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Are you an automotive history buff? Do you enjoy watching cars being built? Are you infinitely curious about engines? Do you want to know the stories behind some of the coolest cars, all while having a laugh?

Donut Media is a channel for all types of car people, from JDM diehards to American muscle car enthusiasts and everything in between. Every week, we give you new episodes of our most popular shows. Whether your favorite car is the Skyline GT-R, the Dodge Challenger, VW GTI, BMW M3, WRX STi, 4Runner, Miata or Supra - we've got you covered. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy our videos, we have something for everyone.

Before you buy your next car, before you work on your junk car, before you go bumper 2 bumper, no matter what your wheelhouse is, we'll get you up to speed at Donut.

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18:43Why There Are So Many Car Auction Sites Now
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  • Type R awd prelude would be pretty sweet

  • 5:53 i am in tears

  • future is scary

  • where tf is Hyderabad

  • Ford raptors are overrated pos trucks. Plus they look like they were named and designed by toddlers

  • Stans are stalker fans, not superfans…

  • My favorite tesla license plates that U hate to see is when teslas in Kentucky rock the black license that literally says “friends of coal”, but they get it bc it’s black.

  • Hahaha those movies SUCKED SO BAD ... Unless you knew absolute Poop about Cars. I think its funny how they basically all turned into Inspector Gadget.

  • Eww why would i want a Tesla when i cpuld get a Dacia Sandero for a fraction of that price.

  • "Its got a BussiMujo Stand alone DerpSystem and a Stacked Ritornello Deflipper and a Moog Doopinsmirt injector... It has 34 Hp and 7,000,000 Ft/Neutontrons of Thrust... It goes 0 to 60 in Potatoe Seconds."

  • Respect to Nolan and Donut for this video!

  • Not even Musk. Tesla fanboys are the same as Apple or Samsung fanboys. They buy these things only for flexing and feeling better than other people

  • Hey guys I was wondering if you could try and ship to more than just the USA for the stockys because I would really like to get one and can't because I don't live in America. I am sure there are many people that feel the same way and would definitely buy one if it was possible.

  • After a large storm here in south east Melbourne and the power going out for days on end to thousands of homes the prospect of electric cars is dangerous to say the least. What if the power goes out due to some storm or disaster and you hadn’t charged your electric car the night before? But Ted next door filled up with Gasoline just yesterday, who do you think could go further for longer to find safety?

  • I have that dodge charger on the thumbnail

  • FntF. God... I hated them movies lmao... Every time they described Car Crap i was under the impression they just freekin played a butload of Need for Speed... From the 90s... Like... Pre Carbon... Even Carbon... Just Games bot Real life. Lol dumb

  • not wrong my grandpas got a saturn sky he’s put $6k into it in the last year and a half and it still won’t pass emissions 😭

  • 1970 454 SS Chevrolet Chevelle 450 hp?

  • ...and a 66 Galaxie a 65 Continental 460ci Rollin Couch and a Supercharged Nissan Pulsar NX... And a. 87 Honda Prelude 2.0Si ...i had a few

  • 'maximum reliability' is two words.

  • I love tesla to death but the community headed to a direction I don't like. I agree it is the best cars you can buy but I also believe that other cars have a lot to offer. I also believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions and can prefer other cars.

    • Also most the people who are toxic are little kids that don't even own the cars. I am am actually Tesla owner and it is annoying because they give us a bad reputation. I miss the model s days when it was rare to know about tesla.

  • I wish i still had my 74 260Z ... My God... It was Beautiful... And i was so dumb back then haha. I had a 65 Econoline i rebuilt and an absolutely PERFECT 1976 F150 LongBed.

  • I would buy the low cost springs

  • It was worth it cause makes money while doing it ahhaha

  • stylized mission win now maybe? as in win now!?

  • Tu thu DEPTHS!!!

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  • hmmmmm, is there any electric cars that is not bogged down with computers at all?

  • The only thing elon should be focusing on is charging infrastructure. Why would anyone drive a car that they have to worry about filling up?

  • So apparently Larry wheels is a car guy, and he has a 1000hp+ GTR (R35) Awesome sauce

  • Whenever i got a question about cars Donut got it covered

  • I used to really like Elon. He seemed to be the most down to earth of the uber rich, But as time has gone on, Ive started disliking him a lot more and seeing him as dangerous. Hes got so much influence, a single tweet of his can boom or bust entire markets. He can make hundreds of thousands of lives or completely ruin them on a daily basis. That level of influence is dangerous IMO. As for the cars themselves. So many questionable issues with them. Build quality for example. Plus that weird dashcam thats filming the inside of the cabin on the Model X that the owner apparently has no access to or control over. Plus tesla is showing proof of concept to other manufacturers of things like "car DLC" where you have to buy functionality that the car already has equipped and unlock it seperately as an extra charge. Or even as a subscription service, which is a big fat no no.

  • Video starts at 1:40

  • I couldn't understand but watched the whole thing anyway

  • FIA = Federation Internationale de l'Automobile!

