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3:09Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer
Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer再生回数 6M21 時間 前
0:51Battlefield V - Elites - Steve Fisher
0:57Battlefield V - Elites - Misaki Yamashiro
1:28Battlefield V - New Marita Map Introduction
2:11Battlefield V Update - Chapter 1: Overture
1:28Battlefield V - Official Launch Trailer
Battlefield V - Official Launch Trailer再生回数 2.7M2 年 前
3:42Battlefield V - Official Launch Maps
Battlefield V - Official Launch Maps再生回数 663K2 年 前
6:29This is Battlefield V
This is Battlefield V再生回数 3.7M2 年 前
1:46Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer
1:27:29Battlefield 5 Live Reveal
Battlefield 5 Live Reveal再生回数 2.4M3 年 前
2:35Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer
Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer再生回数 16M3 年 前
1:10Battlefield 1 - Apocalypse Official Trailer


  • kickstart my heart)

  • Once again it's on.....RIP Tombstone

  • 20th time watching this...

  • Well.... good bye call of dewkie. Its been fun✌🏾✌🏾🖕🏾


  • Still looks way better than Warzone

  • This game is going to suck. I guarantee it. Everyone is so hyped and I promise it's going to turn out horrible and a major let down.

  • Excited

  • Why the futuristic… so upsetting, anyone else wish they would come out with a new bad company !?!

  • I have days on end on this game why'm i watching this

  • I am going to buy a Strix G17 with R9 and RTX 3070. Will this game run on Ultra with at least 60-70 FPS on that laptop?

  • Excelente referencia a stun gravy! Grandes!

  • Did Battlefield pay JPfilm to push their videos through the algorithm because of B6?

  • Age Restricted?

  • It looks fake

  • 4k 60FPS on xbox series X ?

  • Doesn’t make much sense

  • Love how it looks! Like an updated BF4! Thanks! We needed that.


  • Looks dope!

  • The LATV4 Gunner Interface is way to cluttered. You get OCD by just watching that. Defo needs a rework.

  • My god 😳

  • wing suit trick shots 😍

  • Just cause 4

  • Idk why this is my recommended but I’m hyped for 2042

  • Foreshadowing, anyone?

  • I see what you did there 1:10 ;D T E Ñ E T VIBES!!! NICE BACKGROUND MUSIC

  • Rendezook brings me back good memories

  • spacex entrando a la batalla jajaja

  • Battlefield 1 was an awesome game ... But bye bich, Battlefield 2042, HERE I COME!!!

  • Please add hardcore mode!!!

  • 16 Vs. 16 (32 players) 32 Vs. 32(64 players) Now, 64 Vs. 64 (128 Players) In 2030, 128 Vs. 128 (256 players)

  • most of the soldiers that died in this are american because ea's chinese overlords commanded it so

  • Muck

  • Its gonna Hit a million likes 😧😍

  • 依然熱血2021

  • Vamos a por todas carajo


  • Coś pięknego, nie mogę się doczekać premiery.

  • I was a lil sad when I heard we werent getting bf3 but woah

  • Battlefield 1 > Hardline > V > 4

  • I come back to make sure my dislike still pressed

  • It’s going to flop big style.. like the last 2 unless they sort out the servers !!

  • Million Likes We're Coming🔥😎

  • douuuu

  • i've been avid no preorder dude but this trailer shown me everything i remember older versions of bf for and the awaited bf take on futuristic combat shooter, both in one package?! also loved that you recreated stuff from engine and ingame footage :D

  • That would be so sick if guys in lift just Emot 😂

  • looks no different than bf3 to me

  • *Battlefield 2042 cames out* JPfilm: look at the new Battlefield Hardline!

  • finally !!!!!

  • JPfilm... Look this!!!

  • 3:00 jets scane fans

  • Legit brought back original transformer series back lol

  • A vaciarse se ah dicho

  • Didnt know pathfinder was in this game