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Hey! This is Kanata Amane, from Hololive 4th generation. PP angel is me!
Stream every night!
I'm clumsy but I'll do my best!!!!(*'ω'*)


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  • Ah, a careless whisper mayhaps?

  • Hey sexy marine lemme whisper in your ear, tell you some things that you might like to hear

  • the perfect game for flying gorilla

  • Ahoy

  • Don't hear anything, but still love it liked it and it was amazing.

  • The comments and wining this so much xDDDDD

  • "get on roblox marin"

  • I nearly went deaf when the next video auto-played.

  • Kanata whisper to Marine "coco boobies are bigger...."

  • ホロライブのホワイトゴレイヌこと天音かなたです。

  • "amogus" "sus"

  • "You dance like you're 40"

  • Ginyu Tokusentai!

  • POV They are talking about you in school

  • Sorry I cant see anything It's too flashing

  • Kanata really be providing us with amazing meme templates and we aren't using them all!

  • "Kusa"

  • I've seen the lord

  • ピックアップもされてないのに一点狙いで爆死とは言わないでしょ。他の星3キャラ出てるんだから。なるべくしてなったとしか同情もできないし、面白くも無かった。面白くないのはいつものことだけど。

  • It's free real estate

  • Well that's just prime...?

  • Bruh

  • Terrible, lloremos. 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kars & Wamuu & Esidisi

  • 船長の加齢臭を嗅いでるかなたん?

  • じっと見てるなぁって思ってたら・・・・ 概要欄~~

  • "Hey little mama let me whisper in ya ear"

  • Hi

  • Now she just has to do this for 14 hours straight.

  • Bones don’t hurt when you’re a gorilla

  • "We're on the same boat budy"

  • whos whispering? all I see is the wall and Houshou Marine

  • ゲリラでゴリラめちゃくちゃ楽しかったです 🤣

  • わたしのことみえている?

  • They're laughing at you for giving money to a v-tuber instead of using it to take a real girl on a date. Stay strong, boys. You'll find a girl eventually, as long as you actually try.

  • 保護者の方ですか?

  • everyone is becoming more like fubuki

  • Mayonegg

  • Interesting

  • "you got the white stuff? Nice N granulated?"

  • 囁いた?笑

  • ん?どうした、かなたん 船長の髪が臭かったのかい?

  • "a h o y"

  • "Hail Hydra"

  • "Glory to Gawratozka"



  • How can a gorilla Nyan like the original 😳

  • You think this video it was about marine...but it was me! Kanata!

  • "Have you ever heard the tragedy of..."

  • never realized how cute marine is once you take away the horny

  • キンタマーニの育成オナシャス!

  • Kanata: "look at this guy. He is horny"

  • 今さっき10連してライスシャワーきました。 課金は良く考えてからしようかと思いました!動画ありがとうございます😊

  • Nyan -Cat- -Angel- Gorilla.

  • Plot twist that's coco instead marine

  • When they said. I felt that.😔

  • "Erogake."

  • *The Kiryu's send their regards*

  • "Pretend like we're friends."

  • I was half expecting Marine to blank out of existance after the whispering. Thank you for sparing her, Angel :)

  • 寝てくれw

  • a part of me was expecting loud screaming with a calm face as she 'whispers'

  • She probably wanted to be a part of nijinyanji but realized she's hololive

  • marine doesn’t even breathe.

  • Imma play this at max volume and finally enjoy some peace and quiet

  • This took me back to a simpler time and I miss those days.

  • キスするのかと思った‪w💫

  • "watashi no koto miterundesho?"

  • Nyan Gorilla

  • 耳が幸せじゃ

  • 超かわいいですにゃ パワポ天使のかなたにゃんにゃん

  • Marine has such a cute 3D model.

  • Thank you for your wisdom, Kanata

  • What did she say?

  • 35...B

  • Girls do this all the time.

  • 👀

  • "using asacoco summons sexy oversea guys and ladies"

  • 一方、前売りチケットで無料で店頭で入手できます( T_T)\(^-^ )