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1:00Unspottable - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
1:06Do You Know Your Nintendo? - Episode 5
Do You Know Your Nintendo? - Episode 5再生回数 91Kヶ月 前
3:28Nintendo Monthly Rewind - December 2020
Nintendo Monthly Rewind - December 2020再生回数 146Kヶ月 前
2:22Why I Play Pikmin 3 Deluxe
Why I Play Pikmin 3 Deluxe再生回数 84Kヶ月 前
9:14Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gift Exchange
3:43Why I Play - Super Mario 3D All-Stars
Why I Play - Super Mario 3D All-Stars再生回数 174Kヶ月 前
0:32FUSER - Accolades Trailer - Nintendo Switch
1:24Welcome to Nintendo Switch!
Welcome to Nintendo Switch!再生回数 541Kヶ月 前
15:31Super Nintendo World Direct 12.18.2020
Super Nintendo World Direct 12.18.2020再生回数 3.4Mヶ月 前
11:33Among Us - Truth or Lie???
Among Us - Truth or Lie???再生回数 372Kヶ月 前
2:21Calico - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
1:53Grindstone - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
0:41Among Us - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
0:31Nintendo Switch My Way - Fortnite
Nintendo Switch My Way - Fortnite再生回数 511Kヶ月 前
9:48Animal Crossing: New Horizons Winter Vlog
1:50Capcom Arcade Stadium - Announcement Trailer


  • True there are some needed updates, but I'm just here loving the added diversity

  • *Yes I did it!*


  • Anime only after seeing season 2 episode 17 why Betelgeuse whyyyyyyy Web novel readers mmmmmmmm. Yes. Feel our pain

  • Persona 5 royal when?

  • Omg I got this in my recommended and my heart rate raised by 50000000000 beats thinking it was a new trailer

  • My grandma has that and I'm going to try to get it so I can play that

  • he looks like a kid when he punches the blocks and does the games

  • Serious question. Is there a demo on the American eshop yet?

  • Isn’t this the PSP game just on Switch now?

  • Shake it birdie!!!

  • wow! Bowser looks class 👌👌

  • Ah, a game that I could enjoy before SMT V. No persona fans, go get a ps4

  • Yay! Femboy representation!

  • Hahaha Ganondorf go brrrrrrr

  • Who else wants to walk up to Mario and start quoting his old drug PSA?

  • Oh no

  • Hhm

  • Why can't p5 come to switch again?

  • Joker’s in Super Smash Bros Ultimate 🎮.

  • . when this came out i was 10 bro im cryin

  • Already pre-ordered. I can't wait.

  • Just port royal to the switch already

  • OOO

  • Adults shouldn't be interested in this.

  • So Wolf gets shafted from the trailer huh

  • Guys joker from smash bros is getting his own game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I wish Nintendo could make the villager conversations less childish and more like the GameCube version

  • Day b4 my bday

  • SomecallmeJohnny is not going to be happy about this.

  • Nintendo Switch just keeps getting better and better, I never knew I would be a big fan of Nintendo. It’s amazing how far Nintendo has come and continues to go, I’m excited!

  • It seems like that Reggie became Yusuke’s Persona...

  • "The Pompous man in the black coat!"

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  • hornet is back! And this time she brought tactical weaponry

  • Museum guy: am I a joke to you?

  • Fox: "My body is ready...!" This trailer was one of the best so far! I can't wait for my preorder to arrive!

  • I love this game!!

  • Just wondering, why aren't you adding brewster? Alot of animal crossing fans *from new leaf atleast* have been really wanting this

  • I have no idea what this is but I want it

  • Can you add waluig in smash please

  • 2:02 All of a sudden this turned into kinikuman

  • Keith from Friday night funkin should be the next smash character

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  • If you find yourself with a unicorn and you have a over

  • Omg pls update on Mario Carts 8

  • WOW THIS GAME MUST HAVE BEEN INSPIRED BY THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU! this is a joke don't take it seriously

  • now i too can die hundreds of time in painful grusome ways

  • Can't believe they let you play funny persona cat

  • How can they strike back if Sony won't let them ever be on the Switch in the FIRST PLACE!? The bullies of gaming 🤮

  • Is the joke that we can’t have the actual persona 5?

  • Hyrule warriors age of calamity × Persona 5 strikers it would be a good crossover

  • Ok sorry but of all people, the one actor that has caused so much controversy from her acting being like a bland piece of bread, to the controversy of the stuff she does and says in real life.

  • Ahh, memories

  • being Brewster back and I will literally breathe

  • can we have akechi later down the line or kasumi?

  • As much as I like this update: here’s a list of what we need: -QoL (bulk crafting, etc) -More upgrades for the shop -The white fences you showed off in the trailer. -Special villagers from older games given new roles -More design slots (for whatever reason) Otherwise the updates make me look forward to the game, unlike New Leaf.

  • Rated M for Mara

  • 1:27 Haru with lipstick looks cute 😭👌

  • He looks like a Funko Pop when he's not in cutscenes

  • I really need to get Animal Crossing New Leaf. It is the only Animal Crossing game I do not have.

  • May the person who reads this comment live a long and healthy life

  • Hype

  • Oh goodness, I'm EXCITED


  • I remember when I saw the Mario game commercial for the 3DS

  • the only thing i hate is that showtime attacks aren't the same but i will still buy it

  • They referenced an opening to the latter half of the second season, maybe we will get to hear it by episode 11