Kanata Ch. Kanata Amane

Kanata Ch. Kanata Amane Kanata Ch. Kanata Amane

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Hey! This is Kanata Amane, from Hololive 4th generation. PP angel is me!
Stream every night!
I'm clumsy but I'll do my best!!!!(*'ω'*)


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  • Юра?

  • Yea

  • hay bastante diferencia en el relieve ; )

  • pain

  • Pain peko...


  • Я не плачу, это просто слёзы 😭

  • Учитель: никаких танцев в классе! Чуваки с задних парт:

  • Understandable, have a great day.

  • Ive missed these so much wtf

  • o7 love you both

  • I showed this to my friend and he subscribed immeadiately.

  • They do the slav sit.

  • QAQ

  • Enjoy it while it last's

  • I get that she's leaving Hololive to do something different but..... Why does she have to move out? (out of PPTenshi's place)

  • reddit meme review / Hint: Not Yagoo, not gorilla.

  • We will always remember, you Kaichou, Godspeed o7

  • 天使與龍的輪舞


  • 夫婦円満な光景。

  • *When a storm is coming* The trees:

  • The bgm is bright but 🐧 its still raining... just seeing the thumbnail made me hesitate to watch it cuz Ive realized in a few weeks this would be an memory of someone precious to us.... Am i just taking it too deep? (._.) i dunno

  • Sorry for laughing at you back then Kanatan.

  • これを聴いた当時は、全然ホロライブを知らなかったけど聴いてるとからだ全体がもう、ブワーッ!ってなたったんだよね

  • Dragorilla

  • This song is just perfect for the two of them

  • "This is like a good kid trying to be rebellious" -Seiryuuu Kamiki

  • てえてえ <3

  • Not me thinking they were gonna sing a KANABOON song

  • Yurayurayurayura ring dong eh?

  • Someone SC Kanata and ask her to do a Jolyne Cujoh impression

  • This cover should get some serious views, underrated when compared to other amazing Kanata covers I've been listening to this daily for months and it's such a mood, love it <3

  • Nandakore

  • Auto-gen caption: *"This is war and wine states y él"*

  • かなた揺れてるけど揺れてない…何がとは言わないよ?

  • We won't be seeing this in the following days anymore

  • 声が好きすぎる

  • why are there an gorilla i wanna see a real angel where’s towa!?

  • 何でもありかよミートピア

  • ゆらゆら~

  • she sounds like she grew up in some gang

  • If only this time would last foreve

  • Ma hart

  • My eyes are just sweating I'm not crying...

  • Already in the studio with the new song

  • I've seen others do this and I decided to as well. DAY 1: I can't feel emotions well recently and everything is numb and I hate it, but music helps a lot. I really like Tenshi's voice. Right now I have no talents, but just like my friend says, if I keep trying my hardest even when life sucks I'll be good at singing some day. Hololive has helped me a lot, and I will become a member of Holostars. If I can just do that and help other people in the same way, I think my life will have actually amounted to something. I have listened to this song by Kanata again today.

  • They are looking at us, loading the nuke into the TU-4.

  • (・ω・)

  • her ability to quickly hit those high notes perfectly on top instead of falling short is so good

  • Go go kanata... Make a lot memories, for you, other members, and us

  • 桐生会に栄光あれ 桐生会は不滅なり!

  • These shitposts are gonna hit differently a month from now

  • かわいいとかっこいい両極振り天使か👼

  • Coc

  • .

  • Uhhh... Hearth attack

  • yurayura

  • Coco will graduate, indeed, But that doesn't change the friendship between KanaCoco!!!

  • pettan

  • Coco 😭😭😭

  • .

  • Don't cry don't cry don't cry

  • QAQ

  • 2:50:25 自分用

  • Those ninjas again

  • This Is What Happened To Her Voice - Chubbyemu .... Probably

  • Its a beautiful day outside, birds are singing flowers are blooming, on days like this, people like me, SHOULD BE CRYING RIGHT NOW

  • これが見れるのも7月1日までか、、、

  • ないものねだり。。。

  • *:')*

  • The clock is ticking UNUS ANNUS UNUS ANNUS

  • This is what really happened here: Kanata leans on Coco, accidentally got stabbed by Coco's horn. Kanata fought back and stabs Coco with her hair piece. Coco made her revenge and stabbed kanata once again in the face.

  • Furue.. yura yura... Oh what?

  • 😄 😢

  • The only reason why im not crying over her graduation is because i know her second channel... *still pretty sad tho*

  • Kanata: "Hey Coco, remember that video we filmed yesterday where we just swayed back and forth but other than that, did absolutely nothing?" Coco: ".......Uhhhhh... yeah, what happened to it?" Kanata: "Can we do it again, but shorter and from a different angle?" Coco: "............." Kanata: :) Coco: "Only for you, tenshi..."