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I've always wanted to try these再生回数 651K日 前
27:30Maybe Building Your Own PC is a BAD Idea
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1:13:35NVIDIA gets Destroyed - WAN Show March 19, 2021
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The Disney PC is REAL and WE GOT ONE!再生回数 1.5M22 日 前


  • Linus you are right company nvidia is asshole GeForce now is bad and they dont fix it shits expensive

  • WAIT he did that in 2019? O_O

  • Man the duct tape part really gave me a good laugh. Great vid

  • Yeah I just use the myQ app. I've only been logged out a few times and usually force closing and re-opening the app actually magically logs you back in.

  • I've had MyQ for like 5 years with no issues. Linus seems to have the worst luck

  • I think the best workaround would just be getting a robot hand that just pushes a button from the inside.

  • Yes

  • The data mining digital age forces people to choose between convenience or control with no extra or inherent guarantee of security or functionality. You are not provided the feature but instead must give them the rights and access to employ the feature on your thanks.

  • *Thanks Linus! If it wasn’t for your expert tips, I wouldn’t been able to make this comment!*

  • A professional home automation system like Control4, Crestron, Savant, Elan, or RTI doesn't have any of those issues. Those systems are compatible with almost anything. If you uses the company's devices, zwave, zigbee, serial, IP, or IR products, you can almost entirely avoid the cloud. It can also work with cloud devices. With most off-the-shelf products, if you lose your internet connection, you can't control your house, but with this, everything you need is located in a server rack. The systems are significantly more expensive, but if you get a good installer, the system works great. These companies create sleek touchscreens and universal remotes. Everything is programmed much easier as well. Home Assistant works great, but professional systems work better.

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  • I needa 2021 refresh, obviously just at msrp prices

  • It's worth pointing out that "direct" integration with MyQ is cloud polling, not local access. So you're still at the mercy of Chamberlain's cloud services no matter what.

  • Right of the bat, 1st common mistake of "PC Set Up enthusiasts". Not running on a tight budget. Even if you have money to burn, if you don't have a number to max out spending, you can EASILY go over your expectations. This kills any PC set up project payoffs.

  • I love the fact you garmble ok google so you dont trip fans systems

  • And now ots old and outdated lol...

  • ...there is no queue. If there was, I'd be in one.

  • You can link home assistant and Google home without having a domain name.

  • First world problems

  • I would've next gone to an actuator to physically press the button on the wall unit XD

  • 2:56 Even though you reversed "OK Google" or whatever you did, it still picked up on my Google Home.

  • All I need is some motors and an arduino...

  • You spent money on the domain name! That's more that the subscription fee!

  • Sounds like you created a bunch of problems that you didn't have before. Manual is the best.

  • ich hasse den deutschen Akzent, den andere Länder mit anderen Sprachen versuchen nachzumachen....da schwingt irgendwie noch der Hass gegenüber den Nazis mit

  • super cool project!!

  • 0:40 into the video now, i am guessing MQTT+Nodered+Homebridge(if there is iOS devices)

  • Sometimes I think you just have to accept that if it aint broke then don't fix it

  • "This smart home stuff is a security risk" *literally everyone working in IT laughing

  • i got a 3070 for $659

  • That was gross.

  • Alternative title: Why you shouldn't bother having a smart home

  • Ifttt, the automation guys, totally didn’t automate for 10000s of people suddenly. Not paying

  • I don't know why you didn't use home assistant years ago lol. It's awesome.

  • that's a old woman living room. sorry to tell you. you'd need a real estate investor renovation to change it.

  • Still can't believe Linus was clean shaven for the longest time

  • They're welcome to my Facebook location and DoB - it false information anyway! 😄

  • Linus has finally seen the light; Home Assistant is great!

  • Your cars should be new enough to have a button on the mirror you can program for your garage door? All of mine do, sure it is only slightly better then leaving the fob in your car but who is going to steal a review mirror?

  • فيديو رائع

  • Wouldnt it be easier to have a car with homelink integrated that actually opens and closes the garage door automatic.

  • Yeah, that is why I did not get caught on the smart home shit. It is fucking dumb, really.

  • "Extreme Tech Overly-Ambitious Employees"

  • isnt python+raspberry py simplier?

  • Im not paying for a subscription...10 grand spent on adobe 🙄


  • Linus has got a haircut???? Welcome back from the cave!

  • So the only thing to break into the Garage is to send Linus a voicemail saying "Ok google open both garages"?

  • that intro when he snaps forward hahahahahashaha

  • why not use filed bus+plc?

  • I would rather manually open the door than go through this shit.

  • After watching this I have a weird urge to pull off all the stickers off everything/anything in my house...

  • That entire GPU installation part... oh man, my poor heart. Great job otherwise!

  • linus said if the girl in the video was her daughter he wouldve had her at 13. the girl said she was 20 so therefore. linus is ethier 34-35 years old

  • This is why I keep the 80s old reliable button

  • ferrite clip over noise supressor on each wire should fix it,

  • 16:12 that is what every employee wants to hear from his boss

  • My home mini still recognised that "okay, Google" lol.

  • 1st world problems? watch this video for 1st world solutions.

  • I installed all these wemo light switches all over my house. About a year ago they made me make an account and update things. It’s never worked since

  • At 0:05:40 my brain said "jiggle the safety system, that's required by law to be wired." Oh, you forgot to twist the wires and wrap them with shielding. Idea. QRcode just above your center rear view mirror mount and a motion detecting camera hitched to an old cellphone. And pull strings by the drivers' doors inside.

  • I’m glad I still have my 1990’s garage door opener - It has a small fob :-)

  • Literally the most complicated unreliable ways to do simple shit is what this channel is all about

  • I thought a point in having a pc was to show it off

    • Other then that amazing job keep going

  • I would have probably bought an old garage door and wired a pcb

  • Thinking for months about home assistant to control the heating at home... Now LTT talking about it... let's go boyyyz

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  • Spends 1000s to save a few bucks on monthly subscription Linus Logic Everybody xD


  • Doesn't the Odyssey have Honda homelink can't you just program your garage door to your Odyssey.

  • This videois amazing havent cried from laughter so much !!! :'D

  • Hey linus I challenge you to spend 24 hours only with zephyrus g14.Basically want a review of the laptop.

  • Funny myQ works perfectly for me it never logs me out when I switch from wifi to cell service and it does open and close from my phone with no problem and been using it for almost 2 years and for free

  • Damn it sure sucks to use android eh

  • Just use a damned clicker lol

  • the fact that she laughs when she almost fully fucks up her 1,500 pc hurts me

  • Okay I have a question if the original little device needed the old Wi-Fi to be able to change it to the new Wi-Fi why not just use a mobile hotspot and spoof the Wi-Fi then using another phone or device you could easily change it to the new Wi-Fi?

  • Fun Theory: He's the big brother of blackxworm the world most advanced camper

  • I swear to god if I had a dollar for every time I’ve gone through a similar thing like this, where I have some 1 million IQ idea to save a few bucks, and then it starts getting complicated because the simple thing you want to do turns out to not be that simple, and then extra steps start getting added if you want to reach your goal, then you get about halfway into it and it becomes a pride thing because you don’t want all of the time you already spent on the stupid project to go to waste, So instead of knuckling under and just doing it the easy way, you man up and stumble through it lolol

  • Is no one gonna talk about that intro?!...