When the assist is BETTER than the goal | Premier League | Ronaldo + Rooney, Firmino + Salah & more!

に公開 2021/01/27
A compilation of incredible Premier League assists. This video features Mesut Ozil & Alexandre Lacazette (Arsenal vs Crystal Palace), Roberto Firmino & Mohamed Salah (Liverpool vs Newcastle United), Cristiano Ronaldo & Wayne Rooney (Sheffield United vs Manchester United), Frank Lampard & Didier Drogba (Bolton Wanderers vs Chelsea), Dimitri Payet & Michail Antonio (West Ham United vs Watford), Grzegorz Krychowiak & Jay Rodriguez (Everton vs West Bromwich Albion), James Maddison & Jamie Vardy (Sheffield United vs Leicester City) and more!
Which player made the best assist? Let us know in the comments.
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  • Which goals should we include in part 2? 👇

    • @Gary Dosson Torres assist to Gerrard vs everton was in FA Cup

    • Gerrard to Kuyt against Stoke in 2009-10 season at Anfield. He did the most incredible first touch and turn and the gave the assist to Kuyt.

    • @faze destroyer shut up

    • Gerrard's pass to Sturridge for Liverpool's equaliser against fulhma

    • The long ball of Rooney and the volley of van Persie against Aston villa. This goal was gorgeous 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Kerem ereal 27

  • jpfilm.info/most/bideo/aaGTzLNy3Y6kZoo

  • Funny how a third of these goals would've been ruled out because of VAR. Killing the game

  • Wheres the one rooney assist van persie?

  • No hate on him, but Drogba's goal was offside.

  • jpfilm.info/most/bideo/iJ5-rcudxKyZfn4

  • VAR would’ve ruined beautiful football by ruling out Wilshere’s goal by fingertips. So glad VAR wasn’t there.

  • Richard Dunne getting done. Not for the first time either.

  • drogba was offside!!!!

  • That ball boy sitting behind the goal, was scared for his life, when Vardy put so much power in that shot🤣🤣🤣

  • Ronaldo's was clearly meant for evra haha

  • Suarez doesn’t want to give the goal to kyut 😂😂

  • fabregas in the prem isnt talked about enough

  • 6:00 the assist was soo good that even the opposition goalkeeper is celebrating it!!!

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  • 1. why van der sar celebrate suarez goal?😭 2. Luis Garcia just like one of the most badass name of footballer

  • "When the assist is better than the goal", it is, always is !

  • Ronaldo was lowkey passing Evra 🤣😂🤣

  • 0:41 the best pass ever

  • Gerrard's pass to Sturridge against Fulham for the equaliser should have been included

  • Isn't funny how all these beautiful goals occured before the VAR era. VAR is ruining football

  • Ronaldos assist is genius

  • Cristiano and rooney ❤️

  • Bro half of the goals are offside if the VAR was there u will dont see lot of this goals

  • I waited for the David silva assist vs man utd

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  • Var would have cancelled drogba and lampards goal ffs

  • Ronaldo was not supposed to pass it to Rooney, I think.

  • Gerard ➡️ Sturridge vs Fulham had to be included.

  • Arsenal literally have the best team goals in the history of the Barclays. Wilshere vs Norwich, Ramsey vs Fulham, Aubameyang vs Leicester.

  • Did anyone notice drogba was offside?

  • I don’t think the Bournemouth assist was better than the goal


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  • i think my video is broken there are no rory delap long throws

  • 2:01 Drogba was slightly offside

  • 🇲🇨

  • Steve G outside of his right boot assist to Sturridge vs Fulham

  • The fabregas one was just slick and elite

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  • all set piêc goals have the assists getting better than the goals. amirite?

  • Jorginho and Ozil )

  • Mesut Özil the best

  • Rooney & Ronaldo Man U was my favorite Man U team of all time.

  • not a single Spurs goal in there

  • How is ederson not on this video? Both his prem assists are better than most of the ones on this video

  • Arsenal without oziL is Rubbish

  • Suarez was so good Van Der Sar started celebrating too XD 6:02

  • Smiths goal is better than cooks assist

  • What a way to start with the great magician Cesc

  • Song to Van Persie vs Everton???

  • Premier league is just making some quality content here.

  • btw see 2:02 drogba was offside

  • Ozil king of assist 💪😍💓

  • That Ronaldo flick was meant for Evra

  • jpfilm.info/most/bideo/qJqmppGDt46unrA

  • 😂😂Vander Ser Celebrated Kuyt Goal's 😂😂

  • How is David Silva’s pass vs Man Utd in the 6-1 not here?!

  • 0:42 When Ronaldo was a Complete Player..... CR7 in his Prime...

  • They should make a separate video for Bergkamp's assists

  • That Ronaldo assist holy smokes

  • Mostly all of them are offside especially drogba goal from lampard assist, just glad there is no var back then lol

  • that firmino assist 04:58 he did it again to salah against leicester february 13 2021

  • You’re missing the best assist ever; Rooney to Van Persie!

  • As a city fan i must admit Arsenal do score beautiful goals look at that Wilshere's goal.

  • I love how vardy doesn't waste time overthinking man is ultra instinct when it come to shooting whether he misses or scores

  • What happened to jack wilshere such great prospect

  • Scoring while it's raining>

  • drogba was off side

  • The second one on here from Ronaldo clearly wasn't meant for Rooney it was a fluke that it went his way

  • 3:20 shot was better than the pass tbh

  • Rooneys goal better than assist...who else think

  • jpfilm.info/most/bideo/nHOKq6afu2iOeII

  • Tugay, the Turkish Lion 🔥👑

  • The beautiful at its very best

  • Looking for a guy to meet, waiting

  • 2:02 Beautiful assist but isn't Drogba off here ??

  • Nice closing by madison+vardy🦊

  • Nice closing by madison+vardy🦊

  • 10:46 Hmmmmmm

  • Payet is so underrated 😂

  • For latest Goals of Premier League in one place #raaixhighlights

  • David Silva on Dzeko?

  • Ronaldo back foot woow🔥

  • a pero despues cr7 no sabe asistir

  • A lot of those goals would have been disallowed by VAR.

  • To be honest 3:26 goal better than assist

  • Lampard and Drogba was offside🤔

  • 😂😂I bet van der ser was celebrating the goal then he made I contact with sir Alex and decided to Mask it by pretending to complain to the linesman. 😂😂😂😂

  • 2:01 Drogba was offside lol.

  • There good with there feet not there hands

  • Tipy tap rugby player

  • Where is that busquets assist for messi

  • Var verdict “offside”

  • VAR will disallow most of these goals. It upsets me you don’t have Pogba and zlatan or Pogba and rashford

  • Il passaggio di Ronaldo era per Evra

  • 02:01 sekarang mah udah offside gitu

  • How Silvas half volley 50 yard pass against united isn’t on this is beyond me

  • There is a debruyne low cross assist from the right wing all the way to sane on the left side of the goal area that deserves at least number 2 on the list.. KDB showed awesome technique there.. absolutely loved it