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Yo! What’s up! I’m Kevan Kenney, you can see me as a host on MTV \u0026 hear me on your radio! I'll be giving you a behind the scenes look into the Friday Livestream, Interviews with your favorite artists, and other fun videos!


7:12Kevan Kenney Vlog: Episode 5
Kevan Kenney Vlog: Episode 5再生回数 30115 時間 前
12:50Kevan Kenney Vlog: Episode 4
Kevan Kenney Vlog: Episode 4再生回数 6267 日 前
16:10Kevan Kenney Vlog: Episode 3
Kevan Kenney Vlog: Episode 3再生回数 1.1K14 日 前
21:01SixTONES Part 3 | Inside Scoop with SixTONES
7:30Kevan Kenney Vlog: Episode 2
Kevan Kenney Vlog: Episode 2再生回数 2.7K2 ヶ月 前
8:24Kevan Kenney Vlog: Episode 1
Kevan Kenney Vlog: Episode 1再生回数 1.4K2 ヶ月 前
18:50SixTONES Part 2 | Inside Scoop with SixTONES
19:40Anthony Ortiz on The Voice | Ozones Ask Anthony
16:08SixTONES Part 1 | Inside Scoop with SixTONES


  • такие счастливые были здесь...

  • we love Dimash and the world need to know this 8th wonder voice from heaven

  • 😁

  • I guess she isn’t single lol

  • Tell Eric I'm sending him lots of love from Europe 😆 Great vlog btw 🙏🏻

    • @Damjana Kovacec thank you damjana. message received your the greatest lol eric

    • @eric horvitz thank you I'm not gonna let it go !

    • in sending my love to Europe JUST dont let it go its pure

  • i think we should make a national or.. international day 👀

    • @Beca May whatever you would dress up as your smile is the best

    • @eric horvitz omg, i think i’d dress up as the obvious choice of ariana grande... or kevan, again. 😂

    • @Beca May OR DRESS UP LIKE YOUR FAVE STAR DAY id dress as santa cause i know the ladys would be lookin what gift i might have 4 them

    • @eric horvitz see that would be great eric but that already exists! 18th july, and apparently july is national ice cream month as well hmmm we need something else likeeee national show sum metal day, that would be cool. 🤘

    • i think national ice cream day beca

  • Nice of Eric to give you those gifts. And you hanging up on Modsun was too funny! 😂 you could’ve waited like 2 seconds for him to finish his sentence like what Ian said. Hahaha! Also, tell Bryce I love his *NSYNC tshirt!

    • the greatest gift 4 me is to be able to give a gift


    • huey if ya a mind to 917 822 5884 eric any hour

  • Another weird thing =>

    • Russia government says avoiding clashes isn't cowardice. True... But this ain't over.

    • --> within several days The answer should be more clear if Putin is going to try to go to war with America, or he's going to back off. Either way. there's going to be a lot of tax money going to the military. And it doesn't really matter that much how America feels about that. There's still several other options. I'm fairly confident in my Krayzi shit. But... Just in case... There's always a back-up plan for a backup plan.

    • Macron made how weird messed up recording for the summit. I watched it like five times. The editing... It was so weird. But I feel like it was on purpose. And I don't know if it was supposed to mess with Putin. But it did. 🤣🤐

    • I know macron remembers some things... From before - Samuel Paty the teacher beheaded because he showed a picture. Right before that happened, I was the crazy lady trying to get his attention, because isis was thinking about attacking again... Then proceeded to send him the direction of isis members that were in France. While trying to hold other people back from doing anything. Which worked.... I had also been trying to subtly suggest to him to read the Quran. understand in solidarity with other countries condemning the concentration camps in China that are killing Muslims... That was part of operation Hong Kong. Which was also me. I documented a lot of it. I called them my protester babies. I got a few hundred thousand people to put on a Guy Fawkes mask. And said welcome to the Black parade. Kinda

    • Almost feel bad because I told macron to play head games with Putin... But nobody was ever going to expect me to do shit I did. And I'm sure for a moment people were like wtf?!? It should make sense to them soon. Well, at least some of them.

  • Eric seems cool.

  • Cigars are bad for your health


    • @eric horvitz especially if you smoke it

    • so is poison ivy

    • I should probably listen to the universe. It might know what it's doing... I sure af don't I'm a hot mess

    • Now to find something to do with my life that doesn't consist of breaking the law... I would have been asleep by now... But I think stress got me.... And I think I mean I know it does. => Worst part == death threats I took some screenshots from my fb messenger ( that is currently shut down ) and put them on my Instagram. And my accounts that randomly magically got temporarily suspended or whatever... It was the perfect timing.

