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0:22⚡A little trick 😁👍Tools in action!
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0:28Tools in action!
Tools in action!再生回数 348K日 前
0:10⚡Cool Device 😁👍 Tools in action!


  • Waste of time i would lose parts or break immediately

  • Just lost my impact in a pool of chicken shit mixed with water and can't find it even with hip waiter's on I can't seem to find it with my feet.... They need a GPS tracker on these things😂🤣

  • A

  • Who knows the name of the music?

  • Where i can buy one of this? Just want to add new boy to my workshop

  • Great safety meeting video

  • Thanks for helping thiefs!

  • Alatnya keren-keren sekali

  • I expected something way different when I read the title.

  • That looks like pure garbage fit only for children pretending to do yard work

  • Bagus buat para tukang.

  • Seems like some cbt shit

  • Guy: (hangs on wall) Me: "GET YOUR BOOTY ON THE FLOOR tonight..."

  • Jadi lebih praktis dan mudah👍👍

  • Oil filter position from top to bottom is most suitable, but not possible under engine level or space constraints, but a very good feature designed for convenience.

  • Now I know what blade to buy for when I gotta cut a sheet of steel now 🥴

  • 1. If you need to drill to a given point you wont see the duct tape which you put on the drill. 2. JUST USE A STICKY NOTES OR A PAPER AND DUCT TAPE... will do the Job perfectly fine as well... (3. Just Duct tape the Vacuum Cleaner below it)

  • I somehow don't believe this

  • prime example of why quick oil change places are not your friend.

  • Just burn it in a small fire pit

  • Tools for the Mexicans coming over illegaly!

  • Don't try this at home


  • If you add oil’s!?

  • He needs to add some red loctite and 20 ugga duggas. No. That dude's an idiot.

  • they keep coming up with more new cool tools i just want to buy em all and build anything !

  • Thats nice if you can get the drill it tight spaces ,

  • I'm more interested in seeing the video where he stuck his hand in the meat grinder.

  • If you can't do it by hand it's too tight

  • Buy link

  • I believe he used caulk on the left side.... for the ones who don’t know

  • Screw the next guy taking that thing off

  • My ol' lady's meatloaf is that sturdy.

  • Biggest dust collector I've ever seen on a drill😆

  • Saludo perdona el atrevimiento se que no nos conocemos Solo paso rapidito para compartir Una carta de confrontación y amor para Almigthy, y otros colegas, Espero que le guste

  • Damn, i didn't know hair trimmers can cut these things. Nice video btw.

  • Cause f*ck the next guy that wants to change his oil

  • Nice music

  • What happened to hand?

  • Great job

  • Oooooooooooo

  • Ut There is 1 problem.. u need to see How deep u drill in the Wall..

  • Alright now let’s see you drive those nails with that toy you call a hammer

  • Saves time... maybe Ruins your engine... yes

  • Just don’t do this.

  • thats nice if you own a vehicle where the oil filter isn't covered up by literally the rest of the motor

  • Esa cosas están mercado o son tan caras que nadie las compran no la veo en ningúna ferretería

  • I thought the crap people are capable of listening to couldn't get any worse. I was wrong.

  • They've had this technology for 30+ years I was a drywall contractor for 20+ years and in 1993 I had something similar called a ROCKER it had reloadable plastic strips that held 50 screws

  • MY dog would do more damage

  • Thats stupid cuss now how do you know the depth you need for your project..fuck dewalt.

  • You go dude!

  • Minecraft

  • Tune in next week when he makes a coat hanger from a paint bucket

  • Great tool broke the pivot bolt a while ago and replaced it with a honda suspension bolt holding up great

  • I’m a framer and most hammers have nail sets...

  • jump!

  • Music??

  • This guy is selling more dewalts than dewalt

  • I have this tool but I lack the engine bay space to use it

  • ?????

  • *laughs in european*

  • Armature

  • Probably charge $200 as a extra then breaks 2 weeks later

  • Lol, really I think its time to stop after you almost loose your finger!

  • Glue it 🙄 you act like you’re reinventing the wheel

  • He's fuckin the threads as well. Take your time with it.

  • Whoa it holds up a man child

  • This must have been what the previous owner of my gas golf cart had bc that shit took 2 days and 30 tools to remove lol

  • Best thing in the world!! Besisdes flex tape 👌🏻

  • I like it

  • If you have enough to afford the drill and such making a ghetto paint stir stick pointless

  • 👍👍

  • Dumb

  • First tool demo video in youtube history with awesome background music

  • Or a much better solution would be to not punch an hole in your wall in the first place

  • Wow

  • O vídeo tem cortes.... Cheira fake

  • Lo aprietas demasiado

  • You still gotta blow the hole out to make the epoxy stick, your fooling everyone with that bs because they know nothing about construction, when you still gotta clean up after