[We NiziU!~We need U!~] #1

に公開 2020/11/20
[We NiziU!~We need U!~] #1
2020.11.20 Friday 20:00 ON AIR
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  • Omg rio u so cutie like my cutie pie i always say to my cat cutie pie bc when i luv anyone i said cutie pie🥰🥰

  • It's so fresh to see their daily lives with no makeup or choreography. They're just one big family

  • Rima eats faster than Kodoku no Gurume

  • In 51:34, while Mako's dancing so fast, i click the pause button to let Mako breathe

  • 7:26 what's up baby girl😂

  • rima is such a mood

  • 마코는 역쉬 댄스퀸 이네 열심히 노력하는 모습 좋네. 흥해라'

  • 37:14 Riku reminds me of IZ*ONE's nako where she becomes fluent while arguing abt something

  • It's very good that the videos have English subtitles. I have been their fan from Nizi Project and I am very interested in the personality of each member. NiziU fighting!

  • I watched the Part 1 and Part 2 of them when they were still a trainee in just one day so I won't miss anything before they got to this point. Gonna stan a Girl Group for the first time. ❤

  • When everyone's eating while shooting... It's like a competition of food vlogger and so noise😅 Rima is the best One bite at a time😅 Watching this!! January 2021😁🇵🇭

  • 와우


  • 아야카 너무귀여웡..ㅠ

  • Fighting 💪 with the lesson

  • Idk why but watching them is soooooooo addicting! :) ASMR VIDEO TIME how was it? Me: ;-;

  • 리마랑 미이히는 대화가 거의 한국인인데...?

  • Please don’t use mental illnesses as adjectives.

  • 自分用 16:55 20:08 20:22 26:57 27:14 27:26

  • Ayaka is really the visual❤️❤️😵😵

  • 어우... 대단하네. 마스크쓰고 2배속은 되게 힘들텐데.

  • 23:00 무슨 팬캠 찍어내는 공장같누 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 다들 열심

  • 계왕권4배? 마코 사기캐네..

  • Are they in japan or korea?

    • @SuperYT 4ever During the filming of the series they lived in Korea. They lived in Korea for almost a year. But when they're done with their activities in Japan they'll most likely return back to Korea.

    • I can tell they are in Korea because on their way to the JYP building they passed by a Kia car parked on the street and the direction of the auto traffic is opposite to that in Japan. You will never find a Korean car or that traffic direction in Japan.

  • I need subs in Spanish pliss

  • Mako can compete with Lisa and Momo

  • if u will listen at 21:36 carefully, u will hear Miihi and Rima voices

  • El lugar donde se hospedan es como el lugar que estaban los chicos de stray kids... es la misma casa y ellos se fueron de ahí o... jyp tiene casa iguales para los idols jajajja

  • Wow

  • 5:02 i love that laugh

  • 굿😄🐰👍❤

  • 진짜 코로나만 없었어도 ㅠㅠ 한국에서도 볼수있었을텐데 아쉽다

  • En serio las amo demasiado

  • شكلي وانا مسوية نفسي فاهمة🌞🌞🌞

  • I simply didn't know this girl group exist. Well, I am a fan of hard rock anyway. but as long as they don't talk or think shit about Korea, why not? Good luck!

  • 한국에서 꼭 데뷔해주세요 꼭 보고싶습니다 리오는 배우느낌난다 아프지말고 이제 여러분이 친구고 가족이고 서로를 의지하면서 싸우면 안되요 니쥬 화이팅 한국데뷔 가즈아

  • I relate with Ayaka. I can't also produce 'r' sound haha

  • 미이히양은 볼살좀 찌면~~끝!!!나뭐지 니쥬멤버들은 다들 그대로임 너무 귀여움ㅎㅎ홧팅들 하세요 응원할께요 언능 한국 활동 할날을 기다리며~

  • riku x chicken

  • just today I had time to watvhe these series and I love it, they seem so happy and that makes me happy, fighting NiziU!!


  • Mako👏👏👏👏👏

  • Why this quality so bad like watching reality from 7 years ago :(

    • Check your internet connection. It's perfectly fine with me. It's @ 720p on mobile too.

