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In this channel, there are the strongest, biggest, bravest, most dangerous, muscular, most aggressive, smartest, most disciplined and warrior dogs in the world.

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0:11Blue eyes horse 🤩 Rate It 1-10!
Blue eyes horse 🤩 Rate It 1-10!再生回数 2.8K日 前
0:25Angry big python snake 😳😱
Angry big python snake 😳😱再生回数 200K日 前
0:08Angry kangal dog 🔥😱
Angry kangal dog 🔥😱再生回数 20K日 前
0:24Instant milk for the cat 😌
Instant milk for the cat 😌再生回数 72K7 日 前
0:11Did someone say mini dinosaur 😳🐊
0:08If this dog was yours, what would you name it?
0:08Time for the wolves to eat 🔥
Time for the wolves to eat 🔥再生回数 40K14 日 前
0:16Best of guard dogs 😊👏👏👏
Best of guard dogs 😊👏👏👏再生回数 555K14 日 前
0:04K9 dogs - Which dog do you think? 💪💪💪
0:19What do you think might have happened? 🤔
0:14Why is this dog so angry? 😱💪
Why is this dog so angry? 😱💪再生回数 232K14 日 前
0:08Can you escape from this dog? 😱😱😱
0:16Does anyone know the breed of this dog? 🤔


  • whatever he asked me to name him

  • These are the people that wonder why they get beat up after being rude and talking shit

  • Killer

  • I would give him a pet

  • Pretty much saying "Don't f#$k with me from the start" Duh

  • Pet him?

  • Thats not a dog. That's a beast 😅😂😂

  • This is one of my dream dog breed to have.

  • U got it og i don't want no problems

  • Ur name ..

  • Usually carry a 2 million volt viper taser and OC spray. One way or another the dog is regretting it's choice to attack me.

  • So pretty !

  • I give it 0 but the other dog gets a 10 walking cool 😎 asf like a boss

  • Bubble's

  • Me. Lets run to heaven

  • Well thats a big dog so I probably cant scare it with size.

  • I would except my faith I’m dead for sure

  • Tiger

  • I’d call him BOB!

  • I thought they were statues

  • *Beasty*

  • What I always say "I've got Pupperonis in my car!"

  • With smaller dogs you can just stomp towards them but you either gotta run or take ur chances with buff boys like this.

  • I will pet the dog and give him treats

  • This is like that old PS1 demo of Tomb Raider.

  • That dog looks like he could literally eat you for dinner

  • Que vergüenza criar serpientes

  • I'd give him all the pets

  • Stay completely calm... I don’t wanna die


  • I would pet him and give him cuddles. He looks friendly

  • What’s your bench press

  • Just called it 'sweet Jesus', as that would be exactly what everyone would say coming up on the bear-dog😳😉🥰.


  • Hug him

  • Absolutely 0/10 because the dog looks vary aggressive and not loving forwards other dogs as we can see sorry mate it’s a 👎 for me. I have a beautiful boy XXL American pittbull named Zeus he’s obeisant listens very well and he’s only 4 months old I would not have a pittbull if it was behaving like that. And I am a animal lover

  • I would name him Money because it's going to cost you a lot of money for your Bail, when they take your dog for animal cruelty and lock YOUR IRRESPONSIBLE ASS UP !!!!!!!!

  • Seriously? See her face and decided to get close

  • Squish his mushy face

  • Loved it.. This is why dogs and human relationship is beautiful and insane.

  • Mud run?

  • Let it Shiff my hand then pet it

  • Well I guess it all depends how he comes up. If he comes up friendly then I'll pet him. But if he comes aggressive then I'll just have to do what I have to do to protect myself I put a couple holes in his chest. That's just me.

  • " RANGGA" and it would turn into DIRE DOG

  • Make friends instantly and ask him "are you hungry baby, what you want for dinner?"

  • Ill pet him and steal him bc he's adorable 👌🏼

  • BOSS

  • pet the baby

  • I would hug him he looks like a good boy

  • This is what a dog on steroids looks like.

  • I’d tell him he’s a big, beautiful puppy! I love big dogs!

  • Fluffy.

  • Pet him and call him a good boy.

  • ia chamar de totó

  • Run like what u want me to do?

  • bulldozer

  • Wagging tails r a big give away..just saying.🤔🤔

  • I would proceed to crip walk with him


  • Cubs u mean pups right

  • I would ask it Will you be my friend?

  • I would fucken shit myself and play dead

  • Homeless because I wouldn't own it

  • Give him my lunch money tf

  • i would kindly ask him to stop coming towards me

  • I would doo doo. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Baby

  • I wouldn't be afraid if it lmao, I'm not afraid of dogs, but if I gave it a name it'd be Kong like (King Kong) just because it's big and brown lol.

  • In re2 remake I just shoot them and go on about my business sir.

  • Blue

  • I’d say Helo then pet him and give him all my love or her I don’t know

  • Are you sure that's a dog?

  • I’m bowing 🙇‍♂️ down

  • I’d rub him and give him a kiss bc he is so cute 🥰

  • lagosta :)

  • Pup started a whole movement

  • boop his nose that's what

  • Probably burn the pants I was wearing

  • Not even in Game Of Thrones did they look that pissed sweet mercy

  • It had to be a monday