

  • 1 word. Pog

  • Subtitles are amazing

  • Philza you should use chainmail armor. It has more durability and it gives more armor. You can wear it. I tested it!

  • Alternative title: am bird

  • Fragrance Man had a cannon death.

  • UwU

  • 13:15 phil gets flashback from when he had a conversation eith wilbur about eating sand

  • The point of this video: *LOOSING BRAIN CELLS*

  • Glatt more like Glass And yes I know that sucked

  • Momza's editing is pog!

  • Awesome vid, dad

  • Is Schlatt going to join again?

  • Hay remember that this guy was a basically an evil president yeah...

  • G L A S S

  • 20:39 why is there pigstep on the water?

  • sand jesus is back

  • 20:37

  • so we got fragrance man birdza ghostbur fishichu chickeninnit enderboo and idk what to call the others yet oof

  • Were going tommy style

  • If niki uses any water breathing potions or respiration, she will be able to breath on land! This was tested and proven to work! It’d be a game changer for Niki. No more tank life for her.

  • I watch funnie brittish man do funnie brittish things in minecraft

  • The scenes of the sniffing sand kinda got m vibes from a wierd cult thing


  • Phil you are AWESOME

  • IF JSCHALTT makes it 1000% funnier then techno makes it 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% times funnier

  • niki fish UwU

  • My favorite scent from FragranceMan is burnt toast

  • jschlatt

  • i don’t know why but wilbur sounds really happy

  • Every time I hear jschlatt I think he sounds like a child

  • Pope Fragrance

  • origins mod ;>

  • Why Wilbur say "You look a lot like technoblade"?

  • pog


  • Think you mean fragrance man

  • Spider scents

  • The moment Tubbo says "this is the equivalent of full diamond" and Phil gets an expression that just says "bish say what now?" Lol

  • Momma bird is dadza on a whole new level

  • i wonder if anyone went arachnid, if this was a thing in normal minecraft i would go arachnid or feline

  • Mr. Ph1lza Minecraft make a racoon origin for Tommy so he isn’t useless he can like eat anything climb like the spider origin idk, but RACOONINNIT could be a thing now. Also he is legit useless please make him a racoon origin

  • "Hey girl you like glass?" smoothest pick-up line ever

  • I also want my wife in the future to edit all my vids. Perfect relationship.

  • Shlatts mum: What do u want to be when you grow up? Shlatt: *f r a g r e n c e m a n*

  • Kristin did great :D

  • "I've learned a new scent; Sand" Philza: *flashbacks*

  • *T H E Y O U N G M U S T N O W F E N D F O R T H E M S E L F S*

  • Not me watching this for 8th time

  • Schlatt is Fragrance Man He knows many scents But sadly the last scent he smelled was toast before he sadly died Rip Schlatt The Fragrance Man

  • Well done to Kristin!!! This editing is amazing!

  • fregrence man...ah yes. F r e g r e n c e m a n

  • Oh god he ran out of ideas to name his videos so he went the tommy way

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Whose Schlatt? I only know Fragrance Man.

  • Guess you could say that... Fragrance Man makes sense.

  • what if you smell sugar???

  • 13:15 when your son starts talking about eating sand again:

  • I think Jack is still stuck in the nether

  • Ah yes, Father Fragrance, Deacon of Our Lady of F*ck all I don't Know

  • phIlzA minecrabs

  • 9:23 Fucking Christ Phil.

  • "Phil whats a muggle?" -Tommy Every single person who knows Harry Potter was so disappointed AHA

  • I picture Jschlatt saying I'm Fragrance Man like how Danny Devito says I'm the Trash Man


  • Niki: Practically a fish Wilbur: Lol, can’t see me Tommy: I am speed Jack: Still in the Nether Tubbo: I get hungry Ranboo: Allergic to rain Schlatt: Fragrance man Phil: *F L O A T*

  • Wait what did tommy choose?

  • use texture pack for the elytra to make it bird-like, it'll be so cool,,

  • Wait the sheep the sheep was in the water WATER SHEEP !?

  • 9:23 Phil can you help me find diamonds on my smp (:

  • I love how everyone's making phil they're dad just because he's older than everyone

  • How did Jeremy Fragrance’s American cousin get in this video? I’m surprised he didn’t bring in the Grape Fruit top note


  • GUYS, I found Fragrance City, it's in martial peak... the manhua