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This channel is dedicated to the building of microturbine engines and other various things made from scratch, using only household materials and a lot of patience!


2:59*Quick Update* -  Measuring Boost the CORRECT Way!
15:25TWIN RC Wankel Rotary Engine First Run!
TWIN RC Wankel Rotary Engine First Run!再生回数 870K3 ヶ月 前
10:05Inline 4 Cylinder FOUR Stroke 13,500 rpm RC Engine!
10:05Making a Miniature 5 Vane Air Motor
Making a Miniature 5 Vane Air Motor再生回数 238K5 ヶ月 前
13:453 Speed Electric RC Car - Part 2/2
3 Speed Electric RC Car - Part 2/2再生回数 511K6 ヶ月 前
7:348 + 8 Cylinder Stirling Engine
8 + 8 Cylinder Stirling Engine再生回数 286K6 ヶ月 前
10:58Miniature Inline 4 Cylinder 32cc Watercooled Engine
7:42Inline 2 Cylinder 4 Stroke RC Engine Test
17:353 Speed Electric RC Car - Part 1/2
3 Speed Electric RC Car - Part 1/2再生回数 883K7 ヶ月 前
15:24R/C V4 Car Final Modifications \u0026 Run!
12:03RC Jet Engine Thrust Test
RC Jet Engine Thrust Test再生回数 6M10 ヶ月 前
13:02RC V4 Car Full Brake Disc System Test!
RC V4 Car Full Brake Disc System Test!再生回数 2.9M10 ヶ月 前


  • nice

  • Just wondering, have you melted one down yet through too much air pressure and what are the rpm's at that point? Also what is the highest air pressure you have fed to one . Have always dreamed of one of these driving a jet turbine and getting something airborne....

  • Damn this video is beautiful you’re amazing man!

  • "not revving very high until its broken in" as your bouncing off the limiter

  • Use that to power an rc car and you'll have the kids with their 200 dollar rcs jealous

  • Must be the new turbo for the new f150

  • Could I have the make and model of your lathe please !...and ditto for your 3D printer....I sure would appreciate..Thanks

  • Without oil engine?

  • CNC machine is good , but spindle is bad .

  • Teo teoo teoo soy diego

  • Somebody needs to use this to make a tiny controllable airplane and it would be epic

  • i think you should make a V8 engine

  • Dude how are you so amazingly intelligent?! I wish I possessed the artistic ability and mental Genius to create projects like this and the ones in all of your other videos!!

  • is should need oil

  • absolutely love the tapping stand thing

  • clamping the mini chuck in the vise....... in a perfect vertical 90 degree angle....... ? ? ? ?............= how..... ???

  • Fuck this is so epic vs just slapping some electric motor in an RC car, this shit is cooler than shit.

  • Mery bhai ye kaha se main bye kar sakta hoon ye to batao

  • Your car its so 🔥😍❤️

  • Came for the engine, stayed for the machining.

  • New video

  • Olá beleza pesual.em quanto é esse motor aí

  • Τhis thing os roaring

  • Hello Johnyq90, How are you? I am looking a steam turbine like yours, Is possible to buy it? Thank you.

  • LOCKDOWN!?!???? yall can't even go out to a street!?!?😳 GO DEMOCRATS!!!😂😭😂😭😂😭😂

  • Awesome videos ! 👍

  • Looks and sounds fantastic ! 👍

  • Sure you can produce useful energy you just need a few hundred more of them

  • next up: 6 cylinder 3 piston toyan engine

  • Vraiment magnifique de la précision au top bravo 👍👍👍👍👍

  • You could probably also melt it and use in a silicon mold for recreating small plastic parts instead of resin. Good video!


  • love the video JohnnyQ90! Looks like you managed to turn a hobby into a full-fledged, well-oiled money multiplier - love it, brother! And not surprised if you have people pay you tons of money to have these jet motors and other gadget-esque, cool primed inventions to show off to their buddies or use for personal or business use. Shit, having over 1M subs, gotta be doing something right - I could definitely use some of your talents and passion - I'm currently developing (in R&D) a device that is specially meant to remove hairs/debris from textiles. I currently have some printed prototypes but the issue I have is driving/amplifying the cleaning heads of this semi-robotic movement device. I have been at this project/product for the last 12 months and got some 3d printed parts and other videos/CAD designs/sketches for you to work off of. I envision a product like this will really stir up the clothing & upholstery markets and down the road make a splash and put Dyson and other big vacuum manufacturers on their heels. If you love building things and very handy, which clearly you are, I would say, let's jump on board and make history!