  • at those times are when I wonder how they eat and not get fat? and I barely eat bread, my belly swells belly be like: I am pure evil I love you girls❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜

  • 22:12 Rima just did Chaeyoung trademark awwww 😍 so cute

  • Interviewer: "Hello Riku, what inspired you to become the entertainer you are today?" Riku: "... chicken." Interviewer: "Umm... okay but what do you think motivated you to-" Riku: "CHICKEN."

  • Everyone is eating small bites until @21:47 lol Rima, "Yall trippin, ant nobody got time for that."

  • 니쥬를 만들어준 JYP와 갓본에게 감사드립니다

  • 니쥬 다이스키

  • I love it when Riku always said She love Chicken Hahahaha.

  • its my first time seeing them! all of them r so pretty and looks more like a korean than japanese to me hahah

  • I just love maya's weird voice at 15:36 XD So addictive.

  • Every time i watch this rio looks similar to an celebrity here in the philippines name mika dela cruz. Just sharing.

  • 니쥬라는 그룹에 대해서 알아보려 하는데... 일본어를 모르니..~

  • So this is real live action Love Life look like... :3

  • Digo.. si no es mucha molestia nos los puedes subtitular a nosotros también porfavor 💔 I mean ... if it's not too much trouble, you can subtitle them for us too, please💔 つまり...それほど問題がなければ、私たちのためにサブタイトルを付けることもできます。💔 내 말은 ... 그다지 문제가 없다면 우리를 위해 자막을 만들 수 있습니다.💔 En todos los idiomas que conoces para que me hagas caso😢

  • Y los subtítulos en español JYP 🙂

  • 섬메일에 한국어 제목을 넣어주어야 더많은 시청자가 볼것입니다. 리마가 제일 예능감이 있을듯~♥♥

  • Las amo 💗👑

  • 빈속에 바나나 먹으면 배 아파요~

  • I love this!

  • 31:36 :3

  • Translate Activate

  • Mako's KAIOKEN 4times

  • not a fan but just watched it to help my japanese. i ended up liking it though

  • Is it me? Rio has resembles with kristia chu?

  • Are they a kpop group or a jpop group...?

  • 14:37 투썸은 ㅇㅈ해야지 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • I love mako but rio trying to snatch in as my bias

  • 마코는 정말 좋아 하네. 즐기고 있다. 굳!

  • 마코는 짧은 헤어 넘 잘어울려♡

  • 리마 표정 냉장고에 뭐 없나봐 ㅋㅋ귀여워^^

  • 리오도 좋아 !댄서같다는 조언에 기분나빠하지않고 아이돌걸그룹으로 변화하는게 멋있어다.^^

  • 마코가 좋아! 진영씨 말 시간이지나고 인기가 있어도 변화지 않을거 같은사람^^


  • 마코❤❤❤❤👍👍👍

  • 44:22 Hilight 2X Make you Happy!!

  • 아이들 너무 귀엽다..좋아..

  • 니쥬 사랑해요~!!!!! 니쥬 너무 좋아~!!!!!!

  • SUBTITULOS EN ESPAÑOL PLISS🙏 jyp no te ortives jaja

  • Done learning korea now i need to learn japanese omg

  • 저거 박나래 탄거 ㅋㅋ

  • 한국어 자막 good

  • 역시 A 클라스는 다르구나 ㅋㅋ


  • りくがそれな使ってる(笑)

  • 이거 보니까 트와이스 우아한 사생활 보던 때가 생각나네 우사생 시즌2 그렇게 바랐는데 결국 시즌1에서 끝난...

  • 45:40 they really added sound effect when dancing. 😆

  • Nina was so cute tho💘

  • 와 리마 한국말 진짜 잘한다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Korea and Japan are so pretty.

  • 한국음식은 서양것이 들어와도 한국식으로 더욱 더더더 맛있게 만들어버립니다 ㅎㅎ 먹는걸로 사교를 하는나라 대한민국 맜없으면 음식가계는 망하는 나라 음식맛의 기준이 아주 높아진 나라 한국 ^^*

  • 12:45 Miihi looks like a cute little kitten 🥺

  • 귀요미들

  • Miihi, wherever you are, dont pressure yourself. Eat well, take your time, relax and dont be stressed. You are a great and talented star. Were excited for your return!

  • 예쁘네요. 박진영씨가 만든 팀... 응원합니다.

  • Waah the more i love mayuka here i love gyoza too

  • 름 ㅡ 름늠. 름늠하다.

  • I really love this girls, hope they can do what they love forever