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Bellator MMA is about the fighters and the fans. It’s the fighters who put it all on the line each day, leaving every ounce of themselves inside the cage. Our mission is to create, promote and produce the most exciting, competitive and entertaining Mixed Martial Arts competition in the world.

Bellator MMA is available to nearly 500 million homes worldwide in over 140 countries. In the United States, Bellator can be seen on Paramount Network, the MMA television leader. Based in Santa Monica, California and owned by entertainment giant Viacom, home to the world's premier entertainment brands.


12:42Top Crazy Triangle Finishes l BELLATOR MMA
26:35Weigh Ins | Bellator 256: Bader vs. Machida II
1:41Rankings Explained In 2 Mins! BELLATOR MMA


  • Benson Henderson still moves like he used to ,very consistent,hasn't really lost a step.

  • Salazar sat there,in guilatine,didnt even pull on the forearm or wrist,😂, The Irish events are always quality though.

  • "Darth" is cool and all, but Ryan should have made his nickname "Master"

  • Watta tempura from tokyo tokyo

  • ⚡⚡⚡

  • i could watch emilee vs ava....500 times a day......even though she made mistakes,,,she kept spinning and trying new positions.........women like dern and polyana are great to watch..........change the positions for the sub......

  • Pound for Pound Chael is better. He just not a HW...not even a LHW. Fedor was already gasing few mins in and Chael easily took him down at the fence. Pound for Pound, he'd destroy Fedor. Hate me now lil' Fedor the Goat fanboys. As soon as Fedor faced competition, he lost.

  • Кто с тик тока?

  • Какой же Фёдор классный мужик! Настоящий русский, добрый дядька безо всяких понтов, с большим крестом и большим сердцем! Он полон скромности, тактичности и уважения к окружающим! Дай ему бог здоровья!

  • MVP looks awful. Going to smash him. Only been training for 6 months and his team sent over the contract. I don’t even fight for Bellator and my mom said don’t do it, MVP said I’m the one tho

  • Yea I hope MVP never holds a belt

  • What a fight

  • so sad Bahama man

  • 4:24 mans leg looking like a CapriSun after I’m done with it😬

  • Usman

  • They were talking to each other.

  • M.V.P VS. CONWhOREbid like too see DaT.

  • Cody "Law" the crowd to sleep haha sorry had to!

  • Hes should not of called out bones...but lets all be honest hes one of the most skilled bjj fighters out there...wish he would fight some actually decent fighters instead trolling people all day..what a shame with all that talent

  • Her opponent was so Gorgeous hehe

  • Its A front kick to the diaphragm. Looks like a Crane kick because of the position of her foot...but its a Front kick actually.

  • 60 yr old machida probably looks better than 30 yr old Randy Couture 😂

  • straight down the pipe, laying him out to bed. dam the was mean a mean hit he took. goood going Mike.

  • Got a chance to see the dragon live at the staples center when he KO'd Bader. It was awesome.🐉✊

  • That guy popped his arm out twice and I bet he gave the match for his opponents safety. Idiot shouldn't be in this sport, he's going to permanently mess himself up.

  • That 1st round was crazy 😳

  • 身体の強さに差があるな

  • Bellator is not it. Watch One FC

  • it sucks to see Chael lose

  • Chanel is a bad ass

  • 11:23 im dying😂😂😂😂

  • LM,, The Dragon.

  • Nmms q pedo con mcgregor?

  • Appreciate that Chris thanks God for her victories...

  • A legendary fighter.... good on her!

  • It's boxing 101 you don't stand at the end of a long Man's punch! Get close.

  • gonzales es tipo ferguson xd

  • Time to start watching bellator

  • While swiping off Chandler's head, Patricio spoke "please sleep again" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chad george is a real G, he had free reign to wreck that man's face free of charge

  • id like to see mvp vs sean omalley someday

  • Look at the bottom of the chick in yellow feet. My god

  • They can't drain my man's ears?

  • Lyoto é brabo 👊🏻🔥

  • Lessi

  • This loss probably made MVP way better tbh.

  • Im a huge MMA fan of 10 years and only in the past 2 years have I really started appreciating Bellators and ONE's growth. Its so good for MMA, UFC needs the competition so they dont get lazy on their matchmaking. Well done Scott Coker 🙏👍

  • This is why you don't act like a goddamn fool, Venom. You look worse than every fighter you beat.

  • When Page woke up, he said he couldn't see the plate on the car that stepped on him

  • Cyborg should of had to work her way up to a title shot

  • Борода у пуделья прикрасный прицел

  • Chael had an underrated chin.

  • machida is savage

  • 23:40 You never piss off a gangster! 🤣😂

  • After watching 8 hours of Bellator, it is very clear to me that their weakest link is their commentary team.

  • So this is the little guy that bet Jake Paul up sparring

  • Who’s here after full mount interview?

  • Machida forgot he can punch apparently

  • I thought Danis was Mexican 😂 but turns out he’s Armenian These Armenians taking over I swear, much love ❤️

  • Same old same old Daley's ground game is still poor even his ground and pound.

  • This is the elite level competition Bellator offers its champion.

  • Man I feel like bellator is that side chick right now that is really starting to look better than my main cough cough the Ufc

  • Thua một cách nhục nhã.

  • Jiu-jitsu do patrício é péssimo,pqp

  • Nick is a legend!

  • Hand in your license to judge if you saw that as 30-27 Girtz. I respect Girtz' tenacity and I am a fan but he lost the fight by every metric and it wasnt even close

  • Forgot Jon Anik used to do PBP for Bellator.

  • What a beast

  • dizer que isso é um faixa preta de jiujitsu doi meu cuzão

  • Esse maluco do Pitt Bull é um mostro mesmo na porrada ñ tem tempo ruim com ele ñ

  • That was an awesome fight

  • Ooohh Shiiitt!! Back of the head kick. .. When Bader turn hjs shouldets ti keep walling back.. And then the kick. Back of head..ouch Rematch

  • Will smith got robbed These judge's these days wouldn't have a clue

  • Bellator MMA i love watching your JPfilm videos I’m a huge fan

  • Where is the Masvidal submission? That sh*t was amazing!

  • I would understand Rori winning if Douglas was the challenger but giving away his belt for beating the shit out of Rory it's what gets to me. Rory vs Robbie II is my favorite fight of all time but I still think that things should be fair and Lima won. Also why not let Rory try again for the belt if he lost, maybe wouldn't have retired if this wasn't rigged.

  • Back when beating Tyron Woodley was an impressive feat.

  • Not a lot of action going on right now. Sums up all of machidas fights in one sentence.

  • Este carvalho e muito ruim .hora em uma vi muay thai