  • Eric is a real samaritan. Love your „Charlie‘s Angel“ shirt 😎.

  • It's about Eric👍👍👍

  • Eric was the highlight of the video.... nice hair Kevan

  • You always beyond my imagination! GREAT interview to people in Town.

  • Awwww! ❤️❤️

  • Hi, greetings Eric and you ✌️✌️✌️

  • snowmanのパパとママのインタビューでしたが、ヒカルクンは英語がお上手だし、発言されることもシッカリとしていて、さすがリーダーだと思いました。フッカクン、もうdrivers licenseはとれましたか?運転にはくれぐれも気を付けてね。🤗✌️💖

  • Thanks Kevan! I really like the atmosphere between the three of us and I keep coming back.

  • When is this new Album coming :(

  • Thank you for making Kyomo sing solo!

  • リクエスト今週もがんばりましょう☃️💕 本当に二人のインタビュー嬉しい💛💜

  • 今週もMTVのついったリクエスト始まりました☃️💕リクエスト用の定型文をリツイートかいいねするだけでも、リクエストに参加できるのでぜひリクエストにご参加くださいね💛💜 初めての方やよくわからない方は、Snow Man World Request さんをご参照ください!

  • I'm the ultimate humble Queen 💅 There can only be one!!

    • My humble narcissism 😂

  • 9:40 Well now I'm thinking about my dating life... Fuck me! 🤦🏻‍♀️ ... 🤔 All I can say is perhaps second gen cicada

    • **It seemed like a bad omen and I can't really blame me ian... But sum shit made me laugh so it can't be all that bad.

    • This made me laugh and I feel better now. Maybe I'll be lucky and get sleep.

    • I'm actually watching the video again... And I'm sad that I broke my guitar strings - that was not the best day And I haven't even play the guitar in a while -- broken finger doesn't help either :-(

    • And a lot of people hate me doing things with ISIS... And honestly the f*****-up thing is... There has been times I have just bitched them and other groups into submission 😂😭😂 Not even joking. if my Rick Sanchez account wasn't shutdown it was all on there. I still have some screenshots of just port scanning.

    • I am such a hot mess... However.. yeah... I just didn't say why I couldn't sleep...

  • 9:10 Oh God the timing freaked me out Lololol

    • Actually... just a little bit for a few reasons... Especially with that whole sugar mama ++ cougar thing

  • Oh God! 5:08 Actually started getting the song out of my head a little faster than I thought... But you went back to the song! Sonova! It's actually really great song. And stanning The 1975 is good for your health.

  • Now... I'm going to have sugar Ray falls apart stuck in my head for days.... Damn you Kenny! You bastard!! <3

  • بدايتي الجديد ام رانيا مرت من هون بأحلا لايك لأجمل وأروع محتوى

  • 全員のインタビュー観られる日がくるかな😆くるといいな🎵

  • greetings from NYC! keep the content coming!

  • Кеван, спасибо большое за беседу с Димашем!

  • このきょもイケメン度爆発してない?

  • これからも6人でいてほしい🥺応援してます❤️

  • 今週もSnow Manが3位👑嬉しかったです😊 kevanの名前が日本のトレンド入りしてました☺️ 来週も上位目指してREQUESTがんばります💪

  • 今日のFLSでこの動画が日本の急上昇に入ったと話してくれました。Snow Manファン、見てくれてありがとう!って。 今日も最終3位でした。JPfilmのチャットリクエストだけでも参加してくれる方が増えたら助かります。

  • Kevan, thank you so much for doing this interview with Snow Man! I'm so glad you had fun talking with Hikaru and Tatsuya! I hope you'll interview the other members of Snow Man, too, because they're fun.

  • Snow Man2週連続3位おめでとう✨ Kevan Thank you again today! I'm very happy that Snow Man has been in 3rd place for 2 weeks in a row!

  • 人狼部屋とゲームマスターの椅子🐺✨

  • 今週の MTVFLSリクエスト、Snow Manは3位スタートです⛄️💖ここからチャットリクエストで3位キープできるようがんばります😊

  • Hey, it was a great interview with snowman, kevan.Thanks.🤗👍

  • I love this interview and watch it severall times a day. I wish more Snow Man Fans could see it! もっと多くのすの担さんに見てほしい。 いつかインタビューを実現してほしいと思ってリクエスト続けていたけど、予想以上に良いインタビューでうれしい! これから先他のメンバーもインタビューしてもらえるようリクエスト続けます。

  • 今週のリクエストもラストスパート!!