  • I took a steel grinding disc to a ceramic Crucible and it didn't do jack.

  • Price kitna hai

  • I have the same radio, great range and very reliable!

  • I was surprised at the motor sound when the gear changes. I have a Schumacher XTR-3e which is 3 speed but I didn't like it because RWD + short wheelbase = uncontrollable. The car was too unstable so it went on a shelf in the garage lol and I haven't used it for years but the thing I remember was the engine sound changing to a lower tone on gear changes. At high RPM it sounded like an F1 car changing gear, it was awesome. I suspect yours doesn't lower in tone because the motor is too powerful, and on gear change the motor isn't slowing down but the wheels instantly turn faster. Those white spur gears are very soft and don't last long so I suspect with that much power and those gear changes, the teeth will shread quickly.

  • I guess to summarize this just eyeball it and hope your lucky.

  • Those Schumacher gears are made of cheese. I think they used the same in the XTR-3e and they really don't last long even with a nitro engine.

  • thanks for your help with me all brothers and subscribers 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍

  • now a mini rx-7

  • I could use this machine to make a machine that would destroy the world.... But where to get $6000.00?

  • Oh and only 6-10k...🙄... must be nice...

  • Olá.quanto é esse motor aí

  • Καλησπέρα. Είμαι από Αθήνα, Μαρούσι και έχω ένα παλιό θερμικό Kyosho TR-15. Μου έχει σπάσει τι ένα πίσω άκρο που βιδώνει ο τροχός. Επειδή δεν βρίσκω ανταλλακτικό, θα σε ενδιέφερε να σου στείλω ένα από τα καλά να το φτιάξεις στον τόρνο???

  • Running a tad rich still you already broke the engine in in another vid so you might want to lean it out a bit what type clutch u runner there? If leanin it out doesn’t help you might want a stiffer clutch

  • Looks a tad small for a 1/8 scale

  • NIce !!

  • Not sure why but these videos are so therapeutic.

  • Slow on bottom end let it rip

  • Are you selling the car if so how much

  • Are you owner of a personal power station? Use a transformer, a piece of heating wire, a piece of thermoinsulation matt and a multimeter with thermo couple instead of HUGE KITCHEN OVEN for amount of electricity you poured into your 'free recycled sticks' is just a bullshit in your bills!

  • Wouldn't orientating it level solve the uneven wick fuel distribution? Also, perhaps you could mount the hot cylinders with metal rings and use a commercial heatpipe (like those in CPU air coolers) to transfer heat from a central source?

  • la dremel a 6000€ :o

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  • I would love to use this for copping vegetables

  • I think theres something missing on i think the turbo and torque counter and some 5 gear on transmission if you get it done

  • GandA !

  • V4?

    • V4 is the type of engine that is on the car. It's a V-shaped 4 cylinder 14cc engine.

  • Rs ?

  • i read the title as string engine

  • I think if you are planning to use it to power a dynamo then might as well replace the fan with a fly wheel.

  • Stupid science Every second the Sun emits billions billions billions ^ billion lightning 0,1 voltage create sunlight. 1 positron + attracts 1 electron -- create lightning 0.1 voltage Positrons + and electrons -- rotate very rapidly after 4, 8 billion years of creating the Sun ' s core. So the core of the Sun rotates very quickly like A super large electric turbine that produces super large electrical energy. Every second the emits 4,1 million tons of photons , sunlight moves the circle back to its original position after 8 hours, so pushes the 8 planet to rotate in order

  • Next part pls

  • Next part

  • Change that steering servo asap! Awesome build man

  • Cool video !

  • You know we all want to buy your mods!!!

  • Love these videos! No talking, just really cool stuff.

  • Johnny, excellent work! You up for other design mods to that twin cylinder unit?

  • Anjirrrr ...Orang kaya lu ya?

  • 6003351912 colme

  • Genius !

  • I am disappointed. I was hoping you'd play it for us.

  • Great job how much did it cost ?

  • I hear some wind. You could put a shield to avoid refrigeration

  • I know they’re not as pretty as this engine but wouldn’t it be more efficient to use a solar panel to produce electricity directly, thereby incurring no mechanical losses? I’m not criticising, I’m asking a genuine question for which I don’t know the answer.

    • I think the stirling engine is more efficient than the solar panel as it is just 20 % efficient.

  • You can get a running 4cyl 1.0L engine from the scrap yard for a fraction of the cost. I guess this is solely for people who have made very specific scale models.

  • But its a turbo 😕

  • Okay so the tiny engine is cool and all but that electric screwdriver you used absoutlely blew my mind.