  • Tesla is the apple of the car world. It's nothing but a status symbol to 90% of owners. They can't tell you why they bought apple, except that it's the best and android sucks. No reasoning, just does. Tesla owners are basically the same. Why did you buy a Tesla? Because right now it's cool to be the dude with a Tesla. It makes you better than everyone else.

  • It's because Tesla is a fast car for non car people.

  • I think that you've missed the point about Tesla Fan Boys, there is a massive environmental aspect to their thinking, about Electric mobility, you can do more with less and without the dirt and associated pollution, "well with a significant reduction." I've just done some research on the energy required to produce a U.S. gallon of petrol and it appears that it's about 4Kw/hrs per Gallon, the average consumption is 25-26 miles a gallon, and a gallon of petrol has around 34 kW/hrs, so that's 38Kw/hrs. A 2.25-tonne salon (Tesla Model S/Plaid) can run for realistically 350 miles on the equivalent of fewer than 3 Gallons. My favorite car of all time for me was the Bentley Continental GT W12, but even if I could afford one I'd still buy a Tesla Plaid or Cyber Truck because buying an ICE car would be like buying a horse at the turn of the last century.

  • Tesla stans are like the bullshit entrepreneur blogs of the car world

  • Just have a rocket sled with a hell of a lot of down drag and thrust

  • How to fix a cracked dash? Buy a dash mat obviously

  • The only thing unique about your Tesla is where the panel Gaps are

  • The linkin high per sport is a real car

  • Everything you say about tesla fans can be generalized to that upper mid tier priced car owners. Mustang only meets, Fairlady only meets, douchey license plates- Teslas just happen to be one of the, if not the most popular cars in that range now.

  • Nothing is more satisfying, then having a sleeper, that can take a tesla to gapplebees.

  • If you think the Puma is cool (and it really is) wait until you search about the Talking car Miura. Brazil has a surprisingly interesting automotive history, I recommend you check us out more, you guys won't regret it!

  • Man really miss his dad

  • Nice reflection at the end

  • Honestly a huge Saturn 🪐 fan and I’m very offended I’m emailing.

  • I'm waiting for Mazda rx 7 stocky

  • Listen.. We don't hate Teslas.. We just hate the superfan who thinks if its ain't Tesla they better walk to their destination.. I once met this Tesla fan on a parking lot and he's flexing on the Tesla because.. Not everyone has it.. And here I am just wanting to get in my car beside him,yeah he try to rekt me.. He says "ew you run on gas? Aww you poor people" I was like.. Damn I know my s14 spits fire but. Do you have to say it like that.. And we settle it on the road... It was so funny when he try to rev that Tesla.. It ain't even make a sound.. I laugh at him for a moment and rev my car.. Damn I'm almost lost my eardrum... We race.. And uh... He crash before Finnish I want to help him but.. Nah im good and some of the pedestrian look at it and I can hear a boomer clearly says "thats why you dont race with autopilots dumbass"

  • Extreme fans, are obnoxious and toxic. No matter what.

  • Telling us to respect all cars... Coming from an American.......not hypocritical at all. Hahahaha

  • Yes.

  • WRONG ..!!

  • in india, these type of people are called 'bhakts'

  • Engagement engagement engagement

  • Can u guys do the powerstroke history?

  • Best suv is Ford Bronco full size.

  • A guy died making Batman? That's news to me how sad

  • People don't really care about tesla performance. Nobody enjoys driving a tesla. They just enjoy the reaction they get from their passengers when they show off the acceleration of a tesla. Not my words. Words of Chris Harris from top gear.

  • Notice how shaky the cameras are compared to the 60's and 70's greatest chases? It's probably because the old chases were REAL and these new ones aren't I am not a fan of shaky cameras

  • Miata (NA) stocky would be amazing

  • Please post stocky to Europe🙏

  • I didn't see it yet so I will say it. Tesla is just going to become an American product that sells.... how shocking

  • G wagon is the best SUV ever

  • There are definitely also car enthusiasts who refuse to consider anything electric, out of “principle”. Extremists on both sides.

  • You mean before they literally blow up?

  • Twitter account of Mercedes AMG F1 is also very informal.

  • A.I. camera interpretation technology will surpass Lidar substantially over time

  • I can’t believe you guys didn’t include the forged wheels that came on the Nissan Altima SE-R!!! Gorgeous!!!

  • No need to mince words. Tesla fans are weirdos.

  • OMG YES This episode perfectly represents my feelings towards Tesla super fans. Thank you!

  • Have you guys seen the Rivac Nevera

  • Not Tesla, EVs. And, I'll see you at the Cars & Croissants this weekend :-)

  • I wish the license plate "PUT IN" but I'm italian, and Italy don't make these things :[

  • Tesla Superfan boys are just ATI or NVIDIA fanboys of yore that have now grown up into their 30s and 40s and have got the money to buy these and have taken their troll level fanboyism over to cars.

  • can i buy a stocky in europe ?

  • Yup, they've killed the car. EVs are all the same, fast but dull, dull, dull and won't take me as far as I need to go.

  • Lmao you so right about south africa