  • Kevan Thank you always! I want people all over the world to know about Snow Man!

  • 英語力低くなってて悲しんでるスノ担…

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  • Thank you Kevan 💞 二人のインタビュー👏👏👏 深澤くんは面白い事言ってるし岩本くん笑顔が最高! またTOP5になったら他のメンバーも見れるかな?凄く楽しみです⛄

  • MTV FridayLivestream is on tomorrow ✨

  • This video was awesome...nice to see what's going on in your workplace👍

  • Who is out here chewing pens during a pandemonium?


  • Kevan's always right... awesome 🤣🤣🤣

  • Huey singing My confessions is deffo a highlight in this one 😂😂

  • You need to have a jam session with Mark McGrath

  • I like to see this interview💛💜

  • Exactly! I'm hooked by Hikaru🎣 😂Thanks for the nice interview, Kevan. lol


  • SixTONES💎

  • Snowman they're so cool. Hi kevan I would like to see you interview Dolla girl group from Malaysia next they are releasing new songs soon

  • I Love the vídeo I Love you Kevan 🥰

  • 1:31 with that green leather fit cannot believe he struck out 🙃! (Gotta do the NYC subway ,my daughter used to busk there and made bank!) 2:00 so it's like a Jason Derulo thing? 3:04 The petty is strong here lol (betting can be addictive my generation learned this from a story Arc on Beverly Hills 90210, pace yourself) 6:40 that is just gross... yall need to get to the bottom of that especially in the time of Covid.. 9:00 I don't envy you all out there dating this day and age. That struggle seems real 10:40 kinda Waynes world vibes here 😁

  • It looks like you have so much fun in your job😂👍🏻

  • Your so handsome

  • kevan kenney your a shooting star your love for life & people lights the way for the world

  • Kevan:"we have a new segment on the vlog Kevans always right." Camera man: *switches angle and zooms into a side eye* 🤣 I got office vibes from that hahaha

  • That was fun. Nice to have a look at your workplace. 😁

  • #exposeproducerjai

  • I love the video

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Spirit

  • 今週もリクエスト頑張ります‼️ もっともっとリクエストされる方が増えますように🙏

  • Kevanといわふかインタビュー、本当に夢のようでした💛💜 今週もリクエスト頑張りましょう☃️☃️

  • 💖💖💖💖💖

  • JPfilmのMTVチャンネルで、毎週土曜日朝6時〜9時まで(日本時間)”Friday Livestream “ (FLS) が配信されてます。 (1)毎週火曜日12am〜土曜日6amまで、Twitter でリクエスト受付しています。詳しくは『Snow Man World Request』さんのアカウントに書かれています。 (2)毎週土曜日6am〜9am(日本時間)の番組配信されている時間帯は、FLSのチャット欄で「REQUEST Snow Man 」って書き込んでもらえると、1リクエストになります。時間内なら何度でもリクエストできます。 先週、FLSのMCケバンさんがひーくん&ふっかのインタビューを公開してくれましたが、みなさんご覧になりましたか? 一部のスノ担さんが半年以上前からリクエストし続けてくれたことで、トップリクエストアーティストの常連になり、インタビューをオファーされました。今後もトップリクエストアーティストをキープできれば、また第2弾のインタビューをオファーされるのも夢じゃないです‼️他のメンバーのインタビューも見たくないですか? Twitter、JPfilmどちらかだけでのリクエスト参加でも構いません。1人でも多くの方に参加していただければ、大きな力になります。よろしくお願いします🙇‍♀️

  • We would like everyone to request Snow Man on Friday Livestream(FLS). FLS has started to take requests by Twitter, on Tuesdays from 12am to Saturday 6am (Japan time). more information is at “Snow Man World Request “ Twitter account. Every Saturday, 6am to 9am (Japan time) on MTV channel, JPfilm, FLS will be live - you can also “Request Snow Man “ on the chat page. The Iwamoto & Fukazawa interview was offered because they were the top requested artist. If we keep requesting they may be interviewed again !

  • Their english and japanese are so cute🥺❤️

  • The blanket is so beautiful 🥰 I have absolutely no clue what humpy bumpy or humpy pumpy means and I had hard times understanding you but anyway I like your vlogs a lot. And don’t forget you will never be alone. A big hug from Germany.

  • いわふかしか勝たん!

  • 二人ともカッコいいです💜💛 何回も見れて嬉しいな☺️ また今週もREQUEST Snow Man ⛄