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We will show you the most incredible gadgets and inventions on the market, be ready to have you mind blown.
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9:59Car Inventions That Are At The Next Level ▶5
8:47DIY Car Upgrades That Are Next Level ▶3
8:26Amazing Repair of a Totally Destroyed Car
8:56Amazing Everyday Gadgets That Are Next Level
10:45Amazing Drill Bits \u0026 Useful Tool Attachments
10:12Woodworking Tools That Are At Another Level ▶4


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  • your intro got me in trouble

  • Most of these are just more crap you have to carry with you, save no time and are more trouble than they are worth.

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  • Government regulation is why you don't see a lot of these videos made in North America.

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  • 02:09 that is one of the most unsatisfying things I've seen in a long time

  • 8:47 ...genau, kurz bevor der Pfosten umfällt schnell ausblenden 🤣🤪

  • The rubber band one is genius. Especially for stripped screws in door hinges

  • 4:48 Das ist nur was für Leute die danach nicht mehr ihre Haustür aufschliessen wollen 🙄🤪🤣 Dafür nimmt man einen zweiten Haken oder eine Öse 😎👍

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  • People in passenger vehicles who are afraid to pass or can't park within the lines act like their cars are this size. I say revoke their licenses, let them take the bus.

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  • #Shermaster

  • I felt like I was in a trance. (4/9/21)

  • None of these are really “ingenious”, they just know how to do their job

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  • Flipping license plate and window animation is illegal in the EU. In the Netherlands you will lose your driver's license for at least 2 months. In some other countries you can get a prison sentence for this.

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  • Having to sit through two ads after just two minutes ? Forget it this vid isnt worth it - back to Netflix...

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  • Yo esperando que fueran herramientas caseras : lo tomaré pero me ofende muchísimo!😐🥺

  • Is there a single person on this planet that is still amazed by water repelling shit thats so old

  • BS. Where's the video of the person applying the Sika? I can guarantee he is doing it wrong. Also, it's easy to make it appear to be done perfect when being viewed by a layman. Most people don't have a clue how something is done correctly and properly. Ex. This video contents and all the comments of people thinking how perfect they are.

  • 02:55 Chờ tin nhắn từ cậu, chắc hết mẹ cái thanh xuân. ⚰

  • A lot of them are not perfect work but just fast work or specialized equipement. A lot of them actually looks like terrible worker ...

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  • ....and my grown a** can’t be trusted with a marker still.

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  • Man I just gotta say that the Turkish translation of the title is perfect(no joke). When I see translated titles they usually suck but damn

  • Very few wind turbines remain in service more than 20 years. Thus a lot of expensive engineering, materials and risky construction for a 20 year investment. Nukes and fossil fuel plants run routinely for more than a half century.

  • The blades are fiber (probably glass fiber) reinforced polystyrene which is more expensive than steel or alumiinum. The polystyrene abrades when subjected to the dust in the wind. Failure time: <18 years.

  • Minute 4:10 woher weiß man ob es auf wage ist?

  • Look at all that steel reinforced concrete. Steel and concrete are two VERY energy intensive materials. It getws even worse with those high-tensile bolts in the center.

  • 'Unskilled labour'

  • Setting your bench up on screwheads is the most insanely stupid idea I've ever seen

  • Put the eye ring in the drill and make quick work securing a live Christmas tree in the stand. I’ve done it for years.....

  • soh vi besteiras nesse video

  • Why not use scissors or a knife and straight edge to cut sandpaper instead of the lengthy ballache that's shown here?

  • My daddy did this 50 yrs ago when I was a kid... bringing back happy memories

  • 4:00 True Master.....no borders, no edge....just free hand!!!! And such a simplicity in his moves....perfect!

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  • The squid stuff is horrendous. They just push everything on workers and don't really innovate. It's crazy because processed some meats like cured ham and various sausages have fantastic industrial innovation... But the process up to that point is awful for the people and the animals.

  • 4::57 “spray foam is environmentally safe” worker wears a hazardous danger mask

  • Cost putting new tires on every 500 miles from bad alignment??.. Seen this many times cars hit like this rarely ever go back straight!. Rarely!.

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