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3:04Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber - Monster
Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber - Monster再生回数 26M6 日 前
2:57Shawn Mendes - Wonder (Lyric Video)
Shawn Mendes - Wonder (Lyric Video)再生回数 2.9Mヶ月 前
3:15Shawn Mendes - Wonder
Shawn Mendes - Wonder再生回数 46Mヶ月 前
1:32Shawn Mendes - Intro (Wonder Trailer)
Shawn Mendes - Intro (Wonder Trailer)再生回数 4Mヶ月 前
3:26Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita
3:12Shawn Mendes - If I Can't Have You
Shawn Mendes - If I Can't Have You再生回数 178M年 前
3:21Shawn Mendes, Zedd - Lost In Japan (Remix)
7:39Shawn Mendes - Youth ft. Khalid
Shawn Mendes - Youth ft. Khalid再生回数 63M2 年 前
2:47Shawn Mendes - Nervous
Shawn Mendes - Nervous再生回数 99M2 年 前
3:38Shawn Mendes - In My Blood
Shawn Mendes - In My Blood再生回数 312M2 年 前
3:54Shawn Mendes - Mercy
Shawn Mendes - Mercy再生回数 1.6M3 年 前
3:35Shawn Mendes - Mercy (Acoustic)
Shawn Mendes - Mercy (Acoustic)再生回数 16M3 年 前
3:46Shawn Mendes - Mercy (Live on SNL)
Shawn Mendes - Mercy (Live on SNL)再生回数 1.2M4 年 前
3:22Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better (Live on SNL)
4:39Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better / Mercy
3:37Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better
Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better再生回数 1.1M4 年 前
4:09Shawn Mendes - Mercy
Shawn Mendes - Mercy再生回数 19M4 年 前
3:35Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better
Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better再生回数 2.3M4 年 前
4:10Shawn Mendes - Mercy
Shawn Mendes - Mercy再生回数 330M4 年 前
3:19Shawn Mendes - Three Empty Words (Audio)
4:01Shawn Mendes - Ruin
Shawn Mendes - Ruin再生回数 23M4 年 前
4:17Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better
Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better再生回数 2K4 年 前
4:00Shawn Mendes - Stitches (Live / Audio)
Shawn Mendes - Stitches (Live / Audio)再生回数 371K5 年 前
4:35Shawn Mendes - Running Low (Audio)
Shawn Mendes - Running Low (Audio)再生回数 13M5 年 前
3:53Shawn Mendes - Memories (Audio)
Shawn Mendes - Memories (Audio)再生回数 15M5 年 前
4:00Shawn Mendes - Stitches (Official Video)
3:10Shawn Mendes - Aftertaste
Shawn Mendes - Aftertaste再生回数 76M5 年 前
2:40Shawn Mendes - Bring It Back (Audio)
Shawn Mendes - Bring It Back (Audio)再生回数 9M5 年 前
3:38Shawn Mendes - Imagination (Audio)
Shawn Mendes - Imagination (Audio)再生回数 82M5 年 前
2:50Shawn Mendes - Aftertaste (Audio)
Shawn Mendes - Aftertaste (Audio)再生回数 3.4M5 年 前
3:12Shawn Mendes - Crazy (Audio)
Shawn Mendes - Crazy (Audio)再生回数 14M5 年 前
3:15Shawn Mendes - Air (Audio) ft. Astrid
Shawn Mendes - Air (Audio) ft. Astrid再生回数 13M5 年 前
3:11Shawn Mendes - Strings (Audio)
Shawn Mendes - Strings (Audio)再生回数 12M5 年 前



  • I know that shawn is justin's fans

  • aight just drop an album together this slaps

  • Well... Im waiting for SM and Billie Eilish collab xD

  • They make me proud to be a Canadian, when I’m not even a Canadian 👇👇👇👇👇 Subscribe me


  • Canadian LEGENDS. This song is so beautiful. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Subscribe me guys

  • ผัวกับผัวร้องด้วยกัน = ตาย

  • Think this collab is long overdue 👇👇👇👇👇👇 Subscribe me guys

  • 2020: SAVED

  • Mañana veré videos dos veces al día debo revisar menos ,aquí en el sur día de vacaciones mañana me organizaré,luego el campeón dirá,✨✨✨🙄✨

  • Shawn Mendes I love your songs so much you are my favorite artist I know so many of your songs and these last two songs are probably some of my favorites I was at one of your concerts

  • I love you!! 💖

  • So amazing yo guys get 25M viewers just for 3 days. Shawn + Justin is something like masterpiece.

  • This is too good to be true...

  • People like % below

  • powerful duo

  • #28 on trending in india like for J.B and Shawn 👇👇👇

  • We need barber here


  • Ya casi llegamos a las 30

  • Never ,monster,todos somos humanos tu leyenda viene de familia,mucho en los hombros de un Big child, responsable, si te equivocas la próxima lo harás mejor,lel que hace se equivoca, es mejor que no hacer nada campeon

  • Vamos x mas

  • Amoo

  • Love you guys Justin & Shawn

  • Okay how is this possible?, 2 of the best singers in the whole entire world come together which would equal extreme greatness and man this is good.

  • #WONDER album out in DeShawnBer 4 (maipilit HAHAHA) ✨❤️ YAY EXCITED

  • This cool


  • everytime i listen i was imagine me singing this to myself

  • I wasn’t going to say anything. But shawns hair. 😳🙃😍

  • Alguém ouvindo em 2020 em plena pandemia de COVID-19?

  • Once again, shot just like a movie. Who came up with a storyline for this one?

  • All-time favorite 😍👌

  • Come on Shawn Mendes, we support you until the end, we love you a lot, let's go fans, let's make 100 Million in a month

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  • this song premiered at the exact time i was leaving my house to catch my flight to NY. i'm terrified of planes so played it on a continuous loop for the entire 8 hours, so it is forever connected to my memories of that trip

  • This song deserves a lot of more views💪

  • Those who are not from TikTok can like this 👇

  • Both Canadian

  • This song is compellingg

  • Shawn Mendes!!!! You are really not helping me choose what my fave song is, your songs are all too good, i had already decided wich one was my fave song but now I can't decide between this one and Mercy!!!!

    • I mean't to say I can't decide form Mercy, Wonder, and this song!!!!!! But keep on going with your good progress.

  • O Shawn tá a cara daquele gostosinho do Timothée Chalamet e a vibe dessa música muito boa!

  • The collab I've waited for for a very long time

  • proud of shawn too

  • jb killed it damnnn


  • Wow the best

  • You put me on a pedestal and tell me I'm the best Raise me up into the sky until I'm short of breath (Yeah) Fill me up with confidence, I say what's in my chest Spill my words and tear me down until there's nothing left Rearrange the pieces just to fit me with the rest, yeah But what if I, what if I trip? What if I, what if I fall? Then am I the monster? Just let me know And what if I, what if I sin? And what if I, what if I break? Yeah Then am I the monster? Yeah Just let me know, yeah btw justins part ----------------------------------------------------- I was fifteen when the world put me on a pedestal I had big dreams of doin' shows and making memories Made some bad moves tryna act cool, upset by their jealousy Lifting me up (Lifting me up), lifting me up (Yeah) And tearing me down (Down), tearing me down (Down, down) I'll take responsibility for everything I've done (Yeah) Holding it against me (Yeah) like you're the holy one (Yeah) I had a chip on my shoulder, had to let it go 'Cause unforgiveness keeps them in control I came in with good intentions then I let it go And now I really wanna know What if I, what if I trip? (Oh) What if I, what if I fall? (I fall) Then am I the monster? (Am I the monster?) Just let me know (Let me know) And what if I, what if I sin? (Oh) And what if I, what if I break? Then am I the monster? (Am I the monster?) Just let me know (Oh, please just let me know, yeah) La-da-da-duh-duh (But what if I fall?) La-da-da-duh-duh-duh-na La-da-da-da-duh-duh La-da-da-duh-duh-duh-na La-da-da-duh-duh (Please don't let me fall) La-da-da-duh-duh-duh-na La-da-da-da-duh-duh (Oh, please don't let me fall) La-da-da-duh-duh-duh-na

  • Am I the only one who got Luke Patterson vibes from the orange beanie....

  • probably the duo i have been waiting for since forever

  • Bad Music, floop

  • "Maybe I'm the monster" Today I'm feeling like a monster

  • Chrisbrown and usher new flame location where they recording music video where the coolest artist put 😅

  • Waiting until the day Mark Lee joins the group chat. =_=

  • This song makes me feel like they are normal human beings that go through things like other ppl.

  • Oque voce quer justin? Arrepios de morte! 🎯😍🙏

  • I'm loving this song

  • Good song and wonderful boys

  • The height difference


  • who's here after watching the documentary

  • What a shitty music !

  • PLAY NOW y disfruta!! 🔥🔥⚡

  • Es hermosa!!! Esta Increíble ❤❤❤

  • song beautiful but video so bad

  • i did not expect this to be that good.i gasped

  • Honestly this was my dream collab well done good gents!

  • words x beats hits so hard

  • shawn movie already came out on netflix watch it is amazing


  • (Kety Perry) (full álbum Smile) (Com Todas As Novas músicas) (Oficial) (Canal) (Kety Perry) 🥇👑💎🎶😍💞🤡💖🎊🎉(•‿•)

  • I love this song and I love you 💞 two.

  • Their voices are just wow

  • amazing

  • Japan is always a place I've wanted to visit.

  • Justin Bieber Changes Pullover Hoodie. Purchase This Hoodie At Amazon. #WeloveBieber

  • Justin all the way!

  • Share finding me RnB vibes was something I never knew I needed

  • Loveeee you