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0:50THANKS MOM!!!!! #Shorts
THANKS MOM!!!!! #Shorts再生回数 10K日 前
3:02ITZY Performs 'In the Morning' | #MTVFreshOut
0:20What did Kim Kardashian win an award for?


  • 😭😭😍😭😭😭😭😭

  • Miley speak spansh

  • I love this!

  • the braids …

  • Jimin Angel voice


  • 0:21 selenaaaaa <3

  • 얘넨 수록곡이 타이틀급이야 …

  • I love him sm. Joshua you deserve the best

  • Terbaik

  • feel something is honestly the only song i’ve been listening to rn

  • Another thing, the maverick should be able to trade lumber for agriculture credits


  • Did this man just say when did United Kingdom start making cars like UK doesn't have: Aston Martin Bentley Jaguar Land Rover Lotus McLaren Mini Rolls-Royce.. The disrespect! 😭😭😭

  • GAGA'S wearing two masks. The obvious mask covering his face and the other mask that's his actual face. Wake up people, this dude tells you he's a dude in every other song he releases. They're called drag queens, look it up...

  • Jimin looking cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

  • If thatveganteacher watched this 😬

  • Jenelle is jace sister

  • why is this so fake 😭😭

  • Jace wasn't feeling the baby news

  • Cameeelah Cabileylow 😂😂😂

  • So a show for toxic people..

  • I relate too much with the title

  • Jiminnnn your voice like an angel, love it 👍

  • Im not crying u are

  • They need to make a ringtone of her laugh.

  • "Your a good kisser" XD

  • AIN'T GAGA TRANSTASTIC! Best drag performance since Mae West!

  • hold on - do joshua basset and ariana grande have the same vocal teacher??!?

  • Cleo looks like princess Mae when she was younger

  • Oml I literally started crying when princess was talking about the butterfly and her dad visiting her😭❤

  • a

  • 1:08 what kinda dance move was that 😂

  • Joshua pls come to London ❤️

  • I'd be more afraid of crushing the snakes.

  • Can we have more of this?

  • I lost it at the blender scene lol



  • I’m not crying you are ! 🥲

  • A new fan of Joshua n thanks to Olivia for letting me find Joshua. Joshua is damn talented n nids more recognition

  • Where is my angel Харуи ккытхыль тыриун Someone come and save me, please Чичхин харуи хансумппун Сарамдырын та хэнбокханга пуа Can you look at me? Cuz I am blue & grey Коуре пичин нунмури ыйминын Усымэ камчуоджин наи сэккаль blue & grey Одисобутхо чальмотуэтнынджи чаль морыгэсо На орёсобутхо морисогэн пхарансэк мурымпхё Оччом кырэсо чхиёраге саранынджи морыджи But туирыль турабони ёги удукхони сони Нарыль чибосамкхёборинын чо сосыль пхорон кыримджа Ёджонидо пхарансэк мурымпхёнын Гуаён пуранинжи ууринджи Очом чонмаль хухуэи тонмуринджи Анимёнын уэроуми наын наильджи Ёджони морыкэсо сосыль пхорон пыллу Чамщиктуэджи ангиль парэ чхаджыль коя чхульгу I just wanna be happier Чхагаун наль нугёджуо Суопщи нэмин наи сон Сэкаль опнын мэари Oh this ground feels so heavier I am singing by myself I just wanna be happier Иготто кхын ёкщимилькка Чхуун кёуль корирыль корыль тэ ныккин Ппалладжин щимджани хохып сориль Чигымдо ныккигон хэ Гуэнчхандаго хаджи ма Гуэнчханджи аныникка Чэбаль хонджа тоджи мара чуо ному апха Ныль котнын кильгуа ныль патнын пит But онырыль уэнджи насон scene Мудёджин колькка муноджин колькка Кындэ мугопкин хада и суэттонин Тагаонын хуэсэк кхоппульсо Чходжом опщи нан тонгырони соиссо Надапчи ана и сунган Кынян мусопчига ана Нан хуакщиниран щин ттауи ан мидо Сэкчхэ катхын марын канджироуо Нольбын хуэсэкчидэга пхёнэ Ёги суок каджи пхёджони grey Пига омён нэ сэсан И тощи уиро чхумчхунда Мальгын нарэн ангэрыль Чоджын нарэн хамккэ ныль Ёги модын монджидыль Уихэ чхугпэрыль I just wanna be happier Нэ сони онгиль ныккёджуо Ттаттытхачига анасо нэга тоук пхирёхэ Oh this ground feels so heavier I am singing by myself Мон хутналь нэга уккэ туэмён Маральгэ кырэссоттаго Хогонэ ттодонын марыль моллэ чууо тамго нани Иджэ сэбёкчами тынэ good night

  • I just don’t understand why people are hating on him!! Hes just pure. He didn’t do anything wrong and pls stop accusing him or making fun of him please put urself into other people’s shoes before u want to tell or comment something. Its an individual’s wish to be whoever they wanna be or love! Noone has the right to judge them. Just my opinion🙂 I love him soo much😍😍🤩

  • She said she work in day care the kids loved her so much there like her little puppies some call 911 wtf I almost passed out

  • Nah she still the same bro

  • Kyra pissed me off in love island

  • I love Lous lol

  • He's so underated and I love him so much I don't understand why people are hating on him all the time it's really sad and I want to give him the biggest hug he did nothing wrong and u guys keep accusing him of something he didn't do like leave him alone he's human and if he's gay or bi or not he didn't confirm so please stop forcing his sexuality it's annoying and making fun of it it's really disgusting

  • *"Vamos a vivir al máximo la vida es corta y tú eres un regalo"*

  • 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Eric and onyeka from the bachelor Harry from too hot to Handle Kyra from love island

  • Suga voice 😍

  • finally someone else obsessed with twilight

  • Love him with my entire ❤

  • İ miss you Teen Wolf😣 #MTV @MTV

  • Now everyone hates Victoria for bullying Alexa

  • anyone else thinks she looks like pheobe off of the thundermans when she was singing deja vu

  • “I would love to tour, wherever welcomed.” Bestie plss u r welcome everywhere the world is urs so sweet 🥺

  • The fact the his creative director is Sabrina sister! Queen Sarah!

  • I hope that he comes out for tours except America because many artists only have their tours in America and it’s difficult for people to come there

  • Todos de el es asombroso, I LOVE U JOSH 💘💓💓💕💗💖💖💞💕💓

  • jin really looks like a hamster

  • No no no angry man or she cry

  • Hai mtv pls launch #tamil or #music channel for #south india pls🙏 no perfect music channel are available here.made ur entry mtv. If ur try to launching music channel south launch with #HD feed

  • Hai mtv pls launch #tamil or #music channel for #south india pls🙏 no perfect music channel are available here.made ur entry mtv. If ur try to launching music channel south launch with #HD feed