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Yoshiki is a composer, classically-trained pianist, rock drummer, and the leader of the world-famous rock group X Japan, who has sold 30 million singles and albums combined. Yoshiki was named by Consequence of Sound as "one of the most influential musicians and composers in Japanese history" and is described by Billboard Magazine as "prolific" and "a musical innovator".
Yoshiki's film and television credits include composing music for Saw IV, Repo! The Genetic Opera, and “The Golden Globe Awards”. After receiving the Asian Icon Award from UK’s Classic Rock Magazine, Yoshiki was chosen as the first Japanese man to appear on the cover of Vogue Japan.


15:34Yoshikimono Tokyo Fashion Week S/S 2020 by YOSHIKI
2:39We Are X Trailer (French Subtitle)
We Are X Trailer (French Subtitle)再生回数 29K3 年 前
1:28We Are X | End Title - La Venus
We Are X | End Title - La Venus再生回数 300K4 年 前
WE ARE X | FILM TRAILER再生回数 419K4 年 前
1:43X Japan - Wembley Arena - March 4, 2017
X Japan - Wembley Arena - March 4, 2017再生回数 125K5 年 前
0:43Message from Yoshiki - #XDAY coming soon!
10:57X Japan Endless Rain from "The Last Live" HD
5:43X Japan Rusty Nail from "The Last Live" HD
2:51Challenge Yoshiki (Sia - Chandelier)
Challenge Yoshiki (Sia - Chandelier)再生回数 289K5 年 前
0:42X Japan - Hero (lyric video trailer)
X Japan - Hero (lyric video trailer)再生回数 113K6 年 前
5:29X Japan - Rusty Nail (Anime Version)
X Japan - Rusty Nail (Anime Version)再生回数 2.2M6 年 前
5:01X Japan - I.V. (Official Music Video) HD
6:24X Japan Jade PG Version
X Japan Jade PG Version再生回数 195K6 年 前
5:46Yoshiki World Tour in London
Yoshiki World Tour in London再生回数 126K6 年 前
2:50Yoshiki World Tour in Beijing
Yoshiki World Tour in Beijing再生回数 92K6 年 前
3:54Yoshiki World Tour in Paris
Yoshiki World Tour in Paris再生回数 112K6 年 前
4:19Yoshiki World Tour in Berlin
Yoshiki World Tour in Berlin再生回数 148K6 年 前
1:45#Yoshiki at MCM #London #ComicCon
#Yoshiki at MCM #London #ComicCon再生回数 37K6 年 前
2:59Yoshiki World Tour in Moscow
Yoshiki World Tour in Moscow再生回数 89K6 年 前
4:32Yoshiki World Tour in Mexico
Yoshiki World Tour in Mexico再生回数 120K6 年 前
3:48Yoshiki Classical Tour Part 1
Yoshiki Classical Tour Part 1再生回数 31K6 年 前
1:41YOSHIKI headphones
YOSHIKI headphones再生回数 40K7 年 前
5:44Yoshiki Classical - behind the scenes
Yoshiki Classical - behind the scenes再生回数 186K7 年 前
1:50Yoshiki Classical Teaser Video
Yoshiki Classical Teaser Video再生回数 254K7 年 前
2:31Yoshiki X Japan on ABC World News
Yoshiki X Japan on ABC World News再生回数 25K7 年 前
6:27X Japan Born To Be Free at Nissan Stadium
0:58Blood Red Dragon Yoshiki Trailer
Blood Red Dragon Yoshiki Trailer再生回数 12K7 年 前
2:40X Japan World Tour Volume I
X Japan World Tour Volume I再生回数 75K7 年 前
0:15Yoshiki X Japan Drum Diving
Yoshiki X Japan Drum Diving再生回数 14K7 年 前
7:13X Japan Kurenai from The Last Live- HD
X Japan Kurenai from The Last Live- HD再生回数 331K7 年 前


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  • This is a great song, I'm a L'arc en Ciel fan, I like the Hyde voice but I think it should be "ending", all the openings had an extreme force, they are patriotic and admit it, we felt the power of the humanity just by hearing them, this song is great but came in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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  • Nothing to quote here , the song already speaks about how it will all end . Fans just need to keep an open mind


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  • Just rubbish of an intermediate-level drummer. 99% showoff 1% talent. A complete waste of time.

  • What a beautiful performance! Thank you, from a fan from way back in the day.

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  • この曲自体に興味にないけど、YOSHIKIが弾いたら別の曲に聞こえて浸みるものがあります!わたしだけ?


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  • not me breaking down at 2:18am to this song and the spoilers

  • The solo is just perfect

  • Hola soy luz escribo desde México pero estaba pensando en un deseo cuando le di click y comenzó este video, gracias me emosionoooooo gracias

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  • can't believe it's almost 2 years since this masterpiece was released 😭💖 I keep coming here every day... I'm really gonna cry when snk ends 😭

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  • フランスTV出演。お疲れ様でした。Yoshikiさんいつ見てもお綺麗です。(^o^) お身体を大切にお過ごしください。

  • Increible artist and performer. Yoshiki is a legend that trascends the heavy metal world